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6 Crystals for Yoga to Supercharge Your Practice

Yoga is an already empowering practice mentally, physically and spiritually. If you start including crystals for yoga into your practice we can magnify the benefits (and make your practice a little easier too)! If you want to supercharge your morning routine then crystals can remove any negative energy and heighten your vibrations. It can be as easy adding a Rose Quartz to the top of your yoga mat or as complex as including them into your practice itself.

You can include some crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Hematite, Citrine, Fluorite, or Moonstone into your yoga practice. They act like cheat codes to further your physical and spiritual growth by inviting positive energy. Making your yoga easier and more effective at the same time.
So what are the best stones to use and how do you use them? 

Best Crystals for During Yoga



Amethyst is a lovely purple crystal with a gentle energy that absolutely radiates positivity. Amethyst is all about balance and driving away negativity from your life.

This crystal improves yoga by helping you keep a balanced, centered mind throughout your session. Wandering thoughts never helped anyone during yoga! Amethyst will help you keep your head in the game.

Amplify your spiritual growth and stability by holding this stone to your head during prone positions, allowing its energy to seep into your mind.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

A crystal that is traditionally associated with love, rose quartz can be very beneficial during yoga as well. Rose quartz is a common crystal in a lot of manifestation rituals. Crystal experts love it for a reason!

It isn’t just the love between two people that rose quartz specializes in. It also promotes self-love, self-confidence, and good self-esteem. Loving yourself and the body you inhabit is an important part of a successful yoga session.

This beautiful pink stone can be worn as crystal jewelry and is particularly successful when worn over the heart as a necklace. 



On the opposite side of gentle rose quartz is protective hematite. This dark grey stone specializes in grounding and stability, protecting you from negative energies by absorbing them directly. 

Grounding is important when trying to master difficult yoga poses, so consider having it on your yoga mat during intense sessions. Its energy will radiate through both you and the ground, connecting you to it so you have a stronger base on which to do poses.

Best Crystals for After Yoga Practice



Citrine is a must-have after yoga. This energetic crystal will drive away fatigue, both mental and physical, making it perfect to help you recover after a hard yoga session.

Citrine won’t just wipe away your fatigue, either. It will also suffuse its user with joy and help your tired mind to realign itself.



Fluorite is a popular crystal for, after hard workouts, yoga included, because of its well-known healing powers. 

It can take the chaotic energies flowing around when your physical body is exhausted after yoga, and bring them back to harmony. A peaceful mind can relax much easier, letting you heal from your tough session.

Fluorite can also be used during yoga to help the practitioner focus. 



Most helpful during a full moon, a moonstone is a crystal that is full of feminine energy. It is useful after yoga because it can center its user, helping them to unwind with its gentle energies.

Placing a moonstone under your pillow after a yoga session will ensure that you sleep peacefully and without worry, while also waking up the next morning with enough confidence to tackle another difficult session.

You can also slip this stone in the bath with you when you soak sore muscles for extra relief.

Make your moonstone extra potent by charging it under the light of the moon. Any phase will work for charging your moonstone, but a full moon will be most powerful.

How Do Crystals Help Yoga?

Crystals help yoga by amplifying the positive vibration that you are trying to access through yoga. 

As we know, everything in the universe vibrates with its own unique frequency, including ourselves and the world around us. When we practice yoga, we are trying to welcome inner peace into ourselves, but sometimes our vibrations are a little off and gaining this peace can be difficult.

When you use a crystal in conjunction with yoga practice, you even out and amplify your vibrations. Crystals come directly from the Earth, and their vibrations will link up with our own and ground us more strongly to the Earth. A strong connection with the Earth can go a long way towards finding inner peace.

When we are grounded, we are also more centered within ourselves. 

How Do You Set Up Yoga Crystals?

To set up yoga crystals, activate them like you would for any other ritual. Hold them close and convey your intentions to the crystal before beginning your yoga.

Yoga is it’s own kind of ritual. You’re using your own strength to invite inner peace while also keeping your physical body healthy. Different people desire different things from yoga, so when setting up your crystals it can important to be sure of what you seek.

If you are looking for a more productive yoga session overall, place your crystal of choice on your yoga mat before beginning. Its positive energy will improve your meditation practice.

If you’re wanting to work through some emotional barriers in your mind through yoga, hold the crystal to your forehead during your yoga session. Emotional balance and emotional healing will come to you more easily when passing through the perfect crystal.

You can also set up your practice space with crystals placed in certain locations. The crystal’s powers will be less direct but more widespread, creating a beautiful space awash in the subtle power of crystals.

In Conclusion

Yoga on its own is a powerful tool, but like a lot of other spiritual practices, it can be improved by the thoughtful application of crystals. 

Yoga space is also a sacred place for many, but the usage of crystals won’t detract from your practice. Instead, they will focus and improve it.

To form a closer connection with yourself through yoga, try combining it with crystals. You may be surprised how much better you feel afterward!

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