Make Someone Call You with the Law of Attraction

Make Someone Call You with the Law of Attraction

When the phone just isn’t ringing (whether personal or professional) can we use the Law of Attraction to get someone to call you?

If you want someone to call you, just reverse your thinking pattern. Right now, you are doing it the wrong way around; it has to be done back to front. You are not waiting for a call, you have already had that call and it was amazing. You can make someone call you with the Law of Attraction by using the amazing power you have within.

The Law of Attraction has so much power to make huge changes in our life. While I will show you how to use it to manifest a phone call, I’d also ask you to look beyond the simple phone call. Look at your expected outcome from the call and manifest that instead.

Can I Manifest a Call?

Yes, you can manifest a call from anyone provided you have the right mindset. You should never want, need, crave or become desperate for a call. If any of these feelings occupy your mind, you will wait a very long time for that name to pop up on your phone. It’s time to open the window and release all, that negative energy.

How badly do you want this call? Is it something that just casually slips into your mind every now and then or do you have a deep-rooted desire for that certain someone to get in touch? Is this feeling so strong that it has maintained its strength throughout all the ups and downs in your life? With the right determination, this person will call. It will happen no matter what; the universe will work for you in very powerful ways.

How to Manifest Someone to Call or Text You

Tip: Similar to my advice on manifesting someone to think of you, you can use a simple visualization technique like the one I’m going to take you through in a moment. While this might be enough to manifest that call or text, it really depends on the blocks in your way. If you want to supercharge your LoA work, I suggest picking a specific manifestation technique that speaks to you.

That short list has some of the most powerful techniques for manifesting real change in your life and you can absolutely use it to get someone to call you. Allowing your intuition to pick a specific technique is going to work a lot faster.

But, if you’d rather keep it simple, here’s a basic Law of Attraction visualization technique you can follow:

  1. Find yourself a comfortable place to sit or lie down and close your eyes. Breathe in, hold that breath for a count of ten and release through the mouth very slowly. Aim for ten deep breaths and feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into a soothing, calming state of relaxation. If negative thoughts come in, allow them to gently float away like balloons.
  2. Imagine that person, the one you want to call you and imagine them scrolling through their list of contacts; see them stop at your name and notice how certain they are that it is you they want to speak to. Now they have clicked the call button.
  3. Hear your cell phone ring and imagine reaching for your phone. Feel your phone in your hand; sense its soft curves and feel its weight. Look at the top of the screen; the spot where you can see who is calling you. How do you feel when you see the name of that person shining back at you?

Manifest a Call

A Positive Message from the Universe

How do you feel right now? How elated are you? How in awe are you? How amazing do you feel? How connected to the universe do you feel right now? This is high-vibe energy that you are releasing and the longer you maintain this frequency, the stronger you will draw this scene to you in real life. Feel the energy resounding from every cell in your body, feel the joy, feel your heart almost bursting with gratitude, you are resounding with happiness, you have created this beautiful moment and you are so grateful.

Hold on to these powerful feelings for as long as possible, bask in them, soak them in; you are emitting high-voltage energy right now. Float on the realms of ecstasy, overflow with exhilarating joy; your entire being is rising and expanding to the point where you feel almost light-headed and you have a smile that could light a thousand candles – you have created this call. Hold on to these feelings for a moment longer and now, as you click the accept button I want you to let all these emotions go…feel them rush out of your mind; feel these positive vibes being released in a split second.

Now focus on your breathing and sit quietly for a few moments. Listen to the gentle ins and outs of your breath and slowly open your eyes. Forget about everything you have just experienced.

Repeat this process once in the morning and once in the evening but try not to overdo it or you may start to display signs of desperation which releases negative energy. The key stages to manifesting are; create, energize, release. Align with the frequency of your manifestation and then allow the universe to work its magic behind the scenes.

You need to keep that positive energy flowing throughout the day. Partake in activities that provide an emotional lift such as your favorite sport, meeting up with friends, cookery or photography; anything that keeps the mind stimulated, happy and filled with positive emotions. The more you raise your frequency, the faster you will achieve a successful manifestation.


Can the Law of Attraction Make Someone Like You?

With the law of attraction ‘like attracts like; which means you attract people into your life according to the vibration you send out. If you want to make someone like you, you need to like yourself first.

A great attraction manifestation technique that works time and time again is to focus on you and how wonderful you are. When you love yourself, you exude self-confidence which is an attractive commodity.

How Long Does it Take?

These five little words are loaded with doubt. I highly suggest reading my guide on how long manifestation takes because you are the one that decides how long it will take. Whether it takes minutes or never happens at all – it’s all on you. When you ask how long something will take, you tell the universe that you lack patience and show a lack of belief in the Law of Attraction.

A manifestation journey can be short or long depending on the amount of faith you have. With unfaltering doubt and commitment you can achieve what you want; there is no doubt about it. You must always see a manifestation as having already happened. The power of attraction lies in the knowledge that you have already achieved your goal, not in the hope that it will manifest. When you believe, you achieve!

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