Crystals for Confidence

6 Crystals for Confidence and Communication Boosting

Confidence can come in many forms. Self-confidence, confidence in our work, and confidence in our relationships are all different sides of the same coin. Whether you need a little boost of confidence in your appearance or are looking for the confidence to gain some leadership qualities at work, crystals can give you the help you need.

For self-confidence, we believe rose quartz, tiger’s eye, and black tourmaline are the most useful crystals. If it’s confidence in the communication you seek, citrine, jade, and carnelian are our top picks.

Good Crystals for Self-Confidence

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a powerful stone in a pretty pink package. Everyone that has even a passing knowledge of crystal magic knows that rose quartz is the healing stone of love, but did you know it doesn’t just specialize in romantic love?

Rose quartz is just as powerful when it comes to promoting self-love and self-confidence. Wear this crystal on a long chain over your heart chakra to instill a sense of love and self-worth.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye

Tiger’s eye is known as a stone of sight. While it won’t help you see in the dark, it can certainly clear away the fog of self-doubt to leaving you feeling clear-minded and confident.

Tiger’s eye can also help you to see deep within yourself, helping you to pinpoint where exactly your lack of self-confidence springs from. Use tiger’s eye when you feel anxious about your abilities and can’t seem to pinpoint why.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline looks like an intimidating crystal, but don’t automatically assume that this dark stone is difficult to use. Black tourmaline is one of the strongest protection crystals you can find, warding off any negative energy so you can face any challenge confidently. 

This stone is a favorite for carrying or wearing throughout the day. Its protectiveness forms a sort of spiritual shield around you, protecting your personal power from negative influence anywhere you go.

Crystals for Confidence in Communication



Clear communication often takes a fair amount of energy to achieve. If you’re feeling a little burnt out, overly energetic citrine can rekindle the fire of your confidence and allow you to speak clearly and concisely. 

Citrine is strongly connected to the sun, and it can use this connection to brighten your spirit when you would otherwise be bogged down by negative thought patterns. Having citrine around is just like having a little ray of sunshine right in your pocket.


green jade

Deep, mysterious green jade is a stone of wisdom. Communicating with others becomes difficult when we can’t figure out the best way to speak our minds, so in that situation, the calm wisdom of jade can really come in handy. 

Jade is also ranked among some of the best healing crystals. Its energy is cool and soothing, so when self-doubt is burning hot inside of you, holding jade over your sacral chakra during meditation goes a long way towards extinguishing that flame.



Speaking of fire, there is no crystal that burns quite as brightly as a carnelian. This blazing red stone won’t just light a bonfire of confidence within you, it will also provide the groundwork so you can maintain that confidence no matter what befalls you. 

Carnelian does more than just give you a confidence boost. It also encourages passions and interests, giving you the self-confidence to discuss them with others and share the things you love.

How to Use Crystals for Confidence

Beginning your crystal journey by choosing your crystals is only half the battle. Once you’re picked out your confidence crystals, it’s time to figure out how best to use them.

Since you never know quite when you’re going to need a quick shot of confidence, we recommend carrying a confidence-boosting crystal on you at all times.

Alternatively, meditating to manifest your wishes with your favorite crystals can also supercharge your self-confidence.

Keeping Crystals for Confidence on You

When you are new to crystal magic, it might be easiest to absorb your crystal’s powerful vibrations by wearing them during the day. Your energy levels may ebb and flow hour by hour, but if your trusty stone of courage is near you, there will always be a safety net of crystal energy to assist.

Wearing crystal jewelry is one of the most popular ways of passively using crystals for confidence. You can create jewelry pieces yourself, or buy them from legitimate crystal experts. Either way, they will make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

The only thing to watch out for with crystal jewelry is to make sure not to forgot to charge or cleanse them. It’s easy to just throw a necklace in a jewelry box at the end of the day, but eventually, your uncharged crystal will lose some of its power. Take good care of your stones!

Manifest Success with Crystals for Confidence

If carrying your crystals around isn’t for you, try meditating with your beautiful crystals instead. Crystals for confidence can help you to visualize and dial in on what you really want to achieve, and how best to use your newfound confidence to reach your goals. 

Meditating to manifest welcomes in positive energy in a peaceful, calm way. Avoid trying to meditate during stressful situations, because too many distractions can interrupt your energy flow and sense of confidence.

Visualize what it is you want to gain from manifestation, and the type of confidence necessary to begin the process of reaching that goal, whether it be in your daily life or career. When you manifest with crystals, you connect more strongly to the Earth itself, grounding you and your meditation in the best way possible.

Powerful crystals can do a lot of good in the world, including building up those of us who could really benefit from a boost of confidence.

If you need a little assistance in the confidence department, the joyful energy of our 6 favorite crystals for confidence should put you on the right track. So when challenging situations start to get you down, turn to your favorite crystal for the confidence to conquer anything that stands in your way!

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