Crystals for ADHD

Crystals for ADHD: Balance and Soothing

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a form of mood disorder that can cause a multitude of difficulties in someone’s life. ADHD makes focusing difficult, but along with behavioral therapy or possibly doctor-prescribed prescription drugs, crystals for ADHD can sharpen focus and help any ADHD sufferer get through the day.

Our 6 favorite crystals for ADHD are amethyst, lapis lazuli, amazonite, smokey quartz, and jade. All 6 crystals help with different common issues associated with ADHD. 

What Crystals Help With ADHD?

Amethyst for ADHD

Amethyst Geode

Amethyst is known as a master healer, making it a great choice for those with personality disorders and other co-occurring disorders.

Crystal experts have touted the greatness of amethyst for hundreds of years, referring to its ability to help heal so many ailments and get its users back on the way to succeeding at their life goals.

This gorgeous purple stone is perfect for those suffering from ADHD because its energy is gentle yet incredibly effective. Amethyst can assist in lessening emotional trauma, memory loss, and restoring mental balance so you can get back to leading a productive life. 

Lapis Lazuli for ADHD

Lapis Lazuli

When you suffer from certain life stresses and anxiety disorders, negative thoughts can run rampant. Lapis lazuli, another natural healer just like the above-mentioned stone, excels in taking negativity in and transforming it into positive energy. 

Negative energy always seems to become strong in the face of life adjustments, so keep Lapis close by when you’re going through big life challenges and life transitions.

Those with attention deficit disorder can also benefit from the physical healing properties of Lapis. This blue stone helps to lessen headaches and is also thought to help prevent migraines just like some of the other above-mentioned crystals.

Fluorite for ADHD


Negative energy goes hand in hand with some mood disorders, so to combat those negative energies, you can turn to fluorite. 

School-related issues and other activities that require laser focus are particularly hard for people with ADHD. Slipping a fluorite stone in your pocket before school can banish the feelings of negativity and allow your thoughts to slow down so the focus is more attainable. 

Fluorite has also been thought to be a wonderful healing stone for bipolar disorder and defiant disorder, assisting in treatment to lessen the impact of these disorders as well as other identity issues.

Amazonite for ADHD


Amazonite, also known as the Amazon stone, is an emotional healer. This stone doesn’t just help to prevent things like mood swings; it can also instill a sense of calm for ADHD sufferers that can be hard to come by.

Life adjustments are hard enough to deal with,  so throwing ADHD into the mix makes achieving life goals seem like a much more difficult task. One of the positive features of Amazonite is that it gives you the self-confidence you need to accomplish those goals and live a productive life.

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz

If the hyperactivity portion of ADHD is becoming distracting, you may benefit from a grounding stone. One of our favorites is smoky quartz.

Smoky quartz is strongly connected to the Earth, making it an incredible grounding stone. Use this beautifully cloudy crystal to center yourself when everything seems like an insurmountable challenge. When you’re more in tune with the Earth, you’re also more in tune with yourself.

Emotional balance is important to everyone, not just ADHD sufferers. There’s a reason it’s my go-to for concentration crystals as they calm and focus your mind. Trust smoky quartz to make this balance easier to achieve.


green jade

Jade is a gentle stone that can help to heal both the mind and body. Common issues associated with ADHD can be soothed by this crystal’s wise and ancient energies.

Memory skills can also be improved by jade’s tendency to instill wisdom upon its users. Hot tempers, mood issues, and family issues can also be eased by the cooling, healing vibrations of a jade stone.

Jade is a very versatile stone, and it’s easy to see why it’s been used to combat mental health difficulties for ages.

How to Use Crystals for ADHD

The act of quiet, still meditation can be difficult for those suffering from ADHD. This doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from the magical healing properties of these stones!

ADHD sufferers will need passive ways to absorb the crystal’s healing vibrations.

Here are a few ways to use crystals for ADHD without forcing yourself to rely on meditation.

Decorate With Your Crystals

Decorating with crystals may seem as simple a just throwing a few stones around a room and calling it a day. This isn’t the case at all! Some crystals conflict with others, and some crystals work best when placed in certain rooms. 

Be mindful of your crystal and its uses! A calm crystal such as amethyst may heal you in your sleep, but having a tiger’s eye under your pillow may keep you awake long after bedtime. On the other hand, a tiger’s eye in a glass bowl on your office desk can inspire creativity and energize you during a boring workday.

ADHD can also cause a sleep disorder, so be cautious when using crystals in the bedroom. Do your research beforehand.

Once you have your chosen complimentary crystals, a good use for them is to make a crystal grid. You want the positive energy of the stones to be able to connect and bounce off one another, making the space that they cover full of positive spiritual energy.

Crystal Infused Water Spritz

This tip is especially helpful if you like to give yourself a quick mist of body spray before heading out the door. Fill a small spray bottle with distilled or spring water, a drop or two of your favorite skin-safe essential oil, and your chosen crystal.

Let this mixture soak together for at least 24 hours before using it. Give yourself, your jacket, or even your pillow a spray and enjoy the healing effects of your crystal all day long.

Spend Time in Nature With Your Crystals

Almost all crystals benefit from being outdoors and charging under the sun, moon, or even buried in the Earth. Similarly, those with ADHD reap a ton of benefits from spending time in the great outdoors.

Physical activity outside can help lessen the uncomfortable feeling of withdrawal symptoms if you’re doctor has had you stop stimulant drugs, or even just quiet a busy mind if needed. When you add healing crystals into the mix, your outdoor crystal excursion is bound to be beneficial.

You don’t have to take a long hike, either. Simply laying in the soft grass and watching the clouds with your crystals charging in the sun next to you can boost your mood while giving your skin a nice dose of vitamin D. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be a debilitating mental health issue, and while crystals can’t take the place of a medical professional, they can certainly make living with ADHD easier. 

The above-mentioned crystals all have their own unique attributes, so read through the article and decide which is right for you. Life stresses may get you down sometimes, but crystal healing can help to pick you back up again.

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