How to Charge Crystals

How to Charge and Cleanse Crystals for BIG Results

Crystals have been used for centuries in magic and spirituality. They’re powerful companions that can elevate vibrations and enhance spiritual practice. But if we don’t keep them charged, they lose some of their power. So how can we charge crystals for big results?

You can charge your crystals with some simple household items like salt or a bowl of water. It can be a complex ritual or as simple as leaving it in direct sunlight. What’s important is you do something to charge your crystal over time.

There’s no one best method (as in most crystal healing practices) but allow your intuition to guide you. I’ll show you a couple of methods and you can experiment to see which works best for you but if you feel guided to a specific method then follow that instinct.

The rough rule of thumb is we charge crystals before use and then cleanse crystals after use.

Why Charge and Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals work as amplifiers. They improve and empower things we are already doing and charging crystals with additional energy than their natural state simply makes them all the more potent. The simple act of having crystals around us during any kind of spiritual work (or even our day-to-day life) is great, but intentionally charging them towards our purpose can be so much better.

Crystals are like energy magnets. They attract and absorb any vibrations they come in contact with which means charging them with your intentions empowers them while they also absorb and hold on to negative energy they encounter – which is why we cleanse them. This is especially true if you’re wearing the crystal or keeping it out in a room. If your crystal comes into contact with negative energy you can end up keeping it around and working against the very thing it is supposed to be helping you with.

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When to Charge and Cleanse Crystals

Everyone might have different rules here but ideally, I would say crystals should be charged before each use and cleansed after you have finished working with them.

Like anything in the universe working with crystals takes energy. The more active the work, and the higher the energy of the task the more often you’re going to have to cleanse and charge.

How to Charge Your Crystals

Charging crystals might sound like it involves complicated magic rituals, but it’s really easy! Here are 3 sure-fire ways to cleanse and charge your crystals for a better practice.

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Bowl of Water

A popular method of cleansing crystals is soaking them in clean water. You can use any type of water like rose water, moon water, even tap water as long as it’s clean.

If you don’t have rose water on hand and would like to use something more energetically charged than tap water, moon water can be an easy alternative.

The moon is a wonderful source as its feminine energy can be used to draw us closer to the divine. To charge your water with moon energy, leave it outdoors at night under the moon. A full moon works best because of its high vibrational strength.

Set each crystal in a bowl, one at a time, and pour the water over it. Repeat an affirmation as you’re washing them. Let them sit, one minute per stone, and dry them with a cloth. Now your crystals have been charged and cleansed with water!

Sacred Herbs

Herbs have been used in spiritual practices for thousands of years. Ancient wisdom tells us that certain herbs have the power to turn negative energies into positive ones.

The essential ones, like sage and palo santo, are especially good for changing energy.

To use these, ignite the bundle or stick at one end. Once it’s burning, blow out the flame. The smoke itself has cleansing properties. Hold the crystal above the smoke for one minute. Let it cover the stone on all sides and watch the negative energy be carried off in the sacred smoke.


There are some crystals that cannot be cleaned with this method. Quartz crystals in salt, along with stones and most rocks ending with -ite, become tarnished and some even dissolve. Make sure to research your stone before trying this method.

Salt has been revered since ancient times as a powerful tool for removing bad spirits and repelling negativity. It’s been used in Feng Shui and India for centuries as a repellent for evil spirits.

But not all salt is the same! Rock salt or sea salt is preferred over table salt because they’re less processed.

There are a few different ways to use salt for charging. You can gather water from a nearby ocean, add salt to the water, or use dry salt directly.

You can use the same bowl of water method with saltwater. Either submerge the crystals for one minute or pour the water over them. For dry salt, you can bury the crystal under a pile of salt and let it sit overnight. Once time has passed, discard the salt along with the negative energy it has absorbed.

You can also surround the crystal in a salt ring. Just sprinkle it on and around the crystal, surrounding it in a ring similar to magic circles used in rituals. Leave it overnight and discard the salt once it has finished charging.

Clean the crystal thoroughly and ensure there is no residue left as too much salt could damage the rock itself.

After you have used one of these methods to cleanse and charge your crystals, you are ready to infuse them with intentions.

How to Charge Crystals With Intentions

A crystal charged with intention is like an arrow drawn on the bow of manifestation. It elevates your ability to manifest and keeps you focused on your goal.

Although you can set an intention with any crystal, it’s best to choose a certain one to connect with. This crystal should have metaphysical qualities suited for your intention.

For example, if your intention is, “I intend to be firm and grounded today,” then it’s best to use earthy grounding stones like Agate, Hematite, and Tourmaline. Lapis Lazuli, commonly associated with intuition and the throat chakra, would not be as useful for grounding.

When you’ve picked your crystal and set a clear intention, find a quiet place of solitude. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand and sit. Meditate on your intention for a moment and breathe. Release any tension, exhale negative emotions and inhale positive energy.

Once you are relaxed and focused on your intention, repeat it a few times. Visualize clear white light entering your crown chakra, moving down your neck, through your shoulder, down your arm, and out through the palm of your hand into the crystal.

After setting the intention, place the crystal where you can see it throughout the day. Seeing it will invoke the intention in your mind and its vibration will amplify it. You can also carry it with you as a reminder for your manifestation practice.

Charging crystals is easy and the benefits are innumerable. It cleanses negativity, promotes positivity, and empowers spirituality. Start charging your collection of crystals so they can be clear of low vibrations and attract big results in your spiritual practice.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

After you’re finished, there are a couple of methods to cleanse a crystal. Some are more passive than others, it really depends on how quickly you need to use your crystal again and, of course, what your intuition guides you towards.

  • You can leave the crystal overnight under the moonlight or during the day under direct sunlight. This is best done without heavy cloud cover.
  • Use another crystal to cleanse the one you’ve just used. Often a quartz crystal grid is used for this.
  • Bury your crystals under at least an inch of soil to allow them to ground themselves.
  • Leave the crystal out in the rain or actively drop salt water over them yourself.

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