Does Manifestation Work

Does Manifestation Work? (and 13 Other Life-Changing Questions)

Since I’m constantly talking about manifestation (I can stop anytime I want, honest) I’ve started hearing a lot of common questions. I thought it was a good time to do a round-up of the more common manifestation questions.

Starting with the most common and then continuing in no particular order other than the order I happen to remember them.

Does Manifestation Really Work?

Manifestation does work it just suffers an image problem. Social media tells us that we’re all going to win the lottery and buy a private island by this time next week so when that doesn’t happen – most people write it off and quit.

Manifestation has crazy power to change our lives (and, if it wasn’t already clear, I’m a huge fan) but the way it’s commonly represented represents a problem.

Manifestation is a tool, not a magic spell. It can align our thoughts, actions and the universe around us to move us towards a goal. Any goal. It isn’t going to turn you into a movie star overnight but it can move you in that direction if that’s your goal.

That’s where we go wrong with the manifestation process.

Say, for example, our goal was to become a movie star. Rather than trying to manifest being the next Brad Pitt overnight, take smaller and more achievable steps. Manifest better acting skills, an audition to go well and then align your actions with your goals.

This is where most people tune out.

With all the YouTube videos out there telling you that you’re going to get your dreams overnight, people don’t like being told they have to work at it.

That manifestation isn’t a magic bullet ready to do all the hard work for them.

But I want you to see real results. That means making sure you understand that manifestation will push you toward the door but you are still the one that has to step through it.

It’s such a powerful tool. It can have such an impact on your daily life and your long-term goals. The majority of people don’t see results from it and it’s because they fall the first hurdle of understanding the basics.

This is exactly why we put together the step-by-step workbook to help guide you through your first manifesting practices.

Does Manifestation Always Work?

Interesting question and I guess it really depends on what you mean.

The majority of people who try manifestation don’t see any results but they fall for one of the common traps. Using the above example they might be trying to become the next Brad Pitt overnight despite never even working as an extra.

Manifestation always works when used properly. It might not always jump you from A to Z right away but it’ll certainly get you further on the path.

I can certainly say it’s always worth doing and one of the most powerful tools many of us have to bring real change to our lives.

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Does Manifestation Work for Everyone?

There are certainly charlatans online who will claim only a special few can effectively use manifestation and I’m sure (for a fee) they’ll offer to do it for you.

Complete nonsense.

There are certain factors that will make manifesting more likely such as your experience with this kind of work, your current mindset, vibration and how well you’ve set your intention.

But anyone (and I mean anyone) can use this. One of the (many) aspects of manifestation that I like is it doesn’t matter if you’re Jeff Bezos or living in a cardboard box. Living an intentional life and manifesting your dream life will work exactly the same way.

How Long Does It Take for Manifestation to Work?

The answer here is probably unsatisfying: It depends.

Sometimes manifestation will happen overnight (or sooner) and sometimes it’ll take months. There are many different factors at play but the main ones are things like:

  1. How close you were, to begin with.
  2. Your vibration and mindset during your practice.
  3. How well you’re aligning your action to your intent.

If you’re just getting started (or if you’ve been doing it for a while and just not getting results) then I always suggest starting with something small. Something you’re already close to and might just need a little nudge to get you a little closer.

You can always move on to bigger long-term goals after that.

know this isn’t the answer you want. I know people are saying manifestation happens instantly and you’ll get everything you want. But that’s just not true and I want you to actually see how powerful this can be as long as you manage your expectation properly.

Why Does Manifestation Take So Long?

But the universe just doesn’t work that way. You know this.

If it was as easy as snapping our fingers and writing a few words down on a piece of paper we’d all be rich, famous and with our soulmates. You don’t really need me to tell you that’s not the reality. On some level at least, you know this.

Manifestation is a process. A journey. It’s also incredibly worthwhile if you use it properly.

Does Law of Attraction Manifestation Work?

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is just a common buzzword people tack on to sell a book. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad book but sometimes it confuses matters.

Manifestation does work (see the questions above) whether you want to call it LoA or not.


What Is the Fastest Manifestation Method?

This is going to be another unsatisfying answer: it depends.

I’ve covered guides on a lot of different methods and there’s not a single method better than the other. Where the variations come in is how each method works for you.

When you boil it right down, every method has the same basic goal. Make it clear to the universe what you want and align your thoughts and behaviors to that goal. It doesn’t matter which technique you choose. They all have this same goal in some way or another.

The fastest method is the one that works for you.

Sometimes a specific method will appeal to you. Follow your intuition and try it but I will say this: once you’ve chosen a method stick with it for a while. Don’t constantly swap between different techniques hoping for something to click overnight.

Some methods will be faster than others because they suit you better. They might get you into the right mindset or stay in your subconscious better. Once you’ve got something that works and is getting you results I would keep practicing with that technique.

