Manifest Someone to Think About You

Manifest Someone to Think About You (and Get in Touch!)

Learning to manifest someone to think about you starts with learning to tell the difference between actual manifestation and wishful thinking. I (probably) don’t need to tell you that just daydreaming about someone isn’t enough to get them to call but you absolutely can use manifestation to pull someone towards you.

You can manifest someone to think about you (and then call you) with a simple manifestation technique like affirmations and visualization. You’ll also need to shift your actions towards manifesting them toward you instead of just wishful thinking.

I’ve talked about manifesting a specific person towards you, but let’s look specifically at getting them to think of you or getting in touch.

How to Manifest Someone to Think About You

The law of attraction explains that thinking about positive or negative thoughts brings positive or negative experiences into our lives. Does this mean that if we think about a specific person, he will start thinking about us and therefore reach out?

Before we continue, you have to keep in mind the following. There are thousands of people who want to turn their relationships and love lives around. We’ve all had a relationship that didn’t feel quite right or didn’t go the way we planned but simply wishing for them to think about you or get in contact – isn’t going to do it.

Most people don’t (properly) use manifestation techniques or put unreal expectations on themselves and their practice. When they don’t immediately see results, they end up quitting and squandering such a powerful tool to bring positive change into their lives. Especially with something like your love life, it’s so easy to let your emotions run the show which is exactly why we put the manifestation workbook together to help guide you through the process properly.

always want people to see results with manifestation so I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear. Manifestation can be a huge tool here and can certainly put you into their thoughts but I’m going to tell you what it actually takes and try to give you some realistic expectations here.

This starts with not focusing entirely on them.

Mark these words: “You attract what you think about”. With that being said, focusing on negative emotions will bring negative consequences. This is the first trap many people fall into especially with something as emotionally charged as your love life.

Remove the negative thoughts from your head and you will disconnect from the negative energy around you. To put these words into context, think about the last time you thought about a negative trait you didn’t want in your future partner. What happened next? You got a partner with the exact negative characteristic that you thought was bad. This happens because you attract what you think about. On the other hand, focusing on positive thoughts will only bring positivity. This is one of the manifestation techniques that you can use. If you want to

Surround your mind with optimistic and constructive thoughts. Make sure your focus isn’t entirely on them and you’re furthering yourself as well. This might be your personal, professional or spiritual goals but make sure you’re continuing to work on yourself.

It’s easy to dismiss this advice. But please hear me on this one. Not only does this make you far more likely to actually manifest them to think of you, but it’s also going to help make sure you’re someone they want to think about.

Once you’re sure (and I do mean sure) that we’re working from a place of positivity it’s time to set your intention. The more specific we can get here, the better. Ideally, we want to go beyond the surface of I want them to think of me or I want them to contact me. Go a little deeper. Really, truly explore what it is you’re looking for from them. A fling? A friendship? True love? What does that look like? Not in a broad sense, I mean hold a clear image in your mind’s eye.

Ask yourself why. Why is it this person you want to think of you? What stands out about your connection together? Again, be as specific as you can. Focus on their traits. What draws them to you? What traits of yours might be appealing to them?

Once you’ve got this clearly in your mind you’ve actually already begun the most important step of manifesting. You could just stop there and likely see some effect but unless you’re already familiar with manifestation techniques, I suggest using something a little more specific. In no particular order, these are a few of the techniques I would suggest using – follow your intuition on this and try whichever stands out to you.

While these can be used for any area of your life they’re all going to be effective for getting someone to think of you as long as your intention is clear. Don’t skip that step.

How to Manifest Someone to Contact You

Before giving you the answer, let’s first say what not to do when you want to manifest someone to contact you.

Note: These might not apply to you but they are common traps I see people fall into and it doesn’t matter what technique you’re using. If you’re not working with a high vibration then you’re not going to see results. I don’t like to dwell on the negatives, but I do need to cover this.

Actions That Hold You Back (and Apart)

  1. manifest someone to contact youYou Are Obsessed. How many times have you checked your phone wondering if that long-waited message has finally arrived? Guess what…You are not doing yourself a favor by desperately waiting for someone to reply. Whether it would be your boyfriend who went out with the boys, your boss to whom you’ve sent the report yesterday but hasn’t answered or your aunt that you haven’t seen in a while. Neediness brings desperation and desperation brings anxiety. You attract what you think, remember?
  2. You Blame Others. You don’t take responsibility for your own thoughts. You get into a vicious cycle of unpleasant and negative thoughts, you attract the same, and then you blame someone else. Don’t you see the paradox? Solution: You have to become your best version by filling in your head with positivity. You won’t have time to put the responsibility of your own life on someone else if you are filled with optimistic thoughts. It may take a bit of time to adapt but be consistent. If you catch yourself thinking pessimistically, take a deep breath. Realize how you are damaging yourself and change the course of action. Start thinking in the right direction and for the right things.
  3. You Are Not Sure What You Want. You are insecure about your goal. The energy vibration that you give is of a person that doesn’t know where he is going. You are wondering what is the right path. In order to change that you have to take concrete actions! First, define your goal. What exactly do you want? What kind of people do you want to attract? Start thinking about the exact qualities these people should have. Take action with confidence! Useful tip: A thing that you can try here is meditation. Getting into deep meditation once or twice a week can help you clean your consciousness and make your desires simple. By knowing what you want you will have an easier time attracting it into your life.

Actions That Bring You Together

But how to actually make someone reach out to you?

really would suggest following the common techniques linked above as they’re the commonly practiced methods for good reason. If you just want to keep it basic, however, there are two main manifestation tools:

  1. Affirmations. Have you ever tried affirmations? For those of you who don’t know, affirmations are simply positive statements that serve as a booster in your motivation. They help you continue with the process of converting pessimistic thoughts into optimistic ones. Some examples of positive affirmations are:
    • [Insert name] is thinking about me.
    • [Insert name] is going to contact me.
    • [Insert name] and I have a strong connection.
    • Our connection is strong.

    When you repeat your affirmations always try to say them out loud. This strengthens your belief and if you really believe that the perfect partner will come for you, it will happen. Affirmations are simple but there is power in their simplicity. Not only do they reframe our own mindset and align our actions with our chosen reality – they make it clear to the universe what we want and what we expect to happen.

  2. Visualization Process. As the name suggests, visualization means that you paint a picture of the thing/person you want to have in your mind. For instance, you close your eyes, and then you start imagining how you see and feel your ideal person next to you. Imagine a situation where your perfect partner stands next to you. You talk to each other and you feel different. Pay attention to the conversation. What he says and how does it make you feel? Do you feel happy, loved, taken care of? If so, you are on the right path. Before you open your eyes, you can send a message to the universe. Believe in your message and sooner your visualization can become a reality.

Remember that whatever method you choose, the most important thing with any manifestation practice is to be clear with your intention and align your actions with your goals. Don’t just allow yourself to sit back and wait for them to contact you. Proactively work towards bettering yourself and furthering your journey.

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