Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

3 Best Crystals for Lucid Dreaming (and How to Use Them)

Lucid dreaming can be a huge tool for spiritual work or just a way to fly around and go beyond the rules of reality. Lucid dreaming can be incredibly difficult (most people fail to intentionally lucid dream) and these crystals for lucid dreaming make your lucid dreaming easier, more vivid and last longer.

Crystals for lucid dreaming won’t do the job for you, but they can make it a lot easier. Place one of these stones under your pillow while following your usual lucid dreaming techniques and you’ll notice an immediate difference from the first night.

Let’s look at the best crystals you can pick and how to use them to improve your lucid dreams.

Warning: Lucid dreaming can certainly be made easier with the right crystal but this is still a practice that can take some time to get right. Some people are more naturally predispositioned to be concious within their dreams but most of us need to work at it.

Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

First things first. Picking the right crystal (but pay attention to the bonus tip at the end here).

Amethyst (The Spiritual Doorway)


One of the more common crystals, any crystal healer is going to have at least one of these in their collection. The Amethyst has metaphysical properties linking it to the astral plane and while astral projection isn’t quite our goal here, this link to the spiritual realms will still help with lucid dreaming.

It’s the stone of spiritual awareness, meditation and communication. Considering our goal is to focus inward here it’s a very powerful crystal for working with your dreams.

Lodolite (The Shamanic Dream Crystal)


Used for vision quests and shamanic divining practices, Lodolite loosely translates to “muddy stone” and while it might look like a marble they are perfect for crystal gazing and focusing inward.

Perfect for astral projection.

Warning: Because Lodolite can contain phantoms of other crystal (such as smokey quartz which some will want to avoid) they can be a bit of a ‘loose cannon’ with energy work. I would suggest only using this for lucid dreaming when you’re familar with a specific crystal.

Moonstone (The Third Eye Stone)


This won’t be a surprising entry to anyone familiar with crystals or third-eye chakra work. There’s a reason the Moonstone carries the name (and it’s not just the milk color it normally carries). The Moonstone helps us reach deep sleep and we need that to have any hope of lucid dreaming. This is the stone I’d choose if you’re facing a lot of stress in your daily life or you’re also dealing with sleep issues.

Moonstone is the gem of spiritual insight and ancient wisdom and it has close ties to sleep (with a lot of people choosing to wear moonstone on them to aid in a normal unconscious sleep.

Clear Quartz (Of Course)

Clear Quartz is the Swiss army knife of crystals. While there’s nothing specific to this crystal for dreams it’s a useful tool for any kind of energy work and can focus our intention and help to remove negative energy and distractions that would prevent us from being conscious in a dream.

While probably not my first choice it’s always an excellent crystal to fall back on if you don’t have the others available. Even if you don’t achieve a lucid dream, it can certainly help you reach deep and peaceful sleep.

Bonus: Any Crystal With an Emotional Connection

When doing any kind of crystal healing or energy work with gemstones you can substitute any stone with the one you have an emotional connection to or one that your intuition is guiding you towards.

Yes, some stones are naturally good for influencing dreams, dream recall and helping you get consistent conscious dreams that don’t mean there’s a hard-set rule that you have to use one of them. Crystal experts will always tell you that individual crystals can help hone your energy for any cause if you’re connected to them.

Avoid: Black Tourmaline

I know that some people suggest this crystal for use with lucid dreaming but unless you’re familiar with crystals and are comfortable working with black crystals, this isn’t something I would suggest.

While it can cause highly vivid dreams and therefore makes it more likely you’ll become conscious inside a dream the cons outweigh the pros here. Black crystals can damage your visionary skills and imagination in the longer term.

I would use a different stone.

How to Use Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

There are loads of different techniques for lucid dreaming but when using a crystal for lucid dreaming, doesn’t really matter which of the popular methods you choose. Add a few moments to the start of each nights sleep to make an impact on your practice:

  1. Take a moment to carefully cleanse the crystal and charge it with your intention to lucid dream. Charge the crystal each night and don’t allow frustration and negative energy to cloud its purpose.
  2. Place the crystal under your pillow at night. Ideally underneath you but only if the pillow is thick enough that it won’t distract you from your sleep.
  3. When you awaken (whether you consciously remember your dream or not) hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and carefully meditate over it. Hold a strong image of your intention to lucid dream and visualize what you would do if you were lucid dreaming now.
  4. Bonus step: Keeping a dream journal is a huge tool in improving your dream retention and ability to lucid dream. I would do this directly after meditating with the crystal.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming With a Crystal

Lucid dreaming can seem a lot like astral projection but this journey takes place internally. Being able to intentionally steer your dreams won’t lead you to external information like the astral body would – but it can unlock inner secrets and guidance.

It’s a direct way to interact with your subconscious that we don’t normally have when we’re awake.

Just because the entities in your dreams are a part of your dream, doesn’t make them any less real. These actions, conversations and dream beings come from somewhere in your subconscious and are often trying to tell you something.

It can help us understand ourselves better. It can give us insight to our spiritual journey. It can help us solve problems by focusing the (considerable) might of our subconscious on them.

It can also just be a lot of fun to fly around in dreams.

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