Crystals for Grief

5 Healing Crystals for Grief

Grief can come in many different shapes and forms. Whether you’ve lost someone close to you, a beloved pet, or a job that you loved, grief can weigh heavily on your mind and soul. In this article, we will talk about 5 healing crystals for grief, and hopefully with the help of one of these crystals you can begin to heal.

Rose quartz, smoky quartz, pink calcite, blue calcite, and amethyst are our top 5 healing crystals for grief. Each crystal contributes something different to the emotional healing process, so chose the one the sounds best for your specific situation.

Nothing can replace what we’ve lost but crystal healing can help soothe us and make the grief process easier.

Crystals to Help With Grief and Loss

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This soft pink stone is well known for its power when it comes to romance, so you may be surprised to hear that its one of the most successful stones when it comes to finding your way out of the depths of grief.

Grief can make us believe things about ourselves that aren’t true. We may feel like a loss is our fault, or that we could have done more to prevent it. Rose quartz will help to gently wash those feelings away, encouraging us to love and forgive ourselves.

Rose quartz will also invite in love from others, helping a grieving person to find a shoulder to cry on. Grief doesn’t have to be dealt with alone, and rose quartz can help you open your heart even when you really don’t want to.

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz

Smoky quartz is the more Earth-oriented cousin of rose quartz, but instead of promoting love and opening your heart, smoky quartz specializes in helping you stay grounded when you’re grieving. 

It’s all too easy to let your thoughts and emotions get out of control when you’re going through something traumatic. Having the calm energy of smoky quartz around will help you center yourself and ground you.

When things seem the most chaotic, grounding is especially important. 

Pink Calcite

pink calcite

It’s hard not to shut out the world during times of loss, and all too easy to hold negative feelings close to us and not let go.

If you feel like you’re holding on to negative emotions or energies, pink calcite can help cleanse those energies and promote a new start.  Pink calcite is a stone of renewal, and sometimes being renewed is what we need the most to heal.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

Akin to pink calcite, blue calcite is another useful stone to help you out of a time of grief. It can be hard to go about your daily life with all the pent-up emotions distracting you.

Blue calcite encourages us to deal with our negative emotions in healthy ways and to be open enough to communicate with others what we are feeling. 



Known as a powerful healing stone, amethyst provides all-around soothing energy to those who are going through periods of loss and grief. Nervousness, guilt, and heartache can all plague those who are grieving, and amethyst is versatile enough to heal it all

This lovely purple stone absorbs negativity, making grief easier to bear.

Amethyst is one of the top choices to wear as jewelry or to sleep with because its energy is so subtle, yet powerful. Having the protective and healing energies of amethyst around us all day can expedite the healing process quite a bit.

How to Use Crystals for Grief

Grief tends to come and go in waves, taking people off guard at the worst times. Planning ahead and knowing how to use your crystals to deal with grief can help make sure that you’re ready, even when anxious feelings come.

Three wonderful ways to use your crystals to navigate the grieving process are to keep smooth stones on you to use as worry stones, wear your gorgeous crystals as jewelry, or sleep with a healing crystal under your pillow. 

Worry Stones

Line your pockets with smooth, tumbled healing stones and when the negative feelings appear, rub the crystals between your fingers and thumbs. Rubbing the stones this way can instill a sense of calm from the repetitive motion while also helping you to absorb the healing properties of your favorite crystals.  

Some crystals and stones are even pre-worried, which is to say they have a perfectly thumb-shaped divot on them, making them especially easy to hold.  

Grief Crystals As Jewelry

Since your heart suffers the most during times of grieving, stringing some of your favorite stones for grief onto a necklace and wearing them over your heart can help it heal.

Having a broken heart is one form of grief that is especially difficult for your heart, so if you’re dealing with a tough breakup or divorce, don’t be afraid to heal your heart directly with a crystal necklace.

The gentle energy coming from a crystal necklace can shield the heart from additional hurt during the different stages of grief, wrapping us in positive energies and vibrations. Little things like a crystal necklace can make a big difference during times of grief.

Sleeping With A Crystal For Grief

Sleep can be hard to come by during a difficult time. Thankfully, certain healing crystals can help you rest even when you feel like your mind is going a million miles an hour.

Simply slip your favorite crystal for grief under your pillow before bed. This will allow you to sleep basking in the healing energy of the crystal. This also puts the healing stone in the perfect place to heal your tired mind directly, allowing you to slow down your thoughts.

Please Remember

One of the toughest experiences a person can go through is grief. The feelings of loss, guilt, and heartache can make it seem like the grief will never end.

While crystals can’t take away all your pain, they can help jumpstart the healing process, and make your burdens easier to bear. If you’re in the middle of tough times, consult our list of 5 healing crystals for grief and get on the road to feeling better. 

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