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The complete affirmation workbook to help you skip the mistakes most people make and see real results from your affirmations.

Follow these step-by-step exercises

No matter what area of your life you want to manifest change in these exercises will bring powerful change.

We looked at the pitfalls most people fall into and created a workbook to steer you around these traps. Instead of wasting your time on things that don't work we lead you through your first 7 days step-by-step.

And, because we want you to see real results with your affirmations, the entire thing is free.

It's time to shape your own journey.


Digital or Physical

Whatever suits you

You can use this workbook digitally (on your mobile or computer) or print it as a physical workbook.

Whatever suits your journey.

7 days

7 Days for Change

See real change.

Affirmations and manifestation techniques can be life-long but give us a chance to show you how powerful they can be.

Try it for just 7 days and see for yourself.


Spiritual Manifestation

Manifestation mantras

Further your own spiritual path and learn the skills to attract your desires into any aspect of your life.

     Life changing!     

I've never had success with affirmations before. I'd tried constantly and never seen real results but it turns out I was making mistake #2 all this time! 

Zelda, Get Spiritual Member

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Our goal at Get Spiritual is to help as many people as possible further their spiritual path, even if they can't physically join a workshop.

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Our collection of methods and techniques based on what works for thousands of other members.


Works with signs and synchronicities from the universe. Learn to let the universe work with you instead of against you.

manifest love

Attract any desire. This workbook will help you manifest love, health and success in any part of your life.

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We help people around the world shape their life for the better. Get started with us and see why we're changing the world one affirmation at a time.