Manifestation Journal Examples

Manifestation Journal Examples (BLOW Up Your Reality)

A manifestation journal is a powerful tool in itself or it can be combined with any of the other methods to supercharge your results. For something so easy to do, this can have such a huge impact on your results.

Tip: A manifestation journal is not a diary you just happen to keep while on your manifestation journey. This has such amazing potential to shift your reality but it needs to be done mindfully.

What Is a Manifestation Journal?

They can look a lot different (I’ll show you some examples further down) but they all have the same root goal. Keeping you focused on your intentions and shifting your reality towards that goal.

manifestation journaling

The main difference (and an important one) between a manifestation journal and a normal journal is the focus and mindset you need while writing or reading. In a normal journal, we might fall into the habit of focusing on the negative side of things or talking about our worries and fears.

There’s nothing wrong with this (as long as we’re not letting the negativity run us) but a manifestation journal needs to be focused on finding the answers – not the problem. Think of it as a gratitude journal with a focus on improving things.

You might fill it with positive affirmations, a gratitude list and basically anything that paints your path towards your dream life.

In itself, your journal for manifestation can be a powerful manifestation technique in the same way a vision board can guide your subconscious without you even meaning it. When combined with more active manifestation techniques – it becomes even more potent.

How to Start a Manifestation Journal

Set Your Intention

The first step is the hardest as they say. With manifestation, the first step actually seems easy but it’s important to set things right. Setting your intention for manifestation is important.

Look at the biggest goals of your life, the things you have an emotional connection to but also keep it focused. Often I see people who want to immediately focus on huge goals like winning the lottery – instead, I’d focus on stepping stone goals like clearing money goals or inviting financial abundance into your life.

Pick Your Physical Journal

There are no rules when it comes to what you actually use as your physical journal. You could use our manifestation workbook (this will let you journal with guidance to avoid some of the common pitfalls), you could pick out a blank notebook that calls out to you or you could use a couple of post-it notes you find lying around.

You can use an electronic device (like your phone) as long as you’re able to be mindful about it. Turn off other notifications so you can focus purely on your manifestation practice without distractions. Personally, I’d suggest sticking with a real paper journal as it’s much easier to stay mindful while writing with paper and pen.

The process of how you write (which we’ll look at in a moment) is far more important than what you write on.

Setting Up Your Journal

Everyone has their own journaling methods but I like to fill the first page of a manifesting journal with my deepest desires and a look at what my dream life would be. I keep it brief, honest and to the point. I focus on the biggest goals of my life and the remaining pages can deal with the stepping stones to get there.

You might choose to design your journal or protect it in some way. I’ve seen people use runes, quotes or attach crystals. There is no perfect manifestation journal (despite what you see on social media) as it’s a highly personal process. Allow your own intuition to guide you here and use other examples as a guideline – not a rule.

How Do You Write a Manifestation Journal Entry

Like most manifestation techniques, this is going to work best if you keep consistent with it. Spending even a few minutes a day writing a journal entry is going to be far more potent than spending hours on each entry but only doing it once in a while.

You could use a writing style like the 3-6-9 method and that gives you a simple timeline to work with (and a good way to stay consistent). Again, not necessary but certainly a good way of making your manifestation journal even more potent.

Start each entry on a fresh page and with a clear mind. If your practice allows time, take a few minutes to meditate and ground yourself to be present at the moment before lifting a pen.

You can write a manifestation journal entry however you like but scripting techniques is ideal for this and simple to do. It gives you a simple guideline to work with and writing like this is already a potent way to rewire your subconscious mind.

Scripting your journal entry means focusing on two main things.

Write as if your goal has already happened and write with emotion.

So, for example, rather than your goal being something like I want to remove money blocks we change the tense as if it already came to pass – I removed money blocks – and then add emotion to attach you to the result.

For example, I feel far more comfortable now that I removed the money blocks in my life.

You don’t need to use scripting or the 369 methods. As long as you’re actively working on your journal entries in a way that speaks to you then you’re helping your manifestation goals.

How Does a Manifestation Journal Work?

Like most manifestation methods, using a journal like this works by doing two main things. Rewriting your subconscious mind to constantly work towards your life goals and making it brutally clear to the universe what you want and clearing your path towards it.

By changing our subconscious we change our behavior. By changing our behavior we take giant strides towards our goals in ways we haven’t before.

Rather than the normal way of journaling which is to focus on the past, this works by being proactive and working towards our future.

Manifestation Journal Examples

Remember: This is a highly personal practice and you should use examples like these as guidance at best. You don’t need to create an aesthetic work of art for it to have a huge impact on your life.

manifestation journal examples

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