Signs That Manifestation is Coming

Signs That a Manifestation is Coming

So, you’ve been practising the Law of Attraction for a while now and are seeing signs that a manifestation is coming; an indication that all your hard work has paid off but how do you know if these signs are nothing more than wishful thinking?

The difference between wishful thinking and the Law of Attraction is that wishful thinking fleets in and out of the conscious mind and does not require any effort or action. You simply carry on with your life and hope that your wish will come true.

The Law of Attraction works differently. The mind releases frequencies into the universe which; when positive attracts positive, achieves physical results. In essence; wishful thinking is a passing fancy whereas the Law of Attraction is a desire that is energised with action, words, thoughts, ideas, imagination and the absolute faith that it will transform into reality.

You know that you are on the path of manifestation when you attain a sense of peace with yourself on a deeper level. Take a look at some examples:

  1. All resistance and stress have left your body and you now focus on your goals/visualisation without desperation or impatience. The more you bask in this sense of calm, the more you see the universes attuning to this relaxed new you and good things start to appear in the physical world.
  2. The world seems to support your desire. You notice less resistance from people around you and they are more willing to help. This is a sign that you have reached a higher vibrational frequency; one that resonates outward to everyone and everything; it encourages the universe to work with you.
  3. Life challenges become your friend rather than your enemy. You take them on with enthusiasm and even look forward to them showing up because you know that they are stepping stones to your manifestation.

Unexpected Signs of Manifestation

Sign 1: Numerology and Number Synchronicities

Historians tell us that numbers came into existence around 4,000 BC. The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras is quoted as saying: “All is Numbers”, which means that the universe and nature belong to a mathematical structure.

Even non-physical beings such as angels have a connection with numbers. If you notice the number sequence 11:11 or 111 popping up on your digital clock, utility bill, chapters or pages in a book or anywhere else; this could be a spiritual pointer that you are on the verge of manifestation. These initial signs are proof that good things are on the way.

Many amazing synchronicities will show up when you have aligned with 1- angel number signs. If they start appearing in your daily life, soak in that spiritual reassurance.

Sign 2: A Coincidence from Synchronicity

Most of us have encountered that strange ringing sensation in the ears. If that sound is not linked to a medical condition, ringing in the left ear maybe a whispered message from a higher source. Think of it as a spiritual phone call delivering the good news. When you intuitively pick up on this sound, you will understand its meaning and know that your chances of manifestation are high.

Signs Your Manifestation is Not Working

You can only manifest the things that you truly align with. If you want a million pounds to drop into your lap but on a subconscious level, do not believe that you are worthy or able to manage such a large sum you will never achieve millionaire status. Pangs of doubt are the biggest blocks to success. These energy vampires will sink their jaws into negativity and watch it grow.

Do You Create Your Own Challenges to Manifesting?

If you find yourself constantly dwelling on the desired outcome and operate on a  sense of desperation, you are releasing negative energy. The subconscious mind is actively telling the universe that it does not trust its ability to manifest. This is like ordering something from an online store and then visiting the physical store to check that the item is packed and sent to you.

If you find yourself becoming impatient or desperate for a situation or desire to appear, you are in for a long wait. When you develop a lack of trust in the universe, you actually stand in your own way and push that desire further into the distance rather than closer to you.

The Trick to Manifestation

If you long for wealth but only receive small amounts of money or the wrong people come into your life, your manifestation journey is lacking clarity; you have not reached complete alignment with your desire. The universe can only act upon the instructions received

If for example, you are looking for a partner, how accurate is your description of this person? You may have visualised a physical image of your soul mate with features such as blonde hair and blue eyes but this closes off any frequencies to someone who may not match those physical attributes, but is a perfect match.

Successful Manifesting

To visualise the perfect partner you need to see him or her in precise detail. Will this person be sporty, talkative, fun, quiet, thin, muscular, curvy, kind? To form a closer alignment with your chosen partner, you need to know them inside out.


Can You Tell When Your Manifestation is Coming?

Yes, you can sense when a successful manifestation is on the way; you will intuitively be drawn to any symbols and signs that resonate with your heart’s desire.

How Long Does it Take?

Perhaps one of the most common questions (which is why I’ve covered it in more detail here – including how to speed it up) but also not one with an easy answer.

The manifestation process depends entirely upon the amount of work that you put in. Time is not the determining factor. It is the positive vibrational energy that you release into the universe that creates the formula for manifestation.

The more you focus on things you don’t want, the longer it will take to manifest. When you resonate with a rock-solid belief that your heart’s desire will transform into real life, you vibrate with incredible synchronicity and draw positive experiences towards you.

When you develop the right frame of mind, you know that every thought creates your future and you think wisely.

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