How to Manifest Faster

How to Manifest Faster and Stop Waiting Around

None of us knows how long we have left on Earth but we do know that time is limited. There are things that we would like to achieve and things that we would like to happen. So, can we learn how to manifest faster?

Ever since I covered how long manifestation takes (and people started seeing for themselves how long it can take) I’ve been asked how to speed things along.

The moment a desire is born, the universe will mathematically create a vibrational frequency of that desire; all you have to do is match the energy of that vibration. You are already manifesting, you do it every single day, you’re just not aware of it. Think of all the times you have wanted something and it has just appeared; this is proof of actually manifesting.

The universe is all positive; it will never reject anything that you ask for but it does not know the difference between a positive affirmation and a negative one. For instance, if you were to say, “I don’t want to stay poor”, the universe will only pick up on the words “Want to stay poor” and so you will. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

The password for manifesting faster is “joy”. When you resonate with joy, you bring more joy into your life. It is so much easier to manifest from a happy place than a negative one.

Is It Possible to Manifest Instantly?

The short answer is yes but for a faster manifestation, you have to vibrate with happiness, a deep sense of gratitude and love. You must do this over and over until you re-program the mind to make joy your default setting.

Tip: Seeing success with your manifestation process starts with properly setting your manifestation intention. It’s one thing to try and win the lottery overnight, another to work on removing blocks overnight.

Concept of Manifestation

Negativity stems from deep-rooted beliefs. If you were born with a mindset that attunes wealth and great fortune, you will think like a wealthy person but if your subconscious beliefs are limited and you only see a life filled with hardship and struggles when it comes to money, you will remain poor. When you stop the limited mind, you become master of your thoughts and not a slave to them.

The outer world has a tremendous influence on the way that we live but it is through the inner world that we transform a dream life into real life. This is something that Mother Nature would love us to learn for she is an electromagnetic being, just like us. When we form a connection with her; we release a frequency that oscillates with the same vibration as her heartbeat; this allows us to discharge all negative energy. It is like being connected to a battery – we recharge with positive energy and continue running toward our wildest dreams.

Which part of the Brain Controls Those Mental Blocks?

The logical mind is the default mind, the control freak; the one that wants to rationalize everything and guess what? It is negative and is responsible for every bad experience you have ever had. When left to its own devices it will slow down or even stop the manifesting process completely. When you activate the left part of the brain, you quickly move to a state of consciousness that is kinder, more rewarding and peaceful. You reach the part of you that has access to all your heart’s desires.

To gain confidence in manifestation, think of a positive word that you could use like a mantra: one that resonates with feelings of joy, bliss, love and gratitude. Find that one word which when said; makes your brain light up — say it over and over. It could be the word “Thank you”.

A Boost of Energy That Works in a Miraculous Way

You could also try chanting a simple word such as “ahh” let the sound stretch out for as long as possible and as you do so, feel it releasing all anxiety and tension in your body. This sound vibration was used to create the world. It is loaded with frequencies to form a manifestation breakthrough.

Check Your Vibrational Energy

You should also focus your mind on the here and now. To do this, keep checking in with yourself to see how you feel. What are your senses saying to you? Are you in a good place right now? Are you excited and filled with a zest for life? If not, it’s time to turn that frown upside down. Yep, we call it the present because it is ‘NOW’ that you can start changing your life for the better. It’s time to start practising some badass manifesting.

In general no matter what manifestation technique you choose to use it’s going to take consistency. Speeding up the process doesn’t always mean aiming to manifest overnight. Speeding things up consistently makes a big impact on your life.

How to Manifest Results Faster on a Daily Basis

How to Manifest Results Faster

A speedy manifestation requires a lot of emotional strength; your heart must overflow with joy.

Find a quiet place to sit and relax for a short while. Take in a long, slow deep breath through the nose, taking in as much oxygen as you can. Feel that clean, fresh air rushing through the channels of your nose, rushing past the skin on the upper and lower part of your nostrils, revitalizing your entire system. Hold for a count of ten and slowly release. Repeat this nine more times.

Now repeat the above process again but as you breathe in, take in the sound thank you, peace, joy or love; whatever positive word you have chosen to work with. Hold and feel the sound surging into every part of your body then…let the word go. Repeat this nine times.

Now…breathe in. Hold your breath and imagine the positive word that you have chosen seeping into your brain, casting light into the darkness and eliminating all negative energy, creating an energetic space for good things to flow in. Then, breathe out. Repeat nine times.

Desires into Reality

Practice as often as possible to re-programme the mind and take it from limited to unlimited thinking.

As you carry on with your day, see if you can pick up any smells, sights, sounds and textures that fill your heart with gratitude, joy and love. Any beautiful images that raise your vibration will draw you closer to your goal or manifestation.

If you are completely dedicated to the Law of Attraction and are prepared to put in the time and effort, you can manifest at an accelerated rate and live a life of true mastery.

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