Crystals for Heart Chakra

6 Crystals for Heart Chakra to Unblock and Heal

At the center of your chest, your heart chakra can be described as the very center of love in a person. The heart chakra represents not only romantic love, but any kind of unconditional love, and when your heart chakra is out of balance you can feel distant from others around you. Crystals can be a great way to rebalance and unblock your heart chakra, which is why we’ve made this list of the best 6 crystals for the heart chakra.

The color of the heart chakra is green, and the color of love is pink, so it’s no wonder all of our stones are one of those two colors! Our best 6 crystals for heart chakra are rose quartz, jade, rhodonite, malachite, green aventurine and green jasper. 

I’ll show you the common crystals but remember to follow your intuition on this as well. If a certain stone stands out to you use it. Even if its affinities don’t naturally match the heart chakra, it’s always a good idea to allow the stone to help.

Crystals for the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz

The number one stone that comes to mind when you think about love or the heart chakra is rose quartz. Rose quartz and its gentle, feminine energy and has been linked to the heart chakra for thousands of years.

Rose quartz strengths the heart chakra and makes its user more open to love. If you’re feeling a lack of romance, compassion, or empathy in your life, rose quartz will assist in drawing them all back to you.


green jade

A blocked or unbalanced heart chakra can trick us into thinking we don’t deserve success, which is a lie! Jade has long been known as a stone of wisdom, and sometimes it takes wisdom to realize that you deserve more than the status quo. 

The heart chakra should be filled with joy, and jade can provide it in spades. Use jade if you need a reminder of how much love and joy you truly deserve. 



It’s hard to keep your heart chakra open when the world seems to spin out of control around you. If you’re surrounded by chaos, and it’s affecting your heart chakra, rhodonite can help.

This wonderful pink and red stone is known as a rescue stone. Rhodonite can help calm the chaos around you and provide a steady spiritual foundation. The foundation that rhodonite provides allows you to avoid imbalance and stay grounded when you need it most.



Malachite stone is a stone of confidence. This isn’t a pale green stone with subtle energy; malachite is an in-your-face green and black stone with strong energy to help you be confident enough to stand up for what you love!

If you need a boost of confidence to ask out that special someone, or follow your passion to a new career, malachite can set you on the right path by filling your heart chakra with positive, self-assured energy.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is chock full of healing energy. If your heart chakra is bogged down with negativity, green aventurine can help clear that negative energy away in a flash.

Your heart chakra can be sensitive after an emotional letdown, but green aventurine can help here too, healing a broken heart bit by bit.

Green Jasper

green jasper

Green jasper can help when you have an overactive heart chakra, assisting in bringing your overactive chakra back to balance.

The heart chakra can often become unbalanced when we obsess over things that aren’t real, and green jasper helps bring us and our heart chakras back to reality.

How Can You Use Crystals for the Heart Chakra?

Now that you’ve chosen your crystals, how can you best use them to benefit your heart chakra?

Here we list a few creative ways to use your heart chakra crystals to encourage emotional balance and rid yourself of negative emotions.

Visualize Your Heart Chakra During Medication

Meditate with your heart chakra stones by holding on in your cupped palms, one in each cupped palm, allowing them to be warmed by the heat of your body. Close your eyes and imagine the healing glow of the crystals flowing to your heart and opening your chakra.

Bathe With Heart Chakra Stones

Take a bath with water infused by heart chakra healing crystals. Soaking your body in warm water is already a wonderful way to reduce emotional distress, but when the water is infused with your chosen crystals, you can be completely surrounded by their gentle energies.

Wear Your Pink Or Green Stones as Jewelry

Make a crystal necklace that hangs directly over your heart chakra. This allows the vibrational energy of your chosen chakra stone to rest right where it’s needed most all day. Plus the green and pink stones make beautiful jewelry!

How do You Unblock Your Heart Chakra?

If you begin to feel a loss of love or empathy, your heart chakra may be blocked. Luckily, unblocking your heart chakra is much easier with crystals.

Unblocking a heart chakra begins with emotional healing. Is there something that may be causing your chakra to become unbalanced, like a broken relationship? If so, banishing any negative patterns related to this event is imperative.

You will want to lay back, placing your chosen crystal heart chakra healers on the energy center of your heart chakra, and meditate to manifest your healing. Focus on the things that may be bringing on your heart chakra imbalance, and imagine the healing power of crystals washing the painful emotions away.

Once your heart center is clear of negative energies, focus on letting your heart chakra open like the bloom of a flower, allowing in the beauty of life. You want to be open to healthy relationships and spiritual harmony.

Using crystals to open your heart chakra can help you to break unhealthy patterns and live a balanced life.

The heart chakra is the center of unconditional love in a person, and during this day and age, it can be easy for the heart chakra to become unbalanced or blocked.

Using crystals to help keep your heart chakra open is an easy way to make sure that you are always at your best emotionally. Love of any kind can be tumultuous, but having a crystal ready as an emotional balancer ensures that you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.

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