Crystals for Luck

6 Crystals for Luck and How to Use Them to Draw Fortune

Luck isn’t just something that occurs by happenstance. Good luck, or being a lucky person, may seem to be random gifts from the universe, but did you know that manifesting good fortune with crystals can start you down the path of luck? Choosing a crystal for good luck is easier than you might think!

For luck and success, we recommend green aventurine, rose quartz, and tiger’s eye.  If you’re looking for financial luck, try moss agate, smoky quartz, and blue lace agate as your luck crystals.

Crystals for Luck and Success

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Success will be knocking at your door before you know it if you choose green aventurine as your lucky charm. If advancement in your career seems to always be one step away, green aventurine can help to bring that promotion your way.

Green aventurine is also a steady grounding stone, allowing you to stay in a grounded, realistic mindset even when it seems like you can’t possibly lose. This stone will help you make smart decisions so your luck doesn’t run out before you get to really enjoy it.

Rose Quartz

If it’s luck in love that you’re looking for, rose quartz is the crystal for you. Successful relationships need more than just good luck, they need a strong foundation. The grounded, feminine energy of rose quartz can help you build that foundation.

To be lucky in love, your heart has to be ready to let love in. Energy blockages of the heart chakra make it impossible to accept luck, love, or affection. Manifest your heart opening with rose quartz, and let this beautiful pink stone lead the way.

Tigers Eye

tiger eye

Luck isn’t a passive thing. Sometimes you have to go out and find your own luck. Tigers eye, known as an amazingly effective stone for courage, will bolster even the most unsure of us to seek out what we really want in life. 

Tiger’s eye attracts luck through encouraging physical and spiritual strength. When we are mentally, physically, and spiritually strong enough to seek out what we desire, luck is much more likely to come our way.

Crystals for Luck and Money

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz

A great stone for general good luck, smoky quartz is both a wonderful luck charm and a beautiful crystal for display.  This cloudy quartz stone has abundant positive energy and vibrations and creates the perfect environment for good luck to abound.

By absorbing the negative energies around you, smoky quartz allows positive energy to flow in. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to welcome wealth into your sphere. So to ready yourself for luck and wealth, turn to smoky quartz.

Moss Agate

moss agate

Moss agate is a deep green, which is a fun coincidence since it’s particularly useful at attracting something else green: money.  This stone attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance

This Earth-linked crystal welcomes new beginnings, whether it be with business relationships or new careers that will help to line our pockets.  If you’re looking to land a new job and want a little extra luck during the interview, try slipping a moss agate in your pocket beforehand!

Moss agate is a good stone to have around if you’re trying to attract customers to a new business as well. A few moss agate stones in a bowl at the reception desk of your new business can work wonders.

Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate

Blue lace agate resembles the sky with its powder blue streaked with white. It even glitters under the light, reminding us of the wealth it can help us to attract. The vibrational energies of blue lace agate help us to open ourselves to possibilities and the benefits that come with them.

Blocked chakras are detrimental to receiving luck in our lives. Blue lace agate can open blocked chakras wide so we are open to all the positive opportunities the universe sends our way.

Blue lace agate also bolsters confidence, giving us the self-assuredness to take risks and put ourselves out there. After all, there is no reward without risk! 

How to Use Crystals to Attract Luck

Attracting luck using crystals can seem like a full-time job in and of itself, but don’t fret. Maximizing the power of your money stone or luck stone doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Especially for luck, I would make sure you’re properly charging your crystal before doing any kind of work with it. We don’t want it to backfire and attract bad luck straight towards us instead.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use crystals to attract luck!

  • Wear your luck crystals! Jewelry, headbands, and pockets are all great options to have your lucky crystals at hand when you need them most. Just don’t forget to cleanse and charge them every once in a while.
  • Meditate with your crystals to focus the positive vibrations of your stones more closely on what it is you really desire. Luck is a nebulous thing, so when you meditate and manifest you can pinpoint whether you’re looking for luck in business, spiritual luck, or personal success.
  • Try sleeping inside of a crystal grid. By creating and sleeping in a crystal grid, you can absorb the positive energy of the healing crystals passively while you rest. You can also create a crystal grid around a workspace to draw in positivity where you need it most.
  • If you need to garner a little extra luck before a big event like a date or an interview, try bathing with crystal-infused water. You can soak the crystals in a small bowl of water beforehand and add it to your bath, or even bath while the crystals soak with you. Just make sure to only soak stones that aren’t water-soluble!

You don’t need to find a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe to be lucky. It might seem that some people are just naturally lucky, but if you want to attract luck and prosperity to yourself, crystals for luck can set you off on the right path!

We’ve collected out 6 favorite crystals for success in this article, but there are dozens of crystals that can act as your very own powerhouse for success. Choose wisely, and good luck! 

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