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Using a Manifestation Box to (Quickly) Shift Your Reality

I’m obsessed with helping get real results with manifestation and affirmations and I think a manifestation box might well be the easiest (and most passive way) of doing that.

If you’ve spent any time looking into manifestation and the Law of Attraction you’ll know that energy responds to attention. This holds true in any aspect of our lives whether we’re intentionally meaning it or not. Using a manifestation box is simply a way of mindfully focusing this attention.

So what is it, how do you make one and how can it bring huge change into your life?

What Is a Manifestation Box?

There are variations but a manifestation box is generally a box used to keep objects of your goals. These might be affirmations, photos or keepsakes that mean something to you. Objects that make you think of the things you want (I’ll get into some examples in a moment).

It keeps our thoughts and beliefs aligned with our goals and focuses our energy to attract this result into our lives.

Also known as a wish box (but I prefer manifestation box for reasons we’ll get to) it’s a collection of items that keeps you focused on your goals. It not only focuses our mind (and actions) on our goals but it sends a clear message out to the universe.

This is my goal. This is my desire box. The contents of this box are going to happen for me.

How to Make a Manifestation Box

What I really like about this powerful tool is it’s incredibly easy to set up and use. You don’t need to buy anything special and you probably already have everything you need lying around the house.

Step 1: Pick Your Box

It really doesn’t have to be fancy. Much like vision boards, you’ll see social media flooded with artistic (or expensive) intention box posts.

The reality is you could use any box for this. It could be an old jewelry box, a decorated cardboard box made for this purpose or an old shoebox. I’ve seen the claims that special boxes (with big price tags) have some extra power to them but (as with any type of manifestation) the real power comes from your mindset.

It doesn’t have to be pretty (although you absolutely can decorate it if you like) it just needs to focus your mind.

manifestation box

Step 2: Set Your Intention

Always an important part of manifestation. You need to be brutally clear with yourself and the universe about what your intention is.

This is easily mistaken as the easiest step but it’s also where most people go wrong. We bite off more than we can chew, try to manifest too much too quickly or make one of a hundred other mistakes.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to read the guide on intention setting for manifestation. Don’t skip this step it’s so important to get it right and so easy to make a mistake with.

Step 3: What to Put in a Manifestation Box

This is a very personal choice – as with any manifestation practice. What really matters with the manifestation box technique is that the objects you place in the box mean something to you. Even if they wouldn’t make sense to someone else.

The objects might be fairly straightforward. For example:

  • A $1 note to manifest financial prosperity.
  • A photo of a wedding to manifest a marriage.
  • An affirmation on a piece of paper for a promotion at work.

It could be more specific to you or a specific goal. For example, if you’re trying to manifest someone to think of you, then you might place a photo of them or an item of theirs into the box.

Another common choice is including crystals with your manifestation box. Crystals act as a way to amplify our energy and you could use a specific crystal that aligns with your goals (check our crystal section for help if you need it) or you could use a good all-rounder. My suggestion here would be Quartz.

Tip: If in doubt, simply place written affirmations or scripted manifestations into the box. With this, all you’ll need is some paper (and the box of course).

How to Use a Manifestation Box

A manifestation box works by bringing us positive energy and a higher vibration. Like any law of attraction method, it holds our intention in mind which leads our actions to follow our goals.

The simple act of making the box brings you one step closer to making dreams into reality but for best results, there’s a couple of things you can do.

  • Keep your box somewhere in common view.
  • Refresh your box as you achieve goals and set new intentions.
  • Use your box alongside other techniques like keeping a law of attraction planner.

Does a Manifestation Box Work?

A manifestation box has some serious potential to make big changes to your life.

But there’s a reason I don’t like the term ‘wish box’. A more descriptive term would actually be an ‘attraction creation box’ and I get asked this about every different technique (so much so that I have an entire post on if manifestation works or not).

Like any technique out there it’s only going to work as hard as you do.

Manifestation makes things more likely. It helps to align us and the universe with our goals but putting a lottery ticket into a manifestation box and forgetting about it is probably not going to do you any good. You still need to align your actions with your goals but as long as you’re able to do that then yes, it absolutely works.

How Does a Manifestation Box Work?

It works in a pretty similar way to a manifestation vision board as a passive force to draw abundant energy towards us.

It gives us an easier way to focus our conscious and subconscious thoughts by simply being in the vicinity. When we see the box (whether we’re consciously aware of it or not) we’re keeping our goals at the forefront of our minds. We’re actively mindful of them and that alone keeps us aligned with our goals.

It’s one thing to want something. It’s another to be mindful and focused on it.


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