Crystals for Empath Protection

Crystals for Empath Protection (and How to Use Them)

It can be stressful to be an empath, especially if you work or live somewhere that is rife with negative energies. For an empath, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to be bombarded by so many different emotions from all directions, but what if there was something to help protect you?  Crystals for empath protection can provide powerful relief right when you need it.

Our top 3 crystals for empath protection are clear quartz, black tourmaline, and amethyst. They all have their own specific affinities but they can all help empaths in different ways.

These are my favorite 3 crystals (and we’ll look at how you can use them to protect your energy) but remember to follow your intuition as well. If a specific crystal stands out to you then it’s worth using (even if it didn’t make the list).

Best Crystals to Protect an Empath

If you often feel strangely in tune with the emotions of the people around you, you might be an empath.  Empaths are often described as sensitive people, but they are so much more. Being an empath means you have a slight psychic ability, and with this ability, it can be helpful to have psychic protection.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to aid in manifesting, but did you know that they can use their protective energy to shield the sensitive soul of an empath?

Below we have listed our 3 favorite stones with protective properties that are especially useful to empaths. It can be hard to have such a strong sense of compassion, but these crystals can help.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Clear quartz is special, even among crystals. This beautiful crystal is a great place to begin when looking for a crystal for empaths, or even just beginning crystal magic altogether.

Clear quartz is known as the master healing stone, and its perfectly clear color can take on the attributes of other stones and amplify them, making it a powerful stone to pair with another protective stone. 

That isn’t to say that clear quartz can’t be used alone. Its powers are more generalized, especially when compared to stones like rose quartz that are known for specific things, but clear quartz still has a subtle, calming energy field that can be a saving grace for a stressed-out empath.

Empaths can often be bogged down emotionally by the negative, unwanted energy of others, and that energy can be hard to shake. Clear quartz can absorb that negative energy and turn it into positive energy, easing the mind of a tired empath and allowing them some peace and quiet.

So if you’re new crystal magic, or are looking for a way to amplify your already existing protective crystal, look no farther than clear quartz.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the second crystal on our list, and where clear quartz is an amplifier, black tourmaline is a protector. This powerful crystal can create a protective shield of energy around an empath, protecting them from toxic energies that can overwhelm them. 

Negative people are everywhere. Unfortunately, an empath can’t pick and choose whose energy they absorb, and when there’s too much harmful energy attach itself to an empath, it can be hard for the empath to get rid of them.

Black Tourmaline doesn’t just shield its empath user, it can also cleanse the negative and stagnant energy already attached, leaving the empath with a clean slate and a peaceful mind.

Besides being such a great protective stone, black tourmaline is also an awesome stone for grounding. All crystals can help with grounding, but black tourmaline is especially suited to powerful grounding. Grounding yourself to the Earth can relieve stress, anxiety, and make you more sure of yourself by providing a solid mental foundation.

Since black tourmaline is such a successful grounding stone, consider charging it by burying it in the Earth for a few days. When you remove it, your stone should be even more powerful than before.



Amethyst is not only a beautiful stone used in jewelry, it’s also a powerful crystal that can bring harmony to even the most chaotic person or household. 

If there is one thing an empath has to deal with every single day from the flow of energy they constantly receive, it’s stress. Emotional energies are heavy burdens, but thankfully, amethyst can cleanse away these emotional energies and bring harmony back to an empaths soul.

Amethyst is an incredible stress reliever, for empaths and others alike. Because it gives off such calming energy, a lot of people prefer to decorate around their house with amethyst instead of carrying it on them. A home full of the relaxing energy of amethyst can be a sanctuary for an empath after a long day of work or socializing.

Lastly, amethyst is a great stone for nurturing spiritual growth and personal power. Amethyst’s energy is overwhelmingly positive, and it encourages everyone in its energy field to grow and become better. This is another reason why amethyst works well placed around the home; a home that nurtures spiritual growth is a happy home indeed. 

How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath

Crystals are incredible tools to help empaths get by in their day-to-day lives, but the human body and mind have their limits, and sometimes crystals just aren’t enough.

Protecting your energy as an empath is incredibly important. While it may seem like a blessing to understand others on such a deep level, it can be draining to an empath, leaving them with an empty emotional tank at the end of the day.

Learning to protect your energy can help you get to the end of the day and still have the mental energy to enjoy and take care of yourself.

Two ways to protect your energy as an empath are:


Know when enough is enough! You don’t have to be at every social gathering, every time. Give yourself some space, and don’t feel guilty if you need extra time away from an emotionally taxing friend.

Toxic people can really take a huge toll on an empath. When you know where to draw the line, it can greatly reduce the levels of undesirable energies that can sneak into your life. There is nothing wrong with spending time alone when your spiritual energy is low.

You’re always at your best when you take care of yourself first!

Reconnect With Nature

If your boundaries have gotten crossed a little, and as an empath, you’re carrying a ton of mental baggage, getting outside and reconnecting with nature can make a huge difference.

Take one of your crystals, preferably a powerful grounding stone, find a peaceful place that speaks to your soul, and leave your daily life behind. Lay on the ground and reconnect yourself with the Earth, soaking in all that delicious natural energy and letting your emotional blockages fall to the wayside.

Nature really is magic!

In Conclusion

Being an empath takes an amazing amount of strength, both physically and emotionally, but even the strongest of us need help sometimes.

Our 3 favorite crystals for protecting empaths can give an empath the boost of energy and confidence they need to face the emotionally loud world around them.

Check out our picks, and see if any of them seem like the right crystal to help you ease your empathic worries. Good luck!

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