Crystals for Beauty

4 Crystals for Beauty (and How to Use Them in Your Routine)

One of the most important forms of self-care is skincare! Our skin is what we present to the outside world, and it can be a little alarming to read all the different chemicals in our moisturizers and face washes. Why not switch some of those products out for crystal-infused products instead? These are my 4 crystals for beauty and how to use them.

Our 4 favorite crystals for beauty are clear quartz, citrine, jade, and amethyst. There are dozens of ways to incorporate these lovely stones into your beauty routine!

Crystals for Manifesting Beauty

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Clear crystal, like its name suggests, promotes clarity. Clarity doesn’t always have to mean a rational mind, though. When manifesting clearer skin, clear quartz has the best vibrational energy for the job.

Clear quartz will help do away with skin impurities, blemishes, blackheads, and oil, leaving you with the flawless skin you crave from your skincare routine.

Clear quartz can also help to clarify impurities of the body. Clear quartz’s detoxifying properties are powerful on their own, but combine this clear crystal with other beauty stones to boost that stone’s strength, too!

When you are full of toxins, your skin can appear dull. Manifest clarity of your whole physical body with this popular crystal, and watch your inner beauty start to shine outward.



Dark circles are the first sign that you may be overworked. A tired person’s skin will also appear dark and lacking the glow of health that is so sought after from beauty routines. When your tired skin needs some waking up, turn to the bright energy of citrine.

A bright, cheery crystal, citrine vibrates with a super energetic frequency. Use this crystal to manifest wakefulness, mindfulness, and extra energy. Its exciting energy is better than even the strongest cup of coffee!

Crystal experts say that citrine is linked to the sun, so if you’re afraid of appearing pale and sallow, try manifesting a healthy glow through crystal healing with citrine. You’ll be radiant in no time!


green jade

Deep and green as the tropical ocean, jade is a beautiful crystal to use when manifesting beauty. Jade’s energy is cool and calming. Spiritually, crystal practitioners know that jade boosts wisdom, but with your skin, jade actually has two exceptional benefits.

The first is the ability to help smooth out lines and wrinkles of the skin. Manifest for youthful skin with jade, and it will help fill in some of those lines, especially those from stress.

Jade’s second special power for beauty is cooling and removing redness. Jade’s energy is cool and calming, and it also contains natural anti-inflammatories! Red bumps, flushed cheeks, and sunburn are all soothed by the deep healing green jade. When you overindulge in the warm sunshine, jade is there to cool you down.



Amethyst is one of the most well-known crystals on our list. In fact, we know amethyst as a master healer that can assist in all kinds of medical ailments, skin issues included.

Amethyst can be the first stone for a lot of crystal users, but its popularity doesn’t make it any less useful for crystal healing treatment. 

Amethyst’s antibacterial properties help clear bacteria from even the most sensitive skin. These pesky bacteria can cause pimples, infections, and other blemishes, but manifesting for beauty with amethyst can lessen the amounts of bacteria on your skin for a clear visage all day long.

How to Use Crystals for Beauty

Once you have chosen the best crystal for your new crystal skincare routine, why not make some crystal beauty products to go along with it?

Below are our two favorite tricks to get some extra crystalline beauty benefits in your day-to-day routine.

Crystal-Infused Lip Roller

Chapped lips are a bummer, but instead of a basic tube of Chapstick, why not make your own crystal-infused lip roller? 

Purchase an empty roller from your local beauty supply store and fill it with either crystal-infused, skin-safe oil like coconut oil, or place a small crystal shard at the bottom of your lip roller and pour the oil in around it so the oil infuses inside of the roller.

Rose quartz, the crystal of love, is a great choice for the crystal in the oil. It might even make your crush pay extra special attention to your luscious lips!

Crystal-Infused Water

Lotions, oils, and medications are all things you may apply to your skin during your beauty routine, but what actually comes into contact with your face most often? Water! 

Amp up your face-washing game by infusing your cleansing water with crystals. Start with distilled water, and soak your crystal in the bowl with water for at least 30 minutes. Use this water when you wash your face next, and you’ll notice an ethereal glow!

Why Are Crystals Used in Skin Care?

Crystals are used in skincare for a multitude of reasons, but the most important is that our skin is our barrier against the world. Crystals offer us a little extra energy, positivity, and protection from the elements of our lives. 

You can use crystals to manifest beauty, or you can use them directly in your routine. Either way, you’re going to benefit. Crystals and their special vibrational energies have been healing all of us, skin included, for hundreds of years.

Using crystals in skincare is an easy way to get the positive energy of crystals onto our physical bodies directly. Crystals are beautiful, and using them in your skincare imparts that beauty onto yourself. 

Meditation and manifestation are the number one ways to use crystals to benefit your life, but adding a little crystal magic into your beauty routine can go a long way, too.

Using our list of 4 crystals for beauty, you can discover the stone that best fits your skincare needs. You are beautiful, inside and out, so why not add a little crystal magic sparkle to your day to top it all off?

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