4 Crystals for Better Sleep and Peaceful Dreams

All kinds of things in our lives can disrupt our sleep schedules. Jobs, relationships, pets, and children can all be big reasons we lose sleep. To help combat the things that keep us awake, we have compiled a list of 4 crystals for better sleep.

Our 4 chosen crystals are rose quartz, smoky quartz, fluorite, and amethyst.  These crystals all have unique attributes that can contribute to a more restful night of slumber. 

What Crystals Help With Sleep?

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Known as the calm stone, rose quartz is wonderful for sleep. This pretty pink stone radiates loving energy, easing anxieties of the heart and mind. If you toss and turn because of worries, rose quartz will help to wash those worries away.

A lot of newer crystal users may believe that rose quartz is only for romantic love, but crystal experts will tell you the opposite! Along with love of all kinds, rose quartz radiates healing, allowing its users to sleep washed in restorative, soothing energies.

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz

When your emotions are backed up, clogging your chakras and making it difficult to rest, sleep can seem painfully hard to reach. To unblock those chakras, you won’t find any crystal better than smoky quartz. 

This beautifully cloudy crystal is a popular stress reliever, flushing stress and other negative energies out of your body. Smoky quartz can help ground you as well. A well-grounded, stress-free night of deep sleep can be hard to come by, but when you manifest with smoky quartz it can be easier to attain than ever. 



Sleeping pills, while effective, can leave you feeling groggy and weighed down in the morning. If you want to avoid sleeping pills or other chemically heavy sleep aids, consider using a crystal instead. For relaxation, fluorite is our favorite.

Fluorite radiates peaceful energy that helps you feel sleepy when you need it most. Even if your mind, body, and spirit are cleansed of negative energy, it can still be beneficial to have something to calm you down after a busy day. Tuck a piece of fluorite under your pillowcase and let it lull you into some must needed peaceful sleep.



Amethyst, the beautiful purple crystal that is known as the master healer, also has another trick up its sleeve. Amethyst works well as a ‘dreamcatcher’, helping to prevent nightmares and encourage happy dreams.

Negative energies and vibrations can infect your sleep and cause disturbing nightmares, but amethyst will absorb that nightmare energy before it can even begin to bother you (making it one of the best crystals against nightmares if that is what is causing sleep problems).

When dispelling those nightmares, amethyst also radiates its trademark healing energy, making it a great two for one when it comes to a crystal for sleep!

How to Use Crystals Help You Sleep

Now that you know about our 4 crystals for sleep, read on to discover our favorite ways to use these healing crystals.

Before using any of these methods, I do suggest making sure you know how to charge your crystal first. Too often the simple steps are skipped but if the crystal absorbs whatever is causing our sleep issues it can actively start working against us. Proper charging and cleansing only takes a few moments and can really improve the results from your stones.

Three grid

Laying crystals on your body during sleep can be problematic. Everyone moves in their sleep, and no one wants to roll on a sharp crystal in the middle of the night. To avoid rolling on your stones, or worse, losing them in your bed, try the three crystal grids for sleep.

Place one crystal above the crown of your head and two on each side, either on your pillow or on the bed beside your pillow. This allows your three chosen crystals to connect and project their combined energy to your crown chakra as you sleep.

When crystals connect with one another, their powers grow. Use this grid for strong sleep energy or to combine powerful crystals together to receive all their different benefits at once.


Make a routine when it comes to meditation. Add crystal meditation into your bedtime routine, and soon enough it will feel like second nature.

Gather one or two of your sleep crystals and cradle them in your palms while you visualize letting go of all of the burdens of your day. Imagine calming, peaceful waves of sleep enveloping you and easing your overactive mind. When you sleep, you heal, and taking the time to meditate before you sleep can ready your body for the most efficient healing possible. 

You can also meditate to manifest your goals for the morning. Putting a purpose to your upcoming day can relieve some of your stresses the night before. Meditation will help ready you for the challenges ahead by letting you manifest your goals exactly as you want them.

In the morning you can hold the crystals you meditated with the night before and feel your goals and purpose from the night before, motivating you for a productive day. If you’re worried about attaining those goals, slip those crystals into your pockets to remind you throughout your day how prepared and ready you really are.

Place Crystals Strategically Around Your Bedroom

To make benefitting from sleep crystals easy, you can place them in semi-permanent places around your bedroom…and that’s it! You want your crystals close enough to where you sleep so that you still receive their positive energy. There are a few choice areas that are best suited for crystal healing.

Under your mattress is a great location, but don’t just toss them under there with the dust bunnies. Instead, place them in a small pot or bowl where they are displayed respectfully, even if you can’t see them day to day.

Our favorite location for sleep crystals, especially rose quartz, is the windowsill where they can absorb moonlight. Rose quartz, among other crystals, has a strong feminine energy that is boosted significantly by the also feminine light of the moon.

In the morning, your crystal will be fully charged for daylight use, and you still were able to benefit from it during the night as a sleep crystal. That’s a win-win situation for sure!

Sleeping Better With Crystals

There are a lot of things that can disturb sleep at night, but similarly, there are a lot of things that can improve it, too!

Choosing the right sleep crystal and using it strategically can up your sleep game significantly. Our list of 4 crystals for sleep can help you chose your favorite crystal so you can be in dreamland for the perfect night, without counting a single sheep!

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