Crystal Healing: Empower Your Personal Energy

Crystal Healing

While crystals and gemstones can be decorative, their use goes far beyond simply dressing up your window ledge. These ancient stones have been used since ancient civilizations to heal, manifest and invite prosperity and guidance into our lives.

Crystals are a unique force in the world and each different crystal has a unique frequency and energy field to it (making each one useful for a different task).

Almost any kind of spiritual work can benefit from the use of crystals. For manifestation especially, I’ve described crystals as spiritual cheat codes. Furthering our potential to work with energy in a way we normally can’t.

While crystals are often used (and just as often misused) in every aspect of our lives I thought I’d look broadly at the idea of crystal healing and I’ll include some more specific guides at the end if you want to really get into the nitty-gritty and try some crystal healing work for yourself.

What is Crystal Healing?

Let’s start with the basics. What is it?

There are many types of energy work that can heal us in various aspects. Whether we’re talking physical, mental or spiritual healing – crystals act as an energy tuning fork.

They can cleanse us from negative energy, infuse us with energy and motivation to overcome certain tasks or obstacles and influence our lives for the better. We can actively perform a crystal healing ritual or work with them passively by keeping them in a room or area to perform a task.

We can charge a crystal for a task or allow their natural affinity towards a certain area to do whatever it wants.

Crystal healing can be used in almost any area of our lives and there are no hard-set rules on how you should be using them making it a very freeing spiritual practice. You can incorporate crystal healing into your current spiritual practices or begin using them as your own standalone practice.

It’s probably one of the most flexible spiritual tools.

crystals for healing

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

I’m a big fan of understanding how something works. Especially for a spiritual practice, understanding the why means we can act with mindfulness and intent rather than just following along with something we’ve read or heard somewhere and hoping for the best.

So how does crystal healing actually work?

It’s more than just touching the right stone at the right time. If we all carried the right gemstone for prosperity as we bought a lottery ticket we’d all be winners so it’s (sadly) not quite that easy.

I believe it takes more work and effort but crystals can improve your life for the better. Both in the short and long term and in any aspect of your life.

As with most spiritual work, there are varied beliefs and I’m not going to assume to tell you how healing crystals work and pretend like I have some esoteric access to knowledge that you don’t (I’d be very wary of anyone who claims something like that) but this is what I believe.

A gemstone is a symbol. It represents the qualities and energy that we want to draw and embrace into our lives. A specific stone (like quartz or an amethyst) has specific elements and help us work with our own potential to heal and improve areas in our life.

We have the power to heal and improve the things we want to change in our life. We have our own internal healing power and this positive energy sometimes just needs a little guidance to point it in the right direction.

This, I believe, is the real power of crystals. They focus our own internal healing energy in a mindful way.

How to Do Crystal Healing (Properly)

Note: I will include some specific crystal healing guides at the bottom of this page. This is a more general look at how you can use crystals for energy work and aligning them with chakras is one of the more common examples, so let’s start there.

Step 1: Choose Your Crystals

I’ll include guides below for specific types of crystals for the right situations (there’s a little too much to cover here) but there’s one key rule that overrides all of that advice.

If you (or the person you’re performing the crystal healing session for) have a specific attachment or feel drawn to a certain crystal then use it. Even if it doesn’t match the task at hand, it’s always more effective to use a stone with an emotional connection.

I’ll often at least include a specific stone (for example rose quartz to work with emotional or relationship issues) but it might not always be the main one I use during the session. I might just leave it in the space generally.

Sometimes I might use entirely one type of stone and other times I’ll mix and match. I simply follow my intuition and see which stones call out to me at the time.

Step 2: Cleanse and Prepare

There are a lot of different ways to cleanse a crystal before a session and none of them are necessarily better than others. The ritual itself is less important than the intent to cleanse. So feel free to modify this as needed but a basic example of cleansing a crystal would be:

  1. Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and close your first over it tightly. (Be careful of the stone has sharp edges)!
  2. Focus on the stone in your mind’s eye. Take your time and carefully see all of the little curves and features that make this stone unique from every other stone in the world.
  3. Slowly visualize any negative energy leaving the stone and (this is important) flowing through the gaps in your fingers dispersing into the air around you. Continue this process until the crystal is vibrant and you can feel a heightened shift of energy.

