Crystals for Creativity

6 Crystals for Creativity and Imagination

Crystals for creativity have been used for hundreds of years to brighten and intensify the amazing things that artists create. There are dozens of different types of crystals for creativity, so it’s important to be familiar with the uses of each.

Our favorite crystals to manifest creativity are tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, and blue apatite. For making imagination more vivid as an artist we recommend citrine, blue agate, and amber.

Crystals to Manifest Creativity

Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye

The enemy of creativity is procrastination, so to help yourself to have more creative energy it’s worth looking into an energetic crystal.  Tiger’s Eye is one of the most energetic stones out there, and keeping in close by can really get the creative juices flowing.

Tiger’s eye can absorb some of the feelings of monotony from daily life and replace them with fiery passion and artistic inspiration.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, an ethereal blue stone, helps us to self-reflect and feel confident enough to express our truest feelings through artwork. This creative crystal helps us to do away with insecurities that can make it hard to produce art, and when the insecurities are gone we can create more freely.

Linked to water, lapis lazuli can also refresh the fatigued creative mind. Writer’s block or complete disinterest in finishing a painting can be avoided by manifesting with lapis lazuli.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

Like procrastination, a lack of ambition can be damaging when you are striving to be more creative. When a blank canvas or empty page causes you to stress, blue apatite can fill you with the ambition to begin a new project or finish an incomplete one.

Sometimes getting started is the biggest obstacle to overcome when striving to be creative, so when you just need a little push in the right direction the beautiful stone blue apatite can help.

Crystals for Imagination and Artists



Citrine, an orange and yellow crystal of abundance radiates energetic, positive energy, making it a must for artists. Creating art is hard work! When you need a bit of extra inner fire to finish a hard project, manifesting with citrine will give you that spark that you crave.

Citrine is connected strongly to the sun, so if you’re feeling cold and distant from a piece of art you are in the middle of creating, citrine can encourage you to reconnect, warming you once again towards your artwork.

Blue Agate

blue agate

Artists that seek creative expression may sometimes find it hard to wrangle all their thoughts into cohesive creative ideas. Blue agate assists in focusing the mind and balancing the crown chakra so the overabundance of ideas can become beautiful, inspiring artwork that is still approachable.

Blue agate brings much-needed stability to wild minds, while also calming the thoughts of those who may be too nervous to show their creations to the world.



Along with preserving the fossils of our world long past, amber helps push artists into the future by encouraging them to follow their dreams. Undertaking a new career or creative venture is intimidating, but manifesting and meditating with amber readies us for these new journeys and provides us with the bravery to move forward.

Amber can also be beneficial if you are nervous about sharing work that you have completed with others. Amber allows artists to see the big picture and helps them to realize how wonderful their creations really are.

How to Use Crystals for Creativity

Artists are particularly drawn to crystals because of their beauty and vivid energies. Once an artist has chosen their preferred crystals, the next step is deciding how to use them to take advantage of the crystal’s special abilities.

Placing crystals in your workspace, creating personal crystal jewelry, and meditating with your creativity crystals are our favorite ways to make the most of these beautiful crystals’ psychic abilities.

Placing Crystals in Your Workplace

Most artists have a special place that they prefer to create in. If you have have a favorite creative place, why not use your favorite crystal to make the space even more special?

You can fill a bowl with small stones that are meaningful to you and keep it in your creative space, or if your crystals are larger, use them as cornerstones for your space so you are constantly in the crystals energy field.

If you are more of a mobile artist, no worries! If you are creating work in nature, place your crystals on the ground around you. Connecting with the Earth will make your crystal’s vibrations even stronger as they align with the universal energies of the world. 

Creating Crystal Jewelry

Take your art creation to the next level and create some crystal jewelry with creative gemstones! You’ll be making something divinely lovely while also forming a connection to a crystal that you can wear close to your skin every day.

You can also create jewelry for loved ones that you think may benefit from crystal healing. Friendship bracelets are an incredibly popular gift, and if you craft identical ones for you and the recipient then you will share a connection and flow of inspiration whenever you wear them!


Meditation before large presentations and business meetings is becoming commonplace for more traditional workspaces, so why not try and meditate before starting a new project? Pick a crystal with bright, excited energy to hold while you meditate.

Envision your completed project and how you want it to turn out. Manifest success in your art with crystals and watch how easily the imaginative ideas flow!

Meditating before a big event like an art exhibition or the release of a novel also gives artists the opportunity to manifest success. Let the universe know how much you want your artwork to succeed with meditation.

Final Thoughts

Crystals and creative artists have gone hand in hand for centuries. Artists have always been especially in tune with the power of stones for creativity.

If you’re new to the creative gifts that come with crystal magic, refer to our list of 6 favorite crystals for creativity and imagination to get started. Happy creating!

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