Crystals for Lightworkers

8 Best Crystals for Lightworkers

Lightworkers might be uniquely able to work with any crystals they choose but some crystals are more attuned to this kind of energy work than others.

Lightworking crystals help amplify a Lightworkers natural ability and protect them from draining themselves too quickly.

Any kind of crystal energy work is unique to the individual and that might be true with Lightworkers more than anyone else. I do have a few suggestions of stones you can start working with.

My Suggestions

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Quartz is a favorite of anyone doing energy healing work. It’s a reliable choice for channeling and amplifying energy that already exists and Lightworkers wield their own inner power with abundance already.

This stone is so versatile it can be charged and used for any purpose, which suits the wide amount of missions a Lightworker will often undertake. It does need to be cleansed if you’re working with negative energies but otherwise it might be a perfect choice.

Clear Calcite

A lightworker might find this stone helpful for balancing energy levels. They often overlook this need as they’re too focused on helping others but protecting their own energy level can be key to continuing this task.

Clear Calcite can remove negativity and impurities from the energy system, making it a good choice of protection. Lightworkers can often become run down and unable to continue their mission if there’s an imbalance in their physical self.

It can be actively used when you know you have negativity to work with (such as shadow work practices) or you can simply charge the crystal and leave it in your room as you sleep.

Blue Kyanite

This beautiful light blue crystal is another common choice of protection for Lightworkers. It’s a calming stone to help them work with their emotions instead of against them. During high energy and potentially emotional situations, it can help see clearly through to the root of a problem.

This crystal won’t do the lightworker’s work for them but it will help clarify thoughts and calm fears so they can fully follow their inner intuition. Possibly their strongest tool.


citrineAlso known as the sunshine stone, this crystal can help keep a Lightworker’s resolve and confidence when they go about difficult tasks.

It lightens and brightens their energy so they can see clearly and lead the way even in dire situations. People will often look to you (perhaps subconsciously) for leadership so being able to steel yourself and your resolve might be useful.

Green Aventurine

This is another good choice for Lightworkers who are perhaps newly awakened to their journey and just beginning to truly understand their divine nature. It brings lighthearted energy and a sense of calm to their life, which can be especially useful in turbulent times.

This is a good crystal for someone who has perhaps had an intense awakening or is going through a change in their life. It’ll help them see themselves as better than before and give them the confidence to step into new roles.


Similar to the Blue Kyanite, this crystal is an ideal choice for grounding during difficult periods. Sometimes a Lightworkers natural empathic ability can become difficult to deal with.

Grounding yourself with a Hematite crystal can pull the lightworker back to the center and keep them grounded when actively used. Keeping it on you during light work sessions can also protect your energy boundaries from being drained.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis LazuliThis crystal is a calming and light-hearted stone so it might be a great choice for Lightworkers to carry or wear. It can help lighten the energy of our minds and this amplifies their already positive attitude and natural healing abilities.

It can also be a useful stone to bring mental clarity and acceptance from others. If someone in your care is struggling with an important decision or, perhaps, being too close-minded to see their true way forward then having this stone in their vicinity for a while can help.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for manifesting real physical change and sometimes this is exactly what a Lightworker needs to do.

When healing on the higher levels isn’t working, manifesting physical change in a person’s life might be the quickest way to help them and a Rose Quartz has natural light work energy.

It can also help give you an insight into the situation and sometimes a better understanding will help you know where your light needs to be directed the most.

Finding Your Lightworker Crystal

There are many different types of Lightworkers in the world and each will be drawn to certain crystals based on their unique mission here on Earth, as well as their own personality and affinity with different elements.

If your intuition is already telling you which crystal you want to work with (one might stand out to you or you might have inwardly hoped you’d find it on this list) then that is the crystal to work with.

A Lightworker’s intuition is so much stronger than anything I could possibly say. Sometimes you’ll need a different stone for a specific task and sometimes a Clear Quartz will be all you need.

The important thing is to balance the use of these stones not just to amplify your ability to help others but also to look after yourself.

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