How to Manifest Your Ex Back

How to Manifest Your Ex Back (Quickly and FOR GOOD)

When someone leaves your life sometimes you just know that it wasn’t supposed to happen. You can manifest your ex back into your life quickly and for good but you do need to be certain it’s the right thing to do.

Manifestation has the power to make huge changes in your life and the Law of Attraction can help you align with the energy of your ex and draw them back but it’s also going to involve dealing with the reason you broke up.

No matter what manifestation technique we use, we can’t override free will so we’re going to have to also spend our energy dealing with the root of the problem. That doesn’t mean the symptom (like another person or an argument) but the reason that happened in the first place.

Manifestation can not only bring you back together, but it can bring you back in a stronger place than you were before as long as you allow it to.

Is it Possible to Manifest an Ex Back?

And should you?

I’ve seen a lot of advice floating around that you can’t or shouldn’t manifest an ex back. I can see where they’re coming from especially if it’s just happened I would always suggest taking your time before rushing into a manifestation process. It’s always situational and only you will know if this relationship was a healthy one.

Sometimes we break up for stupid reasons. People make mistakes or we allow ego to get in the way and say something we don’t really mean. Manifestation can bring you back together and help you move beyond these problems but you shouldn’t use it to draw you both back into a toxic relationship if it wasn’t right for both of you.

Nobody else can tell you if the relationship was right or not as you’re the only two in the universe who will know for sure. Just keep this in mind before processing any further.

How to Manifest Your Ex Back Quickly

Tip: If you want to see real results from your manifestation then I would take a few minutes to pick a specific manifestation technique from this list.

Allowing your intuition to guide you on the right technique to use is going to get results a lot faster than general advice from anyone. These techniques can be used for anything but by working with a technique that speaks to you it’s going to be a lot faster and more effective.

If you don’t want to work with a specific manifestation technique then I’ll take you through the one which speaks to me when it comes to matters of the heart. Scripting manifestation helps us to reinforce positive energy and you can carry out a visualization exercise each day to draw them back to you.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. It is time to rekindle that old flame and work with the art of attraction.

Manifest Your Ex Back

Subconscious Manifestations with a Powerful Law of Attraction Tool

When you are fully relaxed and calm; allow an image of the sun to appear in your mind; that golden orb that is symbolic of warmth, harmony, joy, fertility and all things bright and beautiful. Feel the passion and energy of the sun above your head. Look up and see it becoming brighter and brighter, this is a special sun just for you, it releases powerful safe energy and coats you in ultraviolet rays of love.

Feel this warm, comforting heat trickling down like honey, this ball of energy, this love all around you; pulsating with passion. Stand for a moment and soak in the love that is pouring down and into your crown chakra. Imagine your entire body being filled with this loving light until you are filled with so much light that it radiates outward from every pore in your skin and the light you radiate blends with the light of the sun.

You have now created a corridor of light…and you find yourself walking along this corridor. As you walk slowly forward you see a person standing at the end of the corridor. You step closer and with each step you take, the image becomes clearer. You see your ex waiting for you; smiling with joy, so happy to see you, arms outstretched welcoming you and your emotions overflow with gratitude as you rush into the arms of love.

Embrace these feelings right now, feel how complete you are, how content you feel, how joyful, ecstatic, euphoric and blissful you are right now and these same feelings are reciprocated. Now take hold of your ex’s hand, hold it tight and feel that warm skin-to-skin connection; feel the heat from his hand merging into yours; that joint warmth combining. Feel the heat, feel the energy, feel the love of your ex surging into your palm.

Now, slowly lead this person out of the corridor of light. When you reach the exit you notice how the light is becoming brighter and brighter, glowing with passion. You stand together; hand in hand, heart to heart, soul to soul soaking in these loving vibrations.

Now release your ex’s hand and notice how the burning warmth still remains strong in your palm; this is the energy your ex has given you; it has combined with your energy and brought you together spiritually. Place that palm onto your heart and allow this energy to soak into your heart as you walk out of the light on your own and back into the room that you are in.

Positive Vibes Using Mental Visualization On A Daily Basis

A breakup can be turbulent emotionally but that can interfere with our manifestation process. In order to see results and draw them back, we need to remove all the negative energy from our thoughts and work from a place of high energy and positivity.

I suggest starting a manifestation journal if you don’t already have one. It’s important that we don’t use this to focus on the pain and hardship of the breakup but instead focus on the positives of the relationship and your efforts to draw them back to you. This can be very powerful in itself but works even better combined with everything else you’re doing.

Use as many opportunities throughout the day to reconnect with your ex. When you wake up tomorrow morning, imagine that person lying next to you. What does the first hug of the day feel like? What are you talking about? Bring in all these positive feelings and live out your dream life.

Carry on imagining little scenes like this throughout the day for example, when you are listening to music, play those songs you both enjoyed. Imagine your ex sat next to you and allow the music to raise your energy to a higher vibrational level as you soak in those ‘feel good’ endorphins.

When you are watching television; imagine him or her sitting beside you; what are you talking about? What are you watching? When you do this, you load vibrational strength into the universe.

While preparing a meal, set a place at the table for your ex just as you used to and cook meals you both enjoyed.

When everyday tasks become part of your manifestation routine, you bask in the positive energy you create. And, as you pull the duvet over your head at night, feel the warmth of your ex lying next to you, imagine that last kiss of the day, that security, that familiar smell, that togetherness.

This is how you create a successful manifestation; it is how we attract everything we desire into our lives. A positive attitude encourages us to expect positive results.

Manifesting an Ex Back Success Stories

“When I split from my girlfriend, I dated a few other girls but none of them made me feel the way that she did. I missed her a lot and would often lose myself in thoughts of her. I would do silly things like write romantic poems or spend hours just going through old photographs. I almost built a shrine to her but nothing happened.

One day, I decided enough was enough. I had been trying for months to get her back and it just wasn’t happening. I removed all signs of her from the apartment and decided to focus on something that I could make happen. I used vibrational energy to start a business; this took up most of my time and stopped me from nursing a broken heart.

As time went on she would often pop up in my mind but she was a pleasant memory and not a desire. Then, one day I was rushing through town and I bumped straight into her. That night, she sent a text and we are getting married next year, this is the power of manifestation!” 

Patrick C, Cornwall.

“After my ex found someone new, I hit an all-time low but after licking my wounds for a while,  I suddenly decided that he had taken up enough space in my head and it was time to move on.

I starting thinking about romantic relationships and using creative visualization, I  remembered all the things I loved about my ex; I wanted these qualities to come through in someone new. Using the manifestation techniques above I met a wonderful guy who ticked all my boxes and we were blissfully happy.

Then, out of the blue I bumped into my ex’s sister. She said he had never got over me and really wanted me back. Now I am in relationship limbo; I have two people who love me. All I had to do was think happy thoughts and let the law of attraction work its magic!”

Carol J, Doncaster

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