Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation: Lunar Empowerment

We spend at least eight hours a day talking or thinking about mediocre things. The mind generates over 30 thoughts per minute but most of them are negative and create negative energy.

A Full Moon ritual creates the perfect time for cleansing the mind, body and soul. Use these moon dates to create innovative breakthroughs, enhance your creativity and heighten your intuition. When the body vibrates with lunar energy you can move closer to your dreams.

We waste a lot of time focussing on things that keep us stuck in the same old life, doing the same old thing. When we hold on to stagnant energies, nothing changes. When was the last time something good happened to you?

Tip: I’ve already talked about the best time to manifest and while you can absolutely wait for a full moon to empower you with energy do not hold off waiting for the next week. If it’s a full moon tonight then absolutely include it in your practice but don’t sit around waiting for one.

You can use any manifestation techniques on a full moon but you could (if you wanted) use a specific ritual to include the moon. There’s no wrong or right here, follow your intuition on this.

How to Do a Full Moon Ritual to Manifest Change

Light a candle and prepare for a magical time. You might want to play some soothing music for moon night. Allow the sound to lilt softly in the background.

Now take a long, deep breath. Hold that breath; for a count of five and…slowly release through your mouth for a count of six. Do this several times to awaken the quieter, calmer, peaceful inner you and lower your energy to something softer and more refined.

Raise your eyes to the full moon; see it shining brightly in the sky like it has something brilliant it wants to share with the world. When the moon is this powerful, it is highly magnetic. If you could listen to it close up, you would hear the crackles and bursts of electricity that bounce off the sun and onto its celestial body.

Imagine a nylon sheet being freshly pulled from the tumble dryer, its static energy, crackling, releasing sparks that cling to your hair, skin and clothes; this is how magnetic the moon is right now…pulling your dreams and desires toward you. Soak in this divine energy and bask in the healing light. Here, you can lay all chaos to rest.

A Spiritual Practice

Now close your eyes and allow the light of the Full Moon to pour into the top of your head, feel it illuminating the darkest parts of your mind, casting out any dark shadows. Take some more deep breaths, to bring your energy down to an even deeper level. If you have any thoughts or feelings which have been weighing you down, bring them to the surface and allow them to melt away.

Great Power Comes From Great Words

Everything you have in your life right now; has been created by the words you have used. The Japanese pseudo-scientist Masaru Emoto proved that sound vibrations are very powerful. Every word that we speak is loaded with vibrational energy. This energy is so powerful, it can actually change the molecular structure of water.

During an experiment, Emoto filled two vials with water. Positive words were spoken into one while negative words were spoken into the other. The water was then frozen and examined under a microscope. Something amazing happened. The water molecules that absorbed positive words transformed into a beautiful geometrical structure while the molecules subjected to negative words were deformed and ugly!

Now, open your heart to the light of the Full Moon. In this quiet space, you have total control of your future. Allow an image of your goal or dream life to appear in the subconscious mind.

Positive Words Creative a Positive Force

Full Moon Manifestation

Now imagine all words and feelings that resonate with your heart’s desire. For example, if you would like to manifest a new home, you might think of words such as safety, security, peace, space, warmth, coziness, relaxation…if the sounds fill you with joy, take them into your heart and resonate with the positive energy that they generate. Allow these feelings to reverberate throughout every cell in your body. Repeat these chosen words over and over, louder and louder, faster and faster. Feel the creative energy fuelling your mind with optimism and joy.

Shine Your Own Light, Follow Your Own Path

Now…feel the light from the moon shining down onto the image you want to manifest. Feel this divine light increasing in strength, becoming brighter and brighter until it becomes so bright that the picture is no longer visible and turns into a glowing, radiant ball of energy that crackles and surges with a magnetic force. Now….hold onto this image and when you are ready, hit the send button; release these positive vibrations into the universe – just let them go.

Full Moon Intention Examples of Action Steps

The Full Moon is a powerful time for releasing things that no longer serve us; allowing us to create a sacred space for new, positive energy  Add some or all of the ritual tools below to enhance moon magic: Use them to create a powerful energetic space before and during a Full Moon ritual

  • Take a long, warm bath fragranced with rose petals. Sit back and feel the water soaking away any frustration, anger or anxiety. Feel it regulating your nervous system and soak in this wonderful time as you bask in waves of relaxation. Use this safe space to slow down a busy mind.
  • One way to increase the amount of energy during a Full Moon is to look at which zodiac sign the moon has entered. When you resonate with the energy of that sign, you strengthen the vibrations you send out into the universe.
  • See how Mother Nature reflects the energy of our desires through plants. Think of them as your earthly helpers and use them when you are working with moon manifestations. For example, clary sage has the vibrational energy to attract love.
  • Crystals also influence the energy around and within. They are super powerful micro life-forces that grow organically, in much the same way as plants and people. Use rose quartz to amplify your desire for love and pyrite to boost a business or career.

Everything you want is out there in the world waiting for you, you deserve it and you can attract it. You are the creator of your own destiny. The power is in your thoughts, they create your reality so make them positive and attract the right people, events and circumstances using simple rituals this Full Moon.

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