Best Crystals for Babies

6 Best Crystals for Babies Protection and Development

There’s no more joyous occasion in someone’s life than welcoming a baby to the family. Babies are truly bundles of joy that can turn a parent’s world upside down in the best way possible. What some new parents might not consider is how shocking and new life outside the womb is for their newborn! To ease your baby’s transition to the real world, you can check out our list of the 6 best crystals for babies.

Babies are sensitive to the energies around them, so it’s important to choose the right crystals. For wearing, we like amber, blue calcite, and green apatite. When it comes to protection, our choices are black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, and carnelian stone. 

Best Crystals for Babies to Wear

A quick note: Always be careful when allowing your baby to wear crystals! With little ones, everything is a choking hazard, so make sure there is ample supervision if you choose to have your baby wear a crystal.

It’s also a good idea to only have smooth, polished stones around your babies. Rough-cut stones are certainly beautiful, but they can have sharp edges that can be dangerous to tiny hands and fingers.

Amber for Babies to Wear


Stone of Healing

Amber is a wonderful stone for babies, especially those around teething age. You’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits of amber teething necklaces, but amber can do so much more than just ease gum pain.

Amber is also a stone of patience and wisdom. Older babies are just beginning to communicate with their parents and the rest of the outside world, and when they aren’t understood it can be frustrating! The soothing energy of amber will calm frustrated children, giving them a greater understanding of the world around them as they grow.

Blue Calcite for Babies to Wear

Blue Calcite

Stone of Serenity

Blue calcite is another gentle stone that promotes healing and serenity in small children. The ability to stay calm is one of the most important lessons a child can learn! If your baby is newborn, blue calcite has balanced energy that will allow your baby to feel less worried and anxious in its new existence.

It is well documented that babies are more sensitive to spiritual energy than most adults, so it’s no wonder the gentle energy of blue calcite is so appealing This blue stone has also been known to lessen separation anxiety in babies, allowing for more peaceful nights sleep in their own crib or bassinet.

Green Apatite for Babies to Wear

Green Apatite

Stone of Growth

Babies have one real job in life: growing! To encourage your little one to grow up healthy and strong, you can count on the stone of growth, green apatite. 

Growth is stressful both physically and spiritually to a baby, which is why it’s important to have a soothing crystal like green apatite around. Every experience is a first for a new baby, and sometimes they just need a little extra reassurance and supportive energy.

Best Protective Crystals for Babies

Just like you should never leave a child wearing a crystal unattended, you should also never leave a baby alone near other loose crystals. When choosing a protection stone, chose one that can be safely added to the baby’s environment without causing any interruptions.

Forming a crystal grid in a baby nursery is an easy way to spread the healing properties of your chosen baby crystals out so their energetic vibrations don’t overwhelm the new baby.

You can also place clearer stones in the windows of a baby’s room, letting them be charged by the light of the sun while also possibly displaying a lovely light show for your child when the light hits them just right.

Black Tourmaline for Babies

Black Tourmaline

Stone of Protection

Black tourmaline is one of the most well-known protection stones around. It creates a spiritual barrier between its user and any evil influences. Negative energy tends to just bounce right of black tourmaline stone’s shield-like barrier harmlessly, leaving the person it’s protecting safe and sound.

Babies can differentiate between negative and positive energy, but they are especially vulnerable because they have to way to defend themselves. To keep your baby safe, consider black tourmaline.

Tiger’s Eye for Babies

tiger eye

Stone of Grounding

Even when they are too young to speak, babies will instinctively seek out energies to help ground them. Tiger’s eye is an energetic grounding crystal, making it one of the most sought-after crystals for children. 

Babies thrive when they, and their parents are well-grounded. A grounded person is less susceptible to negative energy, and more likely to have a positive emotional well-being.

Help your bundle of joy to be more naturally grounded by placing a tiger’s eye around the baby nursery. Who knows, this healing crystal may even help you to stay grounded during the chaos of new parenthood!

Carnelian Stone for Babies


Stone of Vitality

Having growing and constantly changing physical bodies is exhausting for little ones, which is why carnelian is the perfect crystal to ward away negative energies from even the most sleepy of babies. It’s difficult to protect yourself when you have no energy left to give, and this is true for small children as well, which is why a stone of vitality is so amazing to have around.

Protecting themselves from the harm of negative energies can come naturally to a baby, but newborn babies especially tire out so easily. A stone of vitality like a carnelian will perk your baby up while also washing away any negative energies that are hanging around. What a versatile stone!

The sweet, loving energy of a new baby is a heartwarming thing to experience. Babies are simply wonderful little lights in the world, and as such, may need a little extra help in keeping themselves spiritually well.

When checking out the list of the 6 best crystals for babies, keep in mind that babies are individual tiny humans that all have special, unique needs when it comes to spiritual growth. So do a little research, and pick the perfect stone for your little angel!

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