How Long Does Manifestation Take

How Long Does Manifestation Take? (and How to Speed It Up)

We all feel like ‘giving up’ when we have worked on a manifestation for a long time and achieved very little success. There comes a point when we ask the question “How much longer do I have to wait?”

A manifestation can happen in the blink of an eye or it could take years, there is no average wait time. It all depends on the energy you put in and whether you work primarily with your conscious or subconscious mind. It takes longer to manifest with the conscious mind because the Earth is loaded with distractions but when we step into our dreams and out of the world for a while, there are no distractions to water down the energy we put in and we rack up those good vibrations!

So what kind of timeframe are you looking at and how can you speed things up?

Why Does The Manifestation Process Take Time?

It depends on the amount of faith you have. If deep down in your heart, you do not believe that you will manifest your heart’s desire; any positive work you carry out will conflict with those deep-rooted pangs of doubt and delay or even stop a manifestation completely. You achieve what you believe so pay attention to those negative messages that float in and hamper the manifestation method.

There are very few people who know how to control their minds. Most of us live like robots, functioning on whatever negative thoughts we allow in but just as we can change the mind in a split second so, we can