Manifestation Candles

Manifestation Candles: Using Candles to Manifest

No matter how hard I try to make positive changes, I am always held back by someone or something. It feels as if a dark cloud is hovering over everything I try to do. How can manifestation candles help me?

You may be the actual dark cloud that is holding you back. The one who is closing the doors on all those opportunities rather than flinging them wide open. Manifestation candles help to vaporize the negative energy that is currently within and all around you.

When you allow the light of a candle to dispel dark and negative energy, you gently allow your sunny disposition to filter through. With sheer commitment, you can chase away the clouds even when the fog is really dense!

What Are Manifestation Candles

Manifestation candles or intention candles are tools to silence the mind and form a connection with the universe. The image of a flickering candle twinkling against an ebony backdrop has great power, it can instantly lower anxiety and create a beautiful trance-like state of mind.

Turning a Dream Life into Real Life

In a candle magic ritual, you focus on a chosen desire and release the frequency of that desire into the universe. Without realizing it, you have been doing this since you had your very first birthday. As each year passes, we decorate a cake with candles, make a wish and release that wish into the universe, hoping it will come true.

Fire changes everything; it is a powerful element that can transform every object it touches. Notice how it can reduce a photo of your ex into ashes or turn water into hot chocolate. This transformational energy can do the same with manifestations; it can turn desires into reality.

Beautiful Candles: Candle Color Meanings & Uses

candle manifestation

Use a color that is relevant to the goal or desire you are aiming for:

Green: This is the perfect shade for amplifying prosperity and good luck (or clearing money blocks). The color is linked to money. Use it when you want to increase your salary or find a higher-paid job. Green is also the color of fertility and will therefore benefit anyone looking to start a family or to increase the one they already have.

White: The color for cleansing, healing and deep inner peace.

Black: Use it to dispel negative, heavy energy, release bad habits and attain self-control.

Blue: Light a blue candle when you want to instill calmness, serenity and peace. This is also a good color for losing weight as it can suppress hunger.

Yellow: The color of the sun; it links to happiness and hope. Use it to exude lightness, brightness, enthusiasm, improve network and communication skills and attain a boost of confidence.

Red: The color for passion, use this shade when you want to attract love.

Pink: Ahh…the color for romance, choose a pink candle when you want to find a soul mate or attract new friends.

Purple: A dash of purple will enhance deeper meditations, strengthen intuition and help form a connection with deceased loved ones.

Orange: An orange candle releases constrictions in both the body and mind. It is the color for energy, competitions, physical confidence, risk-taking and adventure; the color for people on the go, the color for success.

Brown: Burn a brown candle when you want to travel, sharpen telepathic skills or just feel safe, grounded and secure.

How Do You Use Manifestation Candles?

Manifest with candles

Now that you have chosen the right color for your candle magick ritual, place it in a holder and in a spot where it can burn for several hours.

This is your time to escape from the craziness of the world and merge with the silent burning of the flame. Keep your candle within sight and focus entirely on the flame and nothing else. Notice how it dances as it warms the air around it. The flame dancing to its self-made turbulence and; when you focus on the flame you will notice that your thoughts start to slow down; you feel them drifting away like clouds as you connect with the light of life.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Now, I wonder if you can think of ten things that you are truly grateful for. What images come to mind? How happy and invigorated do these thoughts make you feel? Notice how the frequency intensifies when you resonate with an attitude of gratitude; that nascent flame dancing merrily in the dark as you fuel it with gratitude. In this space and time, the candle is a bridge between being awake and being lost in bliss.

Candle Intentions: One Word Affirmations

Now,  think of a word that resonates with the object or goal that you are working towards, it could be abundance, love, success, health, peace, anything that ignites passion.

This is the word that will help you to paint your reality. Say it over and over. When you speak your chosen word out loud, the sound leaves your mouth and causes the air around you to vibrate with physical energy; these soundwaves are charged with the intention you put behind the word.

Safety tip: Especially if you’re doing something like a manifestation meditation then be very careful where you place your candles. Even a small candle has the potential to cause bigger problems and shouldn’t be left unattended.

Basic Candle Magic: The Emotion Element

Emotions are very much like glue; they bind us to every single experience we have encountered in life whether good or bad. This is the energy that pulls in your deepest desires; hence, the reason why it is important to think happy thoughts.

The word ’emotion’ actually means ‘energy in motion’.

Candle Intentions: An Excellent Time for Giving Thanks

Now give thanks for the important energy work that you have just carried out. Say thank you over and over until your vibration increases.

With each heartfelt “Thank you”, happy, positive vibrations are directed into the flame helping you to reflect positive energy into your relationships, work-life and health. You are harmonizing with a special energy; one that creates positive changes in all areas of your life.

Basic Candle Magick Spell

Now, bring yourself back to the room you are in  Slowly divert your eyes away from the candle and become aware of your surroundings. Leave the flame to burn for a few hours and then snuff it out with a bell snuffer but don’t blow it out.

Candles help us to merge with peace and form a connection with the universe. As we fall into a soft trance we fill every inch of the body with positive light energy that emanates from the words we think and speak aloud.

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