Does Manifestation Work if You Type It?

Since our daily lives have become almost entirely digital I’ve seen more and more members swap pen and paper for their phones or laptop. When writing affirmations or scripting manifestation it can technically work if you type it, however…

It doesn’t really matter what medium you use. The important part isn’t holding a piece of people with your intention, it’s the mindful act of writing it down.

You can use your phone, you can use a scrap of paper, you could just a manifestation journal or you could use smoke signals if you wanted to.

Where you write it doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you write it. If you do choose to type your affirmation then I would disable any other notifications and remove as many distractions as you can.

The real risk posed by typing is there’s always a lot of other apps and websites competing for your attention at the same time and that is where pen and paper work better.

What Does Manifestation Feel Like?

Sometimes I feel like I’m expected to say there’s a woosh of electrical energy or lights flying around you.

And, it’s true, if you’re more spiritually attuned to energy work you might notice a shift.

However, this isn’t a Hollywood movie. I practice manifestation techniques almost every morning and its as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth at this point.

If I’m actively paying attention I’ll feel charged with my intent and excited about drawing my intention closer to me but, other than that, it feels like it’s time to go and get my first cup of coffee.

I think it’s important you don’t expect anything else here. A proper understanding of what manifestation is and isn’t will stop you from getting disillusioned and quitting before you see results.

Does Music Help Manifestation?

Music isn’t a necessary tool for manifestation but it’s a common one and it can help.

Music is often used for meditation for the exact same reasons. It can block out external distractions and focus the mind which is exactly what we need during manifestation practices.

I would avoid using music with lyrics or anything that distracts you from your practice.

Note: Some people disagree with the idea of using music because they don’t want to create a reliance. True, if you become used to using music then it might be harder to get into the right mindset if you don’t have music but I don’t really expect to be stranded on a desert island. I’m alright relying on music when it makes my daily practice easier and more effective.

Does Manifestation Go Against God?

I don’t often talk about religion because I don’t like the idea of telling people what they should (or should not) believe. I also wouldn’t presume to know what a divine being really thinks.

I. personally, would say no it doesn’t. There are passages of the BIble that people quote with passages about trusting God above your own internal wisdom.

Manifestation isn’t putting your own wisdom above god and it’s certainly not ‘devil worship’ as a reader’s email once accused me of.

Manifestation is simply a way to hone our intentions and work towards a healthy future life. Lots of people from every walk of life and belief system use it to further and better themselves which (in turn) helps the other people in their life.

I see no reason for God to have a problem with us wanting better for ourselves.

Does Manifestation Have Karmic Consequences?

Similar to the previous question, I don’t see why it would. I don’t know where this idea started but if there were karmic consequences for manifestation there’d be consequences for anything that improves your life since it’s the same intent.

By this logic, there would be karmic consequences for getting out of bed in the morning.

Unless you’re actively trying to harm someone else (and that’s never a good idea on your spiritual path) then you’ve no karmic debt to worry about.

If you’re using manifestation to further something like your career path you might take a promotion instead of someone else but you’re not doing this by harming someone else, you’re simply bettering yourself.

If you went to a course to further your skills within your field you’d be doing the same thing. Bettering yourself without directly harming someone else. There’s no karmic debt in either case.

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Does Manifestation Make You Tired?

Any kind of work that requires energy and mental effort can make you feel tired but there should be nothing especially draining with manifestation. Some techniques (like the 55×5 technique for example) takes a lot more focused attention for a lot longer.

So it can but it doesn’t have to.

Is Manifestation Scientifically Proven?

Yes and no.

It’s hard to draw a line between a spiritual practice of manifestation and positive thinking and affirmations. Probably the most common journal for this is Steele 1988 on Self-Affirmation Theory (you can read the full thing here) but the short answer is there is scientific proof that affirmations and a shift in mindset can change your life.

When you go beyond that into the spiritual practices, then of course not. Most spiritual practices (including a belief in a divine being) can’t be proven in a lab. My best advice is to try for yourself and see what kind of impact it has on your life.

Does Crying or Alchohol ‘Block’ Manifestation?

I really don’t know where either of these come from but I’ll break it down a little.


No, crying does not block manifestation as long as it doesn’t stop you from aligning yourself.

We all go through tough times. We all cry. Crying and focusing purely on how we wish things were or how they could be is not going to help move you closer to your goal. But, as long as you’re actively working on it, tears won’t hold you back.


I know a lot of people take issue with alcohol spiritually and there are beliefs that it can hold you back from any kind of spiritual practice.

I, personally, don’t think alcohol will make any difference to your manifestation in moderation. If it’s to the point of excess or holding you back from actively working towards your intention then you might need to swap to water instead.

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