Vibrational Manifestation

Vibrational Manifestation: Raise Your Vibration & Change Your Life

In order to see real change in our life with manifestation, we need to be working from a place of high energy and high vibration. This is where vibrational manifestation comes in.

Aligning with our deepest desires first thing in the morning and maintaining a high vibration is an incredibly powerful way of keeping our energy focused and moving towards our goal.

So how do you raise your vibration and get the most from your manifestation efforts?

What is Vibrational Manifestation?

Vibrational manifestation is a state of high energy that resonates with our dreams and goals; pulling them toward us like a magnet.

Every single thing in the world generates energy and vibrates with its own active frequency signature. Even objects that appear solid to the naked eye are made up of trillions and trillions of sub-atomic particles that are constantly vibrating and releasing energy. We can raise or lower the vibrational voltage we put into the universe simply by changing our thoughts and feelings.

It’s easy to lose track of the many vibrational modes we flip in and out of throughout the day, bad experiences such as being late for an appointment, losing something or being stuck in a traffic jam will for most, stir up negative vibrations; if we stay in this low energy mode throughout the day, we remain stuck in the same old rut.

The Alignment Process

Einstein, the master of energy once said: “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. There can be no other way.

The Hertz Frequency Scale certainly backs this up. Take a look and you will see the range of frequencies we fluctuate in and out of throughout the day. Happy, positive thoughts resonate at the higher end of the scale whereas dark, negative energy is found towards the lower end.

Each and every one of us is a walking ball of energy that is thinking and releasing vibrational frequencies into the universe. Every single thought creates a cosmic sea of energy that penetrates throughout space and time. Thoughts are the highest frequencies we can release. When they are positive, we draw toward us those things we desire.

Action in Manifestation

Raising Your Vibration

We can use the mind to manifest anything and bring it into reality. All it takes is a little practice, determination and imagination. Yep; all we have to do is think about what we want and energize those thoughts with powerful feelings of joy, bliss and love, or… we can do it without the help of the universe.

Let’s take two examples:

Manifesting Without the Law of Attraction

You want to buy a new home and the search is on to find the right place. When the perfect house or flat shows up months or even years down the line, you need to check that you can afford the mortgage, sell your current home (which could take forever) and hope that the offer you made will not be gazumped at the last moment.

Manifesting With the Law of Attraction

If you form a vibrational alignment with the house of your dreams, you will find yourself being drawn to the right places at the right time and a house move is relatively stress-free.

You can use something simple like a visualization technique or, if you prefer, something more specific like destiny tuning manifestation.

Raising Your Vibration to Manifest Faster

You need to start each day focussing on the things you want rather than the things you don’t want.

Align with your dreams first thing in the morning; this is when the subconscious mind is at its most receptive. When you focus on a manifestation just after awakening, these energetic vibrations continue to oscillate and attract your desires toward you even when you are totally immersed in a busy day. Let’s create an effective energy flow…

Create a Dream Life in Seventeen Seconds 

Close your eyes and take in a few long, slow, deep breaths. You are going to work with a process known as the seventeen-second rule. On a vibrational frequency, it takes just seventeen seconds for a pure focussed thought to reach exact alignment with your desires. To achieve the same results without any help from the universe, it would take  83 days or 2000 hours to complete the same level of progress.

If you can hold a positive stream of energy for thirty-four seconds, which is 2 x 17 seconds, you add even greater power to your manifestation. The maximum length for this entire exercise is sixty-eight seconds.

If for any reason, you find yourself losing concentration, stop the timer and reset the clock. Use mental cues to hold onto the high frequencies you generate. Some people focus better when they play out a mini-movie of their desired manifestation in their mind, others create and recite powerful affirmations, those which resonate with their desires. Look for ways to reach those happy feelings and hold onto the positive vibrations they generate.

Remember that not all of this happens right away! I always suggest taking a longer more consistent view of your practice and starting a manifestation journal.

Finding the Correct Vibrations

Set a stopwatch for seventeen seconds and focus with all your heart and soul on the things you truly desire.

Circulation of Energy

Now, let go of all those positive thoughts and feelings, empty them from your mind and continue your day. The energy you have released will never lose its power and will always stay in action. This is why it is so important for the conscious mind to absorb positive situations and settings; we attract those things we focus on whether good or bad.

All it takes is just seventeen seconds to start creating the dream you promised yourself a very long time ago. What are you waiting for?

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