Crystals for Addiction

4 Crystals for Addiction Beating Quickly

Addiction in any form can bring a person to their knees. Addiction can leave you feeling hopeless and lost, but there is help to be had. In conjunction with professional treatment, crystals can help balance you and assist you in beginning to overcome your addiction.  Below we detail our favorite 4 crystals for addiction.

We’ve chosen tiger eye, black onyx, amethyst and aquamarine as the 4 best crystals for addiction.  Any crystal can help balance out the negative energies or addiction, but these 4 are especially suited to the task. 

Best Crystals to Fight Addiction

Crystals, while not a total cure, are an incredible tool for addicts and those in recovery. The healing energies and vibrations rolling off of healing crystals have magical properties that are still a mystery to many, but we’ve cultivated a list of 4 that we feel are most beneficial to fighting addiction.

Tiger Eye

tiger eye

Tiger eye is a stone that is associated with both the Earth and the Sun, radiating strength and assuredness. Because of these connections, using tiger eye as a sobriety stone makes a lot of sense.

From the Earth tiger eye will provide you with the grounding that you need to stay focused on recovery, and from the Sun it will bathe you in pure energy, so you are never too tired to move forward. 

Black Onyx

black onyx

Withdrawal symptoms are the downfall of many addicts seeking recovery from addiction. The desperate feelings can cause a wealth of emotional turmoil, but luckily black onyx can help.

Black onyx can ease withdrawal symptoms, making them easier to bear. If the symptoms are still too strong, black onyx is also a successful grounding stone. The more grounded you are, the steadier you will be. 



Of all the healing crystals, amethyst is one of the most well-known. This attractive purple crystal is a general healer, using the healing effects of its gentle energy to cure any number of ailments, including addiction. 

Amethyst discourages overindulgence, making it especially useful for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and food addiction.

Crystals for sobriety can sometimes seem unwieldy to carry around, but amethyst makes stunningly beautiful jewelry, so you can have its soothing vibrations with you at all times.



Addiction recovery is a daunting task that can leave negative energy swirling about. It can seem at times that it’s too hard to continue, and that going back to your bad habits would be simpler. When those negative thoughts start to appear, aquamarine can help to banish them.

Recovering from addictive drugs is exhausting, but aquamarine is a high-energy stone can assist you in moving forward while clearing your mind of any fog.

Aquamarine is also an incredibly important healing stone for addicts because it discourages impulsive behavior. 

How to Use Crystals for Addiction

Now that you know which stones to use in your healing process, it’s important to also know how to use your crystals.

Crystal healing is an ancient art. Even if you have an addictive personality, you can still reap the benefits of spiritual help via crystal healing.

Try one of our simple methods for using crystals for addiction. They are as follows:

Wear Your Crystal

Wearing your crystal doesn’t always have to mean jewelry. You can hold them in your pocket, carry them in your purse, sewing them into your clothes. No matter how you wear your crystal, you’ll be able to feel the healing properties of the stone flowing through you.

Charge Your Environment With Crystals

If you spend a lot of time at home, charging your area with crystals is an excellent way to bask in the healing glow of your favorite crystals with little to no effort on your part. Simply spread them around your home, especially where you sleep. This will guarantee your home is full of subtle crystal energy at all times.

Soak With Crystals

You can also infuse more than just your home with crystal energy. You can actually infuse your bathwater, too! Make sure your crystal isn’t sharp or water-soluble, and slip it into your bathwater while you bathe.

Best Crystal for Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction can be debilitating. Too much sugar can cause weight gain and diabetes, and some studies say sugar is the most addicting drug of them all.

To break the cycle of sugar addiction, black onyx is particularly helpful. It has been used for many years to treat eating disorders, including sugar addiction, and can help break the impulsive cycle of binge eating.

Best Crystal for Smoking Addiction

Breaking unhealthy habits, smoking especially, is exhausting and can leave you feeling drained and in need of a crystal boost. For smoking addiction, bright orange carnelian is the go-to crystal.

Crystal experts say that carnelian and its boundless energy can impart motivation and determination onto the person using it. Carnelian also helps to wipe away the desire to smoke more. Instead, when using carnelian, you might crave the sunshine, a much healthier alternative!

Best Crystal for Food Addiction

Food addiction is so difficult to overcome because no matter how far in recovery you get, you still have to eat every day to survive. In order to keep your physical and spiritual body healthy and overcome the cravings associated with food addiction, consider using green jasper.

Green jasper can bolster your spirits when things seem impossible and will clear negative energies from your mind so you can focus on breaking your food addiction and focus on the healthy steps you need to take. Green jaspers overt positivity will be a light when things feel dark. 

Crystals vs Addiction

Addiction is a frightening, life-altering disease. It’s important that we use every weapon in our arsenal when battling it.

Crystals can be an incredibly powerful tool and crystal healing can help any aspect of our lives but they amplify your efforts and they’re best used in combination with other efforts and should not replace the advice from professionals. The road to addiction recovery might be long but it’s a worthwhile journey and healing crystals can make the road easier to travel.

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