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6 Healing Crystals for Nausea, Illness and Morning Sickness

Nothing is worse than a stomach ache early in the morning when you have a long day ahead of you. There are dozens, if not hundreds of things that can cause nausea. Urinary tract infections, inflammatory bowel disease,  and acute kidney stones can all have you down and out, so what are some ways to ward off stomach distress without a trip to the doctor? Try our 6 favorite crystals for nausea.

For general nausea, try peridot, sapphire, and aquamarine. When morning sickness is causing you trouble, turn to orange calcite, ruby, and moonstone. 

What Crystals Are Good for When You Feel Sick?



Green crystals are known for being great healers, and peridot is no exception. This crystal is one that is often found in the vaults of expert crystal users because of how fast-acting it is.

Peridot is a great choice for sharp stomach pain that you need to do away with as soon as possible.



Sapphire isn’t just a popular gemstone for jewelry. This dark blue beauty has also been known to heal nausea from digestive issues when placed on the solar plexus chakra.

The sharp pain of stomach distress may be soothed by sapphire’s cool, cleansing energy.



Aquamarine stones are typically used as healing crystals for the throat and lungs, but did you know that they can treat nausea as well?

Aquamarine clears away obstacles restricting breath when used for respiratory problems, but it works similarly with the stomach too. Aquamarine is closely connected to water, and this connection assists the healing stone in washing away any negative energy disrupting digestion.

Crystals for Morning Sickness

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite 

Morning sickness isn’t just a huge bummer, but it also completely drains your energy away at a time when you should be ready to start your day.

Orange calcite can assist in building some of that energy back up so you can face your day, no matter how your pregnancy made you in the early morning hours. 



Ruby, one our favorite gemstones for nausea, helps with morning sickness by calming a heaving stomach.

Morning sickness can go from annoying to alarming when it’s impossible to keep food down. Meditating with ruby should allow you to enjoy your breakfast, no matter how far you are along in your pregnancy.



Sleep with moonstone under your pillow to get the jump on morning sickness, hopefully stopping it in its tracks.

Moonstone will work its healing energy throughout the night, and even more so if you have a window near your bed you can place your moonstone to charge. Moonstone will become more than twice as powerful when bathed by the light of the moon, making it the number one choice for severe morning sickness.

How to Use Crystals for Nausea

When you’re feeling icky, you’re going to want relief, and fast. So grab your favorite crystal and get to crystal healing!

We recommend some low-impact, relatively easy ways to use your crystals when you have an upset stomach. We don’t want to make anyone feel worse by trying too much when ill.

That being said, our favorite ways to use your crystals for nausea are to soak or bathe with crystal-infused water or meditate with your crystals on the chakras that correspond to your aches and pains.

Crystal Infused Water for Soaking

First and foremost, make sure your crystals for pain aren’t water-soluble! I can’t imagine the disappointment of going for a nice crystal soak only to find your crystal disintegrated afterward.

There are two ways to go about soaking in crystal-infused water. The first way is to place your crystals for stomach pain in a bowl of distilled cold water and let it sit for at least an hour. When you are ready for your bath, just drain the newly infused water into the steaming water of your bath.

The second method is to place the gems for bowel problems directly into the bathwater with you. Tumbled smooth stones work best for this application. No one wants a crystal poking them to go along with gastric trouble!

A healing crystal, especially one strongly associated with water, will infuse your soaking water with strong recovery vibrations. Expert crystal users sing the praises of crystal baths when it comes to sweeping away the evil energies of illness.

Meditating with Crystal for Nausea

Meditating to manifest wellness within yourself is a practice that dates back thousands of years. When looking to fix digestive troubles, the two chakras that you will want to focus on the most are the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. Abdominal pain can also occur near the root chakra, but these types of health conditions don’t tend to cause nausea.

When suffering from gastric trouble or nausea from the common cold, focus on the solar plexus chakra.

If it’s kidney stones or irritable bowel syndrome you’re dealing with, it’s your sacral chakra that is going to need special attention.

Don’t worry too much about the head position or the way you hold your body when meditating during illness. Just make yourself comfortable and place your gemstones for stomach pain on the corresponding chakra.

If your abdominal pains are more widespread, you can place stones on both chakras, or even all of them. Simply do what feels right to you.  The crystals will spread their healing vibrations to the places you need them most.

Meditation and manifestation when ill should revolve solely around healing and wellness. Energy healing isn’t going to take the place of medical attention, but when you set your mind to banishing negative energy and beginning to heal you might be surprised at how much quicker your recovery begins.

Final Thoughts

Although crystals can’t replace a good doctor, adding crystal healing to your recovery regimen can support you through nausea and other maladies.

Digestive trouble is never fun to deal with, but make yourself more comfortable by checking out our 6 favorite crystals for nausea and beginning your energy healing journey. Feel better soon!

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