Crystals for Prosperity

9 Crystals for Prosperity (and How to Use Them)

For centuries, ancient gemstones have been used to manifest a flow of wealth. After love, wealth and prosperity are some of the most sought-after aspects of a person’s life. Everyone wants financial abundance, and our list of 9 crystals for prosperity will set you on the right path.

Our 9 crystals for prosperity are tiger’s eye, green jade, amethyst, black agate, amber, green aventurine, clear quartz, pyrite, and citrine.  

Best Crystals for Wealth and Prosperity

Tiger’s Eye for Wealth and Prosperity

tiger eye

Crystal for Decision Making

If you’re on the path to increase your personal wealth, one of the major setbacks can be the inability to make tough or frightening decisions. It can be scary to take a risk that has the potential to go wrong! When you need help deciding what to do, a tiger’s eye can be a powerful tool.

Prosperity often comes to those who are unafraid to take big risks. It’s difficult to be brave, especially when there is money on the line, so to get you over the hump of indecision a piece of tiger’s eye held in your hand can ease your mind.

Green Jade for Wealth and Prosperity

green jade

Stone of Wisdom 

It’s no surprise that in America, people associate green stones with wealth. Why? Because green is the color of money! Not all money stones are green, but green jade certainly is. This stone will attract wisdom and surety, allowing you to make wise decisions when it comes to your wealth.

Not all crystals are created equal, but green jade has been used since ancient times for wealth, wisdom, and luck. There’s a reason this green gemstone has stuck around so long as a money stone; it really works!

Amethyst for Wealth and Prosperity

Amethyst Geode

Stone of Healing

Amethyst attracts a different kind of wealth. It doesn’t attract physical money; instead, amethyst invites in spiritual wealth. Not everyone is looking for this type of wealth, but in order to manifest prosperity, you will need to be strong and healthy. Amethyst is a gentle healing stone that will leave you rich in positive energy.

Prosperity doesn’t just mean excessive money, either. Amethyst and its light purple color will bring its user prosperity in health and happiness. It might not improve your cash flow, but it will set you up spiritually to best manifest prosperity in a healthy manner.

Black Agate for Wealth and Prosperity

black agate

Stone of Power

Black Agate gives its users power over themselves and their journey towards wealth. To manifest prosperity, you have to begin with courage and self-confidence. Black agate was used in ancient times by athletes to help them in their games, and in modern times it is used to attract success.

This luck stone will guard you against negative energies that could disrupt the flow of prosperity. Use it when you’re feeling nervous about a business decision or interview.

Amber for Wealth and Prosperity


Stone of Ambition

The first step towards success is often the hardest one to take. Amber, a powerful stone with a golden hue, instills ambition and emotional well-being in its user, giving them the push they need to get started on their path to wealth. 

Use amber when you are plotting out a new business venture or struggling to finish your education. Amber will fill you with ambitious energy and make it easier than ever to finish what you start.

Green Aventurine for Wealth and Prosperity

Green Aventurine

Stone of Opportunity

Considered by some to be the best lucky charm of them all (and certainly #1 on our best crystals for luck list), green aventurine not only attracts prosperity, but it also makes you lucky in other parts of your life as well. 

Green aventurine has optimistic energy. It attracts new opportunities, making it the ideal stone when searching for a new career.

Clear Quartz for Wealth and Prosperity

clear quartz

Stone for Amplifying Energy

Clear quartz is the first stone many crystal users purchase. It is so incredibly versatile, working great for healing and protection with its open, positive vibrations. 

When you’re looking to manifest wealth, pair clear quartz with one of your other stones to amplify its energy higher than you’ve ever seen before!

Pyrite for Wealth and Prosperity


Stone for a Prosperous Home

Just like its golden hue suggests, pyrite is an excellent money stone. Pyrite does well as a stone used on a personal level, but it really excels when used to attract wealth and prosperity to a home.

Place pyrite in your business or near the doors and windows of your home, allowing pyrite to bring in the flow of abundance you crave.

Citrine for Wealth and Prosperity


Stone for Energy

Starting a new job or business is exhausting, and sometimes in our journey towards wealth, we lose the mental clarity necessary to make smart choices. For stronger intentions and extra clarity while making decisions, choose citrine. 

This brightly colored stone is attuned to the sun, making it full of energetic vibrations. Citrine will refresh your tired mind and fill you with motivation.

How to Use Crystals to Attract Prosperity

To attract financial success, you’re going to want to use your new money crystals correctly. Making good use of a crystal’s power can vary from stone to stone. Wealth and prosperity can mean different things to different people, so think carefully before you put your money stone into action.

Here is a list of some great ways to use crystals to attract prosperity:

  • Carry a small crystal disk in your wallet or purse
  • Place crystals in the southwest quadrant of your home
  • Place crystals near the entrance to your home to welcome prosperity in
  • Make a crystal grid at your business or in your workplace to amplify wealth attraction
  • Wear your crystals as jewelry to keep a sphere of prosperity around you always
  • Meditate with your favorite crystal to help manifest wealth

Using crystals for money is a tried and true method for jump-starting a journey towards more personal wealth. While crystals can’t directly put money in your pocket or give you the winning lottery numbers, abundance stones can draw in prosperous energies to put you on the path towards wealth.

Have realistic expectations when using these popular crystals, and you won’t be disappointed. Our list of nine crystals for prosperity is full of plenty of powerful crystals that will help you on your journey towards success. Choose your favorite and good luck!

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