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6 Powerful Crystals for Kids (and Their Room)

When I was a child, nothing fascinated me more than an alluring, glittering stone. My child self was far from alone in their almost magnetic attraction to rocks, crystals, and gemstones, but why are kids so drawn to crystals?

Children, without the jaded reservations of adulthood, are drawn to the gentle, resonating energies of crystals and rocks. While a child should be able to choose their own shiny crystal, you can help guide them by providing access to crystals with soft, positive energies.

Children do seem to have a natural affinity for crystal healing and energy work but even if a child doesn’t have any interest in crystals themselves, I also have a couple of suggestions further down for crystals you can leave in their bedroom.

Note: If your kid is a little younger, we’ve also covered the best crystals for babies as well.

Beginner Crystals for Kids

Kids are naturally going to be attracted to the biggest, shiniest, most faceted crystals they can find. As an adult, don’t try and force a child to chose a certain type of crystal. Instead, provide them with safe, smooth, tumbled stones that won’t hurt their little hands.

If you’re looking for some amazing stones to introduce your child to, here are our top 3 favorites!

Note: If they seem drawn to a specific crystal then I would genuinely suggest allowing them to follow their intuition.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pale pink crystal that is commonly worn as jewelry and used in manifestation rituals focusing on finding love. But who said rose quartz only attracts romantic love?

Rose quartz is a prime candidate for a child’s first crystal because of its overwhelmingly positive energy that helps fill all those near it with feelings of love and adoration, whether it be towards a partner, parent, or child.

The subtle energies of rose quartz are sure to fill a young crystal collector’s heart with joy, and not only because it’s lovely to behold. Look no further than rose quartz if you seek peaceful energy.

Amethyst Crystal


The color purple has long been linked to royalty, so what other stone could be more perfect for your little prince or princess than a purple amethyst?

Amethyst is linked with contentment, peacefulness, and mindfulness; all traits that are imperative for young children to learn.

Kids are wild, as they should be, but after a long day of running through a creek bed digging for exciting new rocks, it can be hard to settle down your little one. A warm bath with a lovely amethyst soaking with your child can help bestow the gentle energy of the amethyst to them, while also giving them something fun to investigate during their bath.

Clear Quartz Crystal

clear quartz

If you’re looking to start your child with the most simple of beginner stones, go with clear quartz crystal. The Swiss army knife of any kind of crystal work, it’s capable of any kind of energy work.

Clear quartz crystal is an all-purpose crystal. It doesn’t have focused energy it gravitates toward, like rose quartz and love, but this special crystal helps to banish negative energies and amplify the energies of other crystals.

For an unforgettable start to your child’s crystal journey, place a decent-sized clear quartz crystal in their window and let them observe how something as simple as clear quartz can create rainbows. It’s a beautiful lesson on how even the simplest things contain multitudes.¬†

Crystals for Children’s Bedrooms

In the hectic whirlwind that is childhood, a kid’s bedroom can be their sanctuary. It’s where they sleep, unwind, and relieve themselves of the pressures of the world. If there’s something specific you’re aiming to do you can use a specific stone for that purpose. For example, you could use crystals to prevent nightmares and keep them on their bedside table.

To amplify the healing energies of your child’s bedroom, we recommend the following three crystals.

Black Tourmaline Crystal

When nightmares attack, it can seem like there is no solution for the fearful nights. Black tourmaline can help by absorbing the negative energies that can sometimes cause nightmares.

Not only does black tourmaline absorb negative energy, it transforms it into positive energy, encouraging peaceful sleep and good dreams. What else could you ask for in a bedroom crystal?



In the same vein as black tourmaline is turquoise. Revered by indigenous American cultures, turquoise is a popular stress reducer that can help little ones play quietly and sleep easily.

Turquoise isn’t only a good stone to keep in your child’s bedroom. These stones rarely have sharp edges, so turquoise jewelry is a great choice for children’s jewelry.

Turquoise necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are all good choices for the little one that is prone to stress and could benefit from turquoise’s gentle energies.



Hematite may seem like a strange choice for a child’s bedroom since it isn’t known to have the peaceful, gentle energies of our other choices.

Hematite’s energy is strong and sometimes forceful, but when you consider what hematite does, you’ll understand why we recommend it.

Hematite has a powerful grounding energy, helping those around it center themselves and become reacquainted with the Earth while also sucking up heaps of negative energy and radiating protection over the home it is in.

Older children especially can feel anxious and flighty after school, so having the robust grounding energy of a hematite crystal around can work wonders to relax them when they arrive home.

How Crystals Can Help Kids

Kids might have an early calling towards their spiritual journey early on and the healing powers and high energy of crystals can sometimes hone their attention. They can amplify a child’s innocent understanding of the work and keep them safe from negative energies.

Kids might not understand manifestation, meditation, or chakras, but almost all children love collecting rocks. Even if they don’t fully understand¬†what they’re doing. I certainly didn’t when I was young but that didn’t stop me from starting my collection early.

A child’s natural attraction to the stones the Earth provides can turn into a passion for crystals and all their magical properties as an adult.

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