New Moon Manifestation

New Moon Manifestation for New Beginnings

We need certain objects in life such as a home, car, furniture and a good income but how do we attract them? Most of us live in cramped homes and drive rusty old cars. Can a New Moon Manifestation accelerate personal growth or is it merely another lunar phase without any power?

The New Moon creates a small window of opportunity for making significant changes to your current reality, turning a limited existence into an unlimited existence. The perfect time for sowing seeds of intention. We can use this potent time to breathe new life into our dreams and initiate positive change. The New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings.

With true dedication you can stop your biggest desires from remaining a fantasy and transform them into real life, you just have to trust and believe.

How Do You Do a New Moon Manifestation Ritual?

The New Moon (also called the dark moon), is hidden by the sun’s glare during this potent lunar cycle. This darkness creates the perfect ambiance for carrying out important energy work; it encourages us to go inward and align with our true goals. Here we can supercharge our deepest desires with positivity, faith and momentum.

Spiritual Growth

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, then slowly release the breath through the mouth. Do this six times and with each breath; feel yourself becoming calmer and more peaceful. You are slowly moving out of your conscious mind and into the subconscious mind.

Take another long, deep breath and as you do so, imagine pure fresh air running through the channels of your nose and; as you breathe out, imagine any negative energy (thoughts and feelings which have weighed you down) being blown away. Release these unwanted energies, let them go. Do this six times.

Moon Intention Ritual

Now, as you view the inky sky, I wonder if you can see the very first star beginning to filter through. As you look closer, you begin to see more and more stars glowing against the black canvas, each one sparkling like a diamond. As they illuminate, you feel an intense love being sent down from above.

Every star seems to have a unique connection with the other and with you, for you are connected to the stars and they are connected to you. You feel your entire body blending; fitting into place, like a piece of a puzzle and you suddenly feel as if you belong.

new moon

Preliminary Steps for Positive Change

Now the entire sky is flooded with positive creative energy.  There are enough stars to fulfill a million dreams and desires. And as you gaze into the night sky, you feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the bed or chair that supports your body.

As you remain focussed on these beautiful celestial bodies in the sky, you notice one particular star; it catches your eye and you realize that this star has come forward just for you. You feel your heart open to its love and you absorb its empathic nature.

You soak in and merge with this star and you find yourself connecting with your higher self (the part you left behind when you decided to become a part of this Earth plane). This is your time to focus on yourself and nothing else; for the rest of the world has faded away and right now, you feel complete and at one with the universe.

Cleanse Your Body and Space with Simple Rituals

Manifest on the New MoonYou are enveloped by a sense of deep peace and pure love; as if you are being held in the arms of creation; this beautiful light so powerful yet so gentle, as soft as warm water, its energy flowing into your veins.

Now you can see yourself without any negativity, jealousy, sadness or worries. Your hopes and dreams are shining through with crystal clarity and you soak in this energy like a plant soaking in the sunlight. You have aligned with the creative energy you hold within. Spend a few moments focus on the wonderful aspects embedded within your heart’s desires.

And now this star sends a beautiful beam of light into the top of your head and catches those hopes and dreams, taking them back up into the sky and deep into the heart of the universe, setting all your desires into action.

A new moon can be a perfect time to start a new manifestation tool like a manifestation journal or begin a new manifestation technique to replace one that hasn’t been working as well as you might have hoped.

Should You Manifest on a New Moon Lunar Cycle?

Absolutely; there is no better time to harness the power of positive energy than during a New Moon cycle. Every month we are given the opportunity to wipe the slate clean from past mistakes and start anew. We can use this time to invoke powerful feminine energy. As we bask in these waves we create a positive energy field that is absorbed by the universe. All it takes is just 10 – 15 minutes to make profound positive changes.

During this time we should show immense gratitude for the things we are blessed with right now and for all the things we have achieved during the past 28, 30 or 31 days (depending on the month).

You can also use a full moon for manifestation but I heavily prefer using a new moon if I’m trying to attract a new beginning of something I haven’t manifested before.

Escape With a Moon Energy Ritual for Divine Guidance

Even if you spend just 30 – 45 minutes per month working on your manifestations a lot of positive energy is released into the universe. Time spent in peace and quiet allows us to attune with the creative side of our being and beckon forth new ideas. Look at some of the great artists. Georgia O’Keefe lived in complete solitude in the open desert and found inspiration living a basic existence. She created some of her greatest work in silence. The most successful people in the world also have one common denominator; they take time out to work on themselves whether it is through self-development, spirituality or mindfulness.

The Ideal Time for Creating a Positive Energetic Field

Use this moon phase to relax, chill and let go. You will find that inspiration flows and you are more creative. Why do you think the best ideas come when you are taking a soak in the bath or sitting on the loo? Set aside some ‘me’ time and bond with lunar energy in its cyclic nature. A moon ritual is a powerful tool for success; with the right faith and energy, it can move mountains.

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