Money Affirmations That Work Fast

50 Money Affirmations That Work Fast

Not receiving as much money as we need or desire can be stressful. Even if we have the most positive attitude in the world, sometimes our wealth does not match our energy. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can certainly improve our lives and make our dreams easier to achieve. To put the Law of Attraction to work, check out our list of 50 money affirmations that work fast.

Before we can attract and gain the wealth we want, we need to speak dreams into reality. On our list, we have 25 money affirmations that really work fast and 50 miracle money affirmations to help you on your way to financial blessings. 

25 Money Affirmations That Really Work Fast

  1. I attract an enormous supply of money.
  2. I am a powerful money magnet.
  3. I banish all resistance to wealth.
  4. I am open and accepting of unexpected money.
  5. I am drawing prosperity into my life.
  6. Money will enter my life easily.
  7. I am open to a flow of wealth. 
  8. I will bring my money dreams to life.
  9. I am improving my financial life. 
  10. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life brings me.
  11. I happily welcome money into my life.
  12. I attract money beyond my wildest dreams.
  13. I am open to financial success.
  14. I will focus on joy to attract money.
  15. I will spread the extra wealth among others.
  16. I am attracting an abundance of money.
  17. My thoughts are a powerful magnet for money.
  18. As I move through the world, money flows freely to me.
  19. Everything I desire, I will attain with time.
  20. I am on the path to excess wealth.
  21. I have all the necessary tools to become wealthy.
  22. The world provides me with money; I just have to grab it.
  23. I am on the path to an abundant life.
  24. I love attracting large amounts of money.
  25. I will achieve financial abundance.

Fast Money Affirmations

25 Miracle Money Affirmations

  1. I am changing my beliefs about money.
  2. I crush obstacles for money that stand in my way.
  3. Conquering my money goals is in my future.
  4. My financial dreams are within my grasp.
  5. I want more money and I am not ashamed of it.
  6. I will easily become more successful.
  7. I am attracting health and wealth.
  8. Financial security is within my grasp.
  9. I attract an abundance of money.  
  10. I accept unexpected abundance.
  11. Negative energy will not keep me from my financial goals.
  12. I deserve all the money I receive.
  13. A fresh source of income is coming my way.
  14. I will attract plenty of money and prosperity.
  15. Life will bring me an abundance of wealth.
  16. My low wealth will become high wealth.
  17. It is okay that I desire more money. 
  18. I am changing my money mindset for the better.
  19. Abundance will become part of my life.
  20. I am changing my relationship with money for the better.
  21. My positive relationship with money will continue to bring me wealth.
  22. I will have multiple sources of income.
  23. I am an excellent receiver of money.
  24. I am an excellent receiver of wealth and abundance.
  25. Wealth is my financial destiny.

Using Affirmations to Attract a Lot of Money Fast

Once you have the list of affirmations that resonate the most with your goals, it’s time to put that plan into action. At first, it can seem a little silly to repeat phrases encouraging financial prosperity out loud to yourself over and over, but soon enough, it will seem like second nature. To encourage the money to roll in, try these examples of how to use affirmations to attract a lot of money fast.

Schedule Your Affirmations

Speaking your affirmation once is good, once a week is better, but the ideal way to speak your dreams to truth is to repeat your affirmations every day as part of your daily schedule.

If you’re a busy person, you don’t have to block out a sizeable amount of time to practice your affirmations. What’s really important is that you have a positive mindset and are in a focused headspace.

If possible, mark out just a few minutes of your day to manifest your affirmations. 15 minutes should be plenty. If it isn’t possible, you can add your affirmations to other parts of your daily routines.

Repeating your affirmations while distractedly watching television won’t work, because your mind is elsewhere. Instead, try adding them to your morning routine as you get ready or in the evening as you prepare for sleep.

Two outstanding examples of this are practicing your affirmations while applying your makeup with soothing music playing, during a sunrise yoga routine, or while taking a long bath in the evening. Any time that you can focus on manifesting your affirmations into reality works well.

Journal Your Aspirations

Speaking out loud isn’t the only way to practice the power of affirmations. Many people who have felt the positive impact of money affirmations have found success in journaling their affirmations. 

For journaling aspirations to improve your financial well-being, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated affirmation journal. Mixing up other thoughts within an affirmation journal can muddy the waters of what you’re trying to achieve.

In your dedicated affirmation journal, you can write your affirmations daily or weekly instead of speaking them. Writing over speaking out loud really gives you the time to consider your list of money affirmations and what it means to you.

As with speaking affirmations, make sure you are in a focused headspace when writing your affirmations. Scribbling them down quickly with little thought will not attract the wealth that you desire. Put your mind to work and make your powerful money affirmations really count.

This list can seem daunting to form a list of these affirmations for money on your own, so referring to a pre-made list can give you the jumpstart you need.

Bonus: Money Affirmation Cards

Money Affirmation Card 1Money Affirmation Card 2Money Affirmation Card 3

If you find an affirmation that speaks to you, save the image and use it as a background or, better yet, print it out and use it as part of a manifestation practice. You might also wish to share the card with someone who might need to hear the message.

I’m a huge believer in the power of affirmations. Even taking a few minutes out of your day could empower you endlessly, however you wish to use them.

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