Crystals for Taurus

Crystals for Taurus Zodiac Power

Like the bull of their zodiac symbol, Taurus people are strong, steady, and trustworthy. Unfortunately, the steadfast Taurus can also be prone to fits of anger and aggression during difficult times. When times get tough for Taurus, it might be time to try crystals for Taurus.

There are six crystals for Taurus that we prefer over all others. For general use, we like rose quartz, green jade, and lapis lazuli. For Taurus rising, we prefer carnelian, amber, and citrine. We also have three stones that we don’t love; malachite, tiger’s eye, and blue lace agate. 

Best Crystals for Taurus

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

When a Taurus is in a negative mental or spiritual space, they will unconsciously close off their heart chakras, which makes it impossible for them to be receptive to love and affection. Rose quartz helps to open that blocked chakra and fill it with an adoring, positive energy. 

These pink crystals can also be of assistance when a Taurus is feeling down on themselves. Rose quartz promotes self-love and self-confidence, letting a Taurus reflect on their positive traits instead of the negative ones.

Green Jade

green jade

Taurus people can carry a nervous energy around, which leaves them open to extra stress and anxious energies. Beautiful green jade, a stone used since ancient times for its strong magical abilities, is exactly what a flustered Taurus will need. 

Jade is an exceptionally calm stone that radiates wisdom and harmony. During bad times, a Taurus’ mind can become chaotic. The healing powers of this green crystal are well known, and carrying one during potentially stressful experiences can help to ground Taurus.

Taurus also has an infamous tendency to be impulsive. To combat this, jade promotes wisdom, giving Taurus people the mental fortitude to consider their actions before it is too late.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli, a lovely blue stone that can contain veins of white or gold, is a crystal that all Taurus people can benefit from. Taurus tends to be a more reserved sign, and lapis lazuli will give Taurus’ the peace of mind and confidence to speak up when they would otherwise be silent.

Taurus can have trouble with pubic speaking, often getting words and thoughts jumbled. Carrying lapis lazuli during public speaking functions can balance your flow of energy. Balanced, grounded energy means clearer, more precise speeches!

Lapis lazuli will also help the stubborn, bull-headed Taurus to see past their preconceived notions, allowing them to see the reality of the world around them, not just their own opinions.

Crystals for Taurus Rising

Rising signs tend to reflect the social aspects of a person. While the three above-mentioned stones are still wonderful for Taurus rising, these next three are more focused on improving the social portions of life.



If your rising sign is Taurus, you may suffer from some of Taurus’ social downfalls, one of them being social anxieties in the workspace. In order to combat this, try meditating with carnelian.

Carnelian vibrates energetically and is full of life. This bright red and orange stone can lend some of its vibrancy to even the most socially awkward of us, so our personalities at work or other social gatherings can shine brilliantly. 



Lucky yellow amber is one of the best stones for Taurus rising because it’s a lucky stone that brings success and physical wellness. Taurus’ can be workaholics that can forget to take care of their physical bodies, and in this case, an amber bracelet or necklace can go a long way.

Amber is also an awesome choice if you are feeling mentally drained. Amber is able to heal you mentally just as well as it can physically with its warm, healthy energy.

Use amber when you are frustrated and drained. Its healing energy will bring you right back up to fighting shape. 



As we mentioned before, some Taurus have a hard time with impulsivity, and that includes impulsive spending. This sun sign can benefit greatly from citrine, a crystal that is also known as a money stone. Citrine won’t only help you to manifest money, it can make you wiser about spending it too.

Meditating with or wearing citrine crystals can help you to manifest wealth, but citrine also has healing properties. Citrine, like Taurus itself, is connected to the sun and vibrates with energetic, warm energy.

Worst Crystals for Taurus



Malachite, while not a totally terrible stone for Taurus, can sometimes exacerbate some of Taurus’ negative traits. When a Taurus is nervous or antsy, the high energy of malachite can leave a Taurus feeling unbalanced or strange.

Malachite is a good stone for seeking creativity, but not for a high-strung Taurus at other times. Instead, try steadier jade when seeking a stone for learning and making art. Jade’s energy is much more suited to Taurus.

Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate

Blue lace agate, while a nice enough stone when you need to calm down, can make headstrong Taurus even more stubborn. This otherwise gentle stone can occasionally lock someone into the path they are already on, making self-reflection and change difficult.

If a Taurus wants to use blue lace agate, they should use it as a crystal to sleep with or as a crystal to meditate with before bed.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye

Having the opposite effect of blue lace agate, the high vibrational energy of tiger’s eye can make an anxious Taurus even more strung out.  If used incorrectly, tiger’s eye may even cause insomnia in some Taurus.

Use tiger’s eye sparingly as a Taurus, and only before activities that require extra energy that you are sure you will be able to burn off.

Picking the Right Crystal

Finding the right crystal for your zodiac sign can seem tedious, but when you know what crystals to pair when your sign is rising can instill you will spiritual healing like never before.

Be aware of mixing crystals with different energies when choosing your healing crystals and know crystals will give you the results you desire. Dependable Taurus’ will thrive with the right vibrational crystal, making this sun sign shine brighter than ever

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