Crystals For Manifesting a Job

Best 4 Crystals For Manifesting a Job Quickly

When you need a new job, chances are that you need it right away with no time to waste. Crystal experts and amateurs alike are familiar with using crystals to manifest wants into realities with crystal rituals, but when you’re manifesting something as vital as a new job, it’s a good idea to do some research so you get everything right the first time around.

Citrine, rose quartz, and tiger eye are incredible crystals for manifesting a new job. If you’re already employed but looking for a career change, look instead to green jade, sunstone, and black onyx crystals.

Crystals for Getting a Job

Citrine Crystal


Blocking out negative energy, filling you with confidence, and attracting prosperity are only some of the features of citrine, a beautiful dark yellow crystal that is renowned for its wealth-related disposition.  Citrine is one of our favorite choices for crystals that help you get a new job!

Linked to the sun, citrine can be worn every day to passively help its wearer manifest its wants and desires. Even if you forget that you’re carrying your citrine crystal, its energy will still assist you in exploring new facets of life without fear.

Slip one of these sunny crystals in your pocket before a job interview to keep you calm and centered. Job interviews are some of the most stressful things a person can go through, so having a boost from your citrine crystal can go a long way towards keeping you focused and filled with peace.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz

Usually used for love-related manifestation, rose quartz also has a place in helping potential interviewees to score their dream jobs.

Just like when it’s used to manifest love, rose quartz can help someone land a job by supporting them emotionally. This powerful crystal doesn’t just encourage a love of others, it encourages love and confidence in yourself.

Rose quartz doesn’t attract financial wealth like other crystals on this list, but its ability to help its user be more prepared for the mental hardships of job hunting shouldn’t be ignored.

Tiger Eye Crystal

tiger eye

Crystals for manifestation are all useful tools, but the tiger’s eye is an absolute powerhouse of a money stone. Manifesting with tiger eye can trigger a quick, mighty change in its user’s outlook if used correctly, especially if its user has become mentally stuck in one place and needs a new point of view.

It can be hard to see the forest for the trees, as the old saying goes when you’re stuck in a rut. Tiger eye can renew its user with a burst of confidence and willpower, allowing them to see all the opportunities available to them if they try.

Tiger eye can also help a chaotic situation seem more manageable. As you climb higher and higher in your career, there may be times that you are responsible for other employees. Tiger eye was said to have been carried by leaders in various roles for hundreds of years, so why not you next?

Crystals for Career Change

Green Jade Crystal

green jade

Green jade has been revered by a number of cultures for centuries for its subtle but potent powers. This green stone can be found on ancient sets of armor, decorating tombs, and used in priceless artwork. So why is green jade considered a great crystal for manifestation?

Just like in ancient times, crystal experts in modern times recognize green jade’s ability to bestow wisdom, abundance and prosperity on its user.

When seeking out a big promotion, interviewing, or even just starting your position, you’re going to need a wealth of wisdom. Manifest with green jade to help gain this wisdom and excel at your new career!

Sunstone Crystal


If you’re trying to manifest wealth in conjunction with career success through promotion, then sunstone is the right crystal for you.

This natural gemstone is not only one of the more well-known money crystals, but it is also a stone of opportunity, helping to open paths you might not have even thought possible in your career.

Sunstone is a powerful strength manifestation crystal as well. It radiates strength onto its user, and let’s face it, it can take a lot of strength to ask for a promotion.

Black Onyx Crystal

black onyx

If you’ve worked up the confidence to pursue upward movement in your career, you’re going to want to protect that strength of will during the whole process, no matter how long that may be.

Black onyx is a protection crystal that can protect you from negative energies and provide you with some much-needed consistency throughout your journey. Imagine that you are a tree, reaching towards the sky, and black onyx will be the soil for your roots to dig in.

The effects of black onyx might not be as dramatic or noticeable as some of the other crystals on the list, but protection and consistency are must-haves for any career professional. Don’t miss out on this sleek, powerful stone.

How to Use Crystals for Job Interview Success

Long-time crystal users have no doubts when it comes to the power of crystals, but they are also aware that there are a ton of different ways to use crystals for manifesting.

For job interviews, we recommend carrying your chosen crystal in your pocket or wearing it in a piece of jewelry during the actual interview.

It’s so easy for everything that you’ve had planned and manifested to fly right of your head during a stressful job interview. Having a tangible reminder of your manifestations and goals that you can touch and draw energy from can be a huge help to ground you during an interview. Being grounded and confident are key to landing a new job!

We know that crystals won’t land you a new job or promotion all on their own. Instead, they act as a lightning rod, giving energy to the powers and emotions that you already harbor within yourself.

Using your own inherent magical energy and the earth-driven energy of your favorite crystal, you can ace whatever career challenges you face with flying colors.

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