Crystals for Concentration

Crystals for Concentration and Productivity

During our increasingly busy lives, it’s easy to lose track of certain tasks or find it hard to focus on certain things. You aren’t alone in those concerns. When it seems almost impossible to focus, many professionals are now turning to crystals for concentration.

We have chosen 6 crystals and stones that will help boost your mental clarity. Our favorites for concentration are smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, and blue scapolite. The ones we love for focus and productivity are malachite stone, black tourmaline, and amazonite.

Crystals for Concentration

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz

Smoky quartz and its subtle beauty are great for concentration. It does away with anxiety, tension, and other negative emotions so you can fully concentrate on the task at hand. It can be almost impossible to get anything done when you are preoccupied with other aspects of your life, so when other toils get in the way of work, try meditating with smoky quartz.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye

When a decision seems impossible, reach for a tiger’s eye crystal.  Tiger’s eye promotes mental clarity and calmness, allowing you to make those difficult decisions without hesitation. 

Blue Scapolite

Blue Scapolite

Blue scapolite, a stone that is blue, white, and reminiscent of the sky above, is known for its ability to raise your natural vibrational energy and promote self-disciple. It’s easy to get distracted, especially when working from home,  but manifesting with blue scapolite will help you stay on task,

Crystals for Focus and Productivity



When everything seems chaotic, and it feels like you have a million things going on at once, malachite can assist you in clearing away the chaos so you can focus fully. Malachite stone is perfect for when you’re terribly busy, but need to mentally zoom in to one certain task.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

A popular healing stone, black tourmaline absorbs negative energy and vibrations from its user so it can heal in a positive environment. How does this help with focus and productivity?

Having black tourmaline around means there will be fewer roadblocks in your way for success. Negative energies bleeding off of other coworkers or your work environment will be sucked up by black tourmaline before they can interfere with your duties.



As deep and turquoise as its namesake, the amazon river, amazonite is more than just a looker. This stone is associated with the heart and throat chakras, two of the chakras most associated with success in the workplace.

When it feels like your heart just isn’t in your work anymore, meditating and manifesting with amazonite can lift your spirits and allow you to fall in love with your work all over again. Amazonite can also help you to speak up when you aren’t being heard by your compatriots.

How to Use Crystals for Concentration

Once you’ve acquired your new crystals for concentration, you’ll probably be excited to put them to work! The sky’s the limit when it comes to using crystals, but there are a few great applications that will give you the greatest success when seeking focus.

Here are three ways to use your new crystals for them to have the greatest effects on your day-to-day lives. 

Carry or Wear You Crystals

The search for concentration and focus doesn’t always begin at a work desk in an office. Some crystal users need mental clarity on the go, and when that’s the case, keeping your healing crystal close to you at all times is the best way to reap the crystal’s benefits 24/7.

Two great ways to keep your crystals near you throughout the day are to either carry your crystals with you or to wear them as crystal jewelry. 

If you are a more casual crystal user, you don’t have to concern yourself with mounting your crystals in jewelry, slipping them into your pocket works just as well. This is even better if your crystal for focus is tumbled. Carrying smooth tumbled stones allows you to hold them or run your fingers over them throughout the day when you need them most.

It can feel like a waste to keep their stones hidden in pockets for some crystal users. If you want your crystals more prominently displayed, try crystal jewelry.  Crystals are beautiful! If you’re more fashion-minded, mount your crystals into rings or carry them in wire cages on a necklace so their beauty is on full display.

Keep Crystals in Your Office or Other Work Environment

Nothing is more taxing on the mental focus than work. One of the most significant reasons that someone may seek out a powerful healing crystal for concentration is to help them keep on task at their place of employment.

Phones, internet access, and socializing can all distract us from what we should really be doing at work. To combat distractions, keep one or more of your favorite crystals in a bowl on your desk. Having these crystals near you will protect you from the negative energy that can abound at some places of employment.

Being able to constantly soak in the healing energy from your gemstones means that stressful situations like loud coworkers, looming deadlines, and pushy bosses will all be lessened and easier to handle.


It may not be pertinent to meditate during the workday but to diminish the mental chatter at the office, try meditation with some of your crystal collection before heading in for your shift.

You can hold your crystals, or form them around yourself in a crystal grid. Try and manifest peace, clarity of mind, productivity, and a focused flow of energy for your day. Your focus crystals will empower and clarify your manifestation, making it more productive.

For some extra ‘oomph’ in your productivity for the day, bring those same crystals you meditated with to work with you. Their vibrational energy will help to fuel your success all day long. Even if you’re working your dream job, life tends to get in the way sometimes. Other subjects often seem to occupy your mind at the worst times. Don’t forget that sleep can also have a huge impact on your ability to concentrate which means making sure you get enough quality hours of sleep in and you can use crystals for better sleep as well.

When you practice manifestation with these 6 crystals for concentration, focus, and productivity, you can leave the negative energies of other portions of your life behind and get into that fabulous workflow energy every day!

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