The Best Time to Manifest

The Best Time to Manifest (and the Worst Time)

Often when we’re trying to manifest something, it’s something we really want to see happen as quickly as possible. In fact, I often suggest doing exactly this because having an emotional connection to your intention is important.

So when is the best time to manifest something to make it happen as quickly as possible?
Manifestation doesn’t go by the clock. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning. The best time to manifest is always now.
I know that sounds like I’m giving you a non-answer but bear with me here.

What Time is Best for the Law of Attraction?

Our daily life is too easily flooded with negative energies. Whether we stub our toe, we get into an argument with a spouse or someone finishes the coffee pot there are always little things that get us down.

The act of manifesting our goals should be counteracting this. It’s a continual process, not an overnight victory which is why I really like techniques like a manifestation box or manifestation board. They’re a passive process that keeps us attuned to our goals at all times.

Time to ManifestThere is no perfect time like 3:17 AM unless you are awake at that time (did you finish my coffee pot?) and are seized by the urge to actively manifest.

Personally, I like manifesting first thing in the morning. I’m an early riser and I love nothing more than setting my intentions to supercharge my day before anything else gets in the way or clutters up my mind.

But that’s a personal choice. It’s not better than manifesting at night or in the evening after dinner, it just works for me.

That said. There are certainly times you should avoid manifesting. I’ve talked about manifesting backfiring or going wrong before and one of the biggest problems I see when someone tries to manifest at a low point in their day.

Energy responds to attention. If we’re working from a place of low vibration or low energy then at best our manifestation practice doesn’t work and at worst it can actively work against us.

If you’re having a bad moment in the day it can be tempting to fall back on your manifestation process to improve things. I love this. I think taking proactive steps to deal with a problem and improve your situation is always the way to go.

Before we begin we need to heighten your vibration. Bring some positive energy into your outlook. Don’t manifest from a place or time of desperation. You’ve heard the old adage count your blessings, right? Take a moment to ground yourself and look at the positives in your day.

Personally, I like meditation for this but you might find that yoga, journaling or just a nap helps put you in the right frame of mind. I’m a fan of all of these, especially the nap if you were up at 3:17 AM.

The important part is your frame of mind when you start the manifestation process. As long as you’ve got that right you’re doing fine and the actual timeframe doesn’t matter.


Can I Manifest at Night?


As long as you’re still awake enough to be mindful and focus on what you’re doing then you can manifest at night if that’s works for you.

What I would avoid is manifesting when you’re too tired to really focus on what you’re doing. Your practice should be mindful and that’s hard to do when you’re falling asleep. Take the 55×5 manifestation method for example – you’re going to want to be awake for that one.

Should I Manifest During a Full Moon?

There’s very rarely a should when it comes to bringing your dreams into reality through manifestation.

I know some people are big believers in working with moon energy and adjusting their practice around the moon phases. I certainly don’t see a problem with this as long as you’re not delaying your practice based on this.

Working under a full moon can be incredibly effective if you feel moved by the moon.

Whatever power the moon has, moon rituals are only going to be effective if you have a connection to that practice. Simply doing it for the sake of doing it won’t make a difference to your results.

Try it out for yourself and see how it works for you.

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