How to Manifest Weight Loss

How to Manifest Weight Loss (Fast and For GOOD)

Straight from the start, I’m going to tell you that manifestation is not going to let you lose weight overnight or while you eat a ton of junk food. I’m well aware there are people out there telling you that you can manifest weight loss easily and magically weight up skinny.

But I want you to really see results with manifestation. It has so much power to change your life if we let it and part of that means properly understanding how it helps us. It also means accepting what it is and isn’t capable of.

Manifestation can make weight loss so much quicker and easier but it won’t do all the work for you. It’s about working with the conscious and subconscious mind, you take the fast-track route to success.

Tip: Take a moment to pick a manifestation technique from our list. I’m going to cover some general ideas here but you’re always going to see the best results by allowing your intuition to pick the right technique for you.

You can apply a technique to any aspect of your life (including weight loss) but finding the one that speaks to you to begin with is going to help you see results faster than following generic advice.

How Do I Manifest to Lose Weight?

You have to change your deepest beliefs around losing weight; the mind has to truly want it. How will your new body size make you feel? How will you benefit? Will you start a new sport? Feel healthier? Be able to keep up with the kids?

The more you focus on how ugly, fat and gross you are right now, the more you will stay the same size. Negative beliefs such as “I am never going to be thin” tell the universe that you like your current weight and, sadly, these negative affirmations tend to be even stronger than the positive ones.

So we need to start by setting your manifestation intention. And that means going a simple little beyond ‘lose weight’. I really suggest reading that guide if you haven’t already, the better you’re able to set the intention the easier the rest of the journey is going to be.

Your Dream Weight

Just as you have gained weight, so you can lose it. You just need to re-program the mind and make healthy food choices. When you do this, you not only reach your goal weight, you take action steps to create permanent weight loss.

Meditation Method for Weight Loss

Along with natural changes to your lifestyle, you should also work with the subconscious mind. The following meditation technique can turbo-charge the metabolism and further reduce those extra pounds.

Close your eyes and take in a few long, deep breaths through the nose, hold each in-breath for a count of ten and then release slowly through the mouth.

I want you to picture yourself walking through a door and into a room. This room looks like a control center; in here there are many levers, buttons, dials, screens and knobs.

You are in the control room of your mind. In front of you is a dial that has the word metabolism underneath it. You notice the dial is set to low which means your metabolism is running very poorly. You re-set the dial to high and you know that from now on your metabolism is running at its peak; burning calories at lightning speed to help create your ideal body.

A huge screen switches on in front of you and you see a person on the screen; this person is slowly walking toward you. You notice the beautiful smile on their face and you see how radiant and glowing they look, they are brimming with good health. This person is you, at your dream weight.

You look amazing and you feel so confident. You love and respect the new slender person you are right now. Then the screen shuts down; a door opens and you leave the control room.

Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

From now on; whenever you look in the mirror, you will remember that image of yourself on the big screen. The person you want to become is already here, you are looking back at this person right now. He or she is a reflection of your heart’s desire. Your manifestation is staring back at you with the perfect body image and you feel so confident; you are so proud to show off your newly toned, healthy body.

You love the way that you look and you can feel that love for yourself right now. And you know that as each day passes you are shrinking in size; losing weight is so easy for you. You slide into smaller-sized clothes without any effort at all.

Manifesting weight loss

Do Affirmations Work for Weight Loss?

They most certainly do. Positive affirmations neutralize any deep-rooted subconscious blocks buried within. They silence the critical voice, the more we use them the more we can transform our lifestyle and eating habits.

When we use affirmations, the weight loss journey is a short one because we see ourselves as the person we want to be. They reflect positive energy into the universe and help us to naturally sculpt a more attractive version of ourselves. Here are a few examples to get you started;

  • I become slimmer and leaner as each day passes.
  • I eat healthily every day.
  • I feel love and gratitude for my body.
  • I achieve anything that I set my mind to.
  • Losing weight is easy and effortless.
  • I am slim and attractive.
  • I crave fruit and vegetables.

Do You Still Have to Diet with Manifestation?

Manifestation is powerful and can drive change in your life but your physical body still needs to do the work. I probably don’t need to go into the nitty-gritty here you all know the usual advice but the difference is that manifestation takes away the struggle of this.

I know (trust me, I know) just how much effort being healthy can be but it doesn’t have to be a battle. Something like destiny tuning (or whatever technique you go with) turns this from something you have to fight with to something that just happens on autopilot.

  1. Using smaller plates at mealtime or cutting back on the snacks.
  2. Finding a passion for being active. That doesn’t have to mean boring gym routines it might be finding a sport or activity you actually enjoy.
  3. Picking the lower-fat alternatives when you’re shopping.
  4. Drinking more water.

These are a few bite-sized changes you can work into your lifestyle. Keep adding to the list and you will reach the perfect weight, gain a healthier lifestyle and build up a good relationship with food.

Manifesting Weight Loss Success Stories

By making simple lifestyle changes and seeing my future self as a slimmer version of me, I never had to resort to extreme weight loss methods. One day a friend asked if I would like to go to salsa classes with her. Rather than say no, I went along expecting to start and finish a book but I loved it so much that I joined. Now I have a fun exercise routine, a mindful lifestyle and I feel great. I don’t even think about losing weight anymore, it just happens naturally.”

Jeana K, London.

When I was younger people would often say that I looked like a famous athlete but as the years flew by those comments became fewer. The other evening I saw that same person in a movie and decided right there and then that I wanted those compliments back. I made a few tweaks to my lifestyle and fell in love with positive affirmations; I took them into my soul and started to lose the extra weight. Then one evening someone came up to me and said “Do you know who you remind me of…” my mission was complete”.

Scott C, Florida.

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