Step 3: Align Them With Your Chakras

Once your stones are chosen and cleansed it is time to put them to work!

Again, there are many different ways to do a crystal healing session and you can absolutely tweak this but, as a basic example:

  1. Lie down flat, firmly rooted to the Earth, and place a chosen crystal at the point of each chakra (starting with the crown chakra located just above the head).
  2. Similar to the cleansing ritual, close your eyes and visualize each crystal one at a time. Focus on the characteristics of each crystal. What makes them unique? You can reach out and touch each crystal between your thumb and finger if you need to.
  3. Slowly draw a line of white light and burning energy from the top gemstone to the bottom one. Visualize it burning out all negative energy as it goes as it slowly works its way towards the root chakra and then disperses into the Earth. Continue until the stones and the body are nothing but pure, white light.

Bonus: You might also match each chakra by its color to a stone of the same color.

Bonus: Carry a Crystal in Daily Life

You don’t need to always work actively with a crystal to see the benefits. After cleansing, you could leave a crystal in a certain space to remove negative energy or carry it in your pocket or bag to invite abundance and good vibes into your daily life.

Is Crystal Healing Safe?

Crystal healing is a natural therapy. I’ve used it all of my adult life and its origin goes back to ancient civilization without harm. Crystal healing is a safe addition to your life.

You can use it alongside other spiritual and healthy practices but, as with any kind of spiritual work, I would always remind you to listen to a health care professional as well. Crystal healing should not replace the advice of your doctor and should be used alongside anything they tell you to do.

What is the Best Crystal for Healing?

The best type of crystal is the one that works for you.

For specific tasks, you can match your crystal to the natural affinity of that stone (I’ll include some lists and examples below) but that should be secondary to your own attachment to the crystal.

Tip: Avoid large crystal healing sets or bulk orders of hundreds of crystals. You don’t really need that many and you’ll get much better results if you pick each stone individually. You should have a connection to each stone in your collection.

How to Choose Your Crystals

Intuition. You might feel that a crystal looks good or seem powerful. There’ll be something that calls you to a certain stone. If you don’t feel it then don’t work with the stone.

Best Crystals for Beginners

Goop called clear quartz the ‘master healer’ of crystals and I’d agree with that. I think this is the perfect term and I, personally, started with a clear quartz crystal.

I think of it as the Swiss army knife of crystals for any kind of energy work. If you’re picking out your first stone, I’d start with clear quartz.


Crystal healing can get pretty in-depth (so I’ll cover some more specific guides below) but if I’ve missed anything, get in touch and let me know. I’ll try to cover the most common questions here.

Do Fake Crystals Work for Crystal Healing?

I would say, no. I would always choose to use genuine gemstones from nature rather than a chemical manmade substitute.

If you’re really pushed for choice then fake crystals will at least do the work of keeping you mindful towards your intention and they’d work a little like a vision board – but they’re not going to be effective for real energy healing because they don’t have the same metaphysical properties.

Can You Add a Crystal to Water Bottles?

Absolutely (but there are certain things to avoid)!

You can infuse water with the energy of a crystal just make sure:

  • The crystal is not brittle and no small bits are going to break off.
  • The crystal is not going to come out of the bottle and go down your throat.
  • The crystal is not soluble (some of them are).

Should You Name a Crystal?

I don’t think it is incredibly common to name your crystals but I have seen it happen (and did do it myself though I can’t explain why.

I would say this is entirely up to you.

Story time: Over a decade ago, I was given my first ever piece of quartz crystal and named it ‘Toto’. For a long time, this stone was used for all kinds of energy and spiritual work from meditation to astral project.

I don’t know what called me to name the stone, or where the name came from but I still have it to this day.

Does Healing Crystal Jewelry Work?

People do wear specific crystals (often in the form of necklaces or rings) to help invite that crystals affinity into their life passively.

Again, like much crystal healing the gem itself should be looked at as a tool. Crystal healing jewelry can work but it’s unlikely to instantly give you everything you want just because you put on a ring.

Think of it as part of your practice. Having the stone on you is a way of mindfully keeping your intention in mind and aligning yourself with the right energy. No crystal healer worth their salt will give you a ring and tell you it’ll sort itself out.

Crystal Guides

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