Crystals for Manifesting Love

5 Crystals for Manifesting Love (Real TRUE Love)

Love is the connecting factor between all humans. It’s what we seek in life, and something we all need to flourish. The definition of love is nebulous and can include love for a partner, a child, or a member of your family. If you feel you are lacking in love, or that your heart chakra is blocked, try crystals for manifesting love.

To bring love into your life, we suggest rose quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, green aventurine, and black tourmaline. 

Crystals to Manifest Love

Rose Quartz to Manifest Love

Rose Quartz

Stone of Love

We’re sure that rose quartz appearing on our list of love stones is no surprise. This beautiful pink quartz is renowned for its prowess in the love department.

Rose quartz is the perfect crystal to attract any sort of love. It opens your heart chakra so you are ready to accept all the love the universe has to give, while also washing away negative energy with a tidal wave of positivity.

Use rose quartz to manifest love in any of its various forms, and bask in the warm, soothing vibrations of this love crystal.

Lapis Lazuli to Manifest Love

Lapis Lazuli

Stone of Compassion

Sometimes in order to welcome love into your spirit, you must first have compassion for the mistakes your loved one has made. Lapis Lazuli will ease any self-doubts or second-guessing you may have when manifesting love. 

This gorgeous blue stone allows you to see things through the eyes of others. Lapis lazuli also banishes self-doubt, so you can see your own worth and much you deserve all of the love you manifest.

Amethyst Crystal to Manifest Love

Amethyst Geode

Stone of Healing

If you have a broken heart that needs healing before you look for love again, amethyst is the stone for you. Amethyst clusters are some of the most prolific crystals around when it comes to healing, and that includes healing the wounds of heartbreak.

Before you try and manifest love directly, manifest your own healing with amethyst. A healthy heart that is not weighed down by loss is a heart that is ready to seek love once more

Green Aventurine to Manifest Love

Green Aventurine

Stone of Confidence

Going out on the prowl tonight to find that new lover you’ve been manifesting? Avoid cold feet by using green aventurine, the stone of confidence

All the love in the world could be pouring in, but if you lack confidence you may be too shy to grab it with both hands. Try manifesting inner strength and confidence with green aventurine. No one wants to miss out on a new adventure out of fear!

Black Tourmaline to Manifest Love

Black Tourmaline

Stone of Protection

Guard your heart and spirit from negative energy with a protection stone like black tourmaline. This opaque, gleaming black stone acts as a shield for your spirit, blocking any and all negative emotions that seek to bring your down during your quest for love.

Black tourmaline is one of our favorite crystals for manifesting love because when your heart is protected by this tourmaline’s incredible strength, you can feel more confident and ready to put yourself out there. Black tourmaline gives you the foundation you’ll need when manifesting love.

How to Use Crystals to Manifest Love

Love is one of the most common goals of manifestation. As with all other forms of manifestation, the intent is key when manifesting love.

When you pick out your perfect crystal, it’s time to put it to work. Below are our two favorite ways to use crystals to manifest love.

Manifesting Love by Meditating to Open the Heart Chakra

For some, love can be all around them but still feel impossible to grasp. Or maybe love is looking you right in the face, but you’re too aloof to reach out and grab it. In these cases, you may be suffering from a blocked heart chakra.

Having no passion or fire for anything in your life is no way to live. If you suspect a blocked heart chakra, you can use meditation to open that chakra back up again. Once all your chakras are open, manifesting love will be a breeze.

To begin, hold your chosen protective stones close to your heart chakra, warming them with your hands and body and speaking your intentions for a pure, unblocked heart into the crystal. When the crystal’s energy connects to your own, your energetic vibrations will match up and your chakra will begin to open once more.

Keep your stones close to your heart throughout the meditation as you work to ground and center yourself. To keep that energy flowing throughout the day, consider wearing your powerful crystal as a necklace to rest over your heart chakra, acting as protection from invading negative energies.

Manifesting Love by Placing Crystals in Your Home

Manifestation doesn’t always have to be a direct action that you sit down and perform. Manifestation can also occur all throughout your day if you continue to speak your truths and desires into the universe and live that truthfully.

But what if your manifestations are strong yet nothing comes of them? To give these wishes a jump start, consider adding crystals to your home environment so you can elevate your manifestations to the next level in your everyday life. 

Be conscientious about your crystal choices and where you put them in your household. Healing crystals do well in bedrooms, and stones with feminine energy do best where they can bask in the moonlight, like a windowsill by your bed.

Stones with energetic vibrations are well suited to a home office, kitchen, or any other place that some extra energy will help out.

With manifestation crystals in your home, your day-to-day manifestations will be more powerful and more effective.

Manifesting Love

Love can be many things: Elusive, magical, heartbreaking, among many others One certainty about love is that it’s something we all desire and cherish.

Manifesting love in your life is a great first step in opening your life and heart up for others, but sometimes even our best intentions can fall short. If you’re afraid your manifestations aren’t as potent as they could be, consider our list of 5 crystals to manifest love.

With a little crystal assistance, you’ll be ready to accept love and all its intricacies into your heart before you know it!

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