Crystals that Change Your Life

Crystals that Change Your Life in a BIG Way

Change is a part of life, and as such, we are constantly on the road to change of some kind. Changing your life can seem like something that would require a herculean effort, but any change that benefits us, in the long run, changes our lives! To attract that positive change, check out our 6 crystals that can change your life.

Read on to discover our 6 favorite crystals that change your life: Black tourmaline, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, aurora quartz, amethyst, and jade. 

What Crystal is Best for Change

Manifesting change can be complex, so our chosen life-changing crystals all offer different types of vibrations and energy so you can succeed in whatever journey for a change you chose to undertake.

Black Tourmaline for Change

Black Tourmaline

Stone of Protection

When you are working to change your life, the last thing you want is negative energies messing with your spiritual energy and distracting you from the task at hand. One of the best stones for protection is black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is so versatile! It can protect homes when used as decoration, or protect individuals when used to manifest with or when worn daily. This stone is like a big, impenetrable shield to keep negative energies away.

Rose Quartz for Change

Rose Quartz

Stone of Love

Love in and of itself is life-changing. Romantic love, familial love, and the love between a parent and child will change your life and worldview irrevocably. When looking to attract or support life-changing love, there is no stone better than rose quartz. 

Everyone from crystal experts to crystal magic newcomers are familiar with rose quartz. It’s one of the most approachable stones any crystal user can have in their repertoire, but just because it’s easy to use doesn’t make it any less powerful. Rose quartz and its healing power are extraordinary. 

Lapis Lazuli for Change

Lapis Lazuli

Stone of Inner Peace 

In order for you to change your life, you must be at peace with yourself. Change does not come easily to those of us who are unbalanced or in conflict with our spiritual selves, so if any of that applies to use, turn to lapis lazuli for assistance. 

This sparkling blue stone settles inner turmoil, allowing us to ground ourselves during the upheaval of intense change.  Creating new aspects of ourselves and our lives is inherently chaotic, so a stone that radiates peace and harmony like lapis lazuli is an important tool to have.

Aurora Quartz for Change

Stone of Bliss

If the change you are seeking is something that will bring you great joy and happiness, make that change easier to achieve with Aurora quartz.

Aurora Quartz, a type of rainbow quartz, attracts bliss and happiness like a beautiful magnet. Crystal energies are usually positive anyway, but this amazing stone brings in even more positive energy than others.

Amethyst for Change


Stone of Healing

Sometimes the change we seek comes with heartache, like ending a toxic relationship or leaving a job that isn’t right for us anymore. To conquer painful change and make it out on the other side unscathed, try a healing stone like amethyst. 

Amethyst, also known as the master healer stone, is one of the most ubiquitous healing stones out there. Often the first stone acquired for new crystal users, amethyst has a gentle energy that radiates healing vibrations. The natural energies of amethyst will make even the most daunting changes easier to bear. 

Jade for Change

green jade

Stone of Wisdom

Sometimes we crave change but are unsure if the risks in seeking out that change is worth the benefits in the end. Jade,stone of wisdom, will clear the fog in your mind so you can make the right choice, even when that choice is difficult. 

Jade doesn’t make us smarter, but it encourages us to be wiserOccasionally, deep within ourselves, we already know the answers we seek, but negative or uncertain energies can make it hard for us to make the leap and actually put our plans for change into action.

Jade calms and grounds its user, helping them to make wise choices every time. 

How to Use Crystals to Change Your Life

Knowing how to use crystals to change your life is just as important as knowing which crystal to use! Depending on what kind of change you’re trying to manifest, the way you will use your healing stone will vary.

Here are a few awesome ways to use your stones for crystal healing! We’ll focus on love, prosperity, and healing.

Changing Your Life with Crystals for Love

  • Meditate with your precious stones on your heart chakra to help open the chakra and welcome love in
  • Give your loved one a piece of crystal jewelry you have made yourself
  • Take or wear a stone on a first date 

Changing Your Life with Crystals for Prosperity

  • Have a stone with strong energy in your pocket during an interview or when asking for a promotion
  • Meditate with your energy crystals on your throat chakra to increase the strength of your words when asking for things like raises or before big speeches
  • Place crystals around your business to draw in customers

Change Your Life With Crystals for Healing

  • For body aches, try a long soak in hot, crystal-infused water
  • For colds or allergies, meditate with your healing crystals on your throat and heart chakras to help clear congestion
  • For stomach ailments, you can also sip small amounts of crystal-infused water that is approved for human consumption

Whether we realize it or not,  we are all constantly on a journey to change our lives. It could be striving to succeed at work, dating to meet our soulmate, or studying hard at school to ensure success in the future. Our list of 6 crystals that can change your life can make your road to change a little easier to traverse. 

No matter kind of change you seek, crystals that can change your life can give you a much-needed boost towards achieving your goals.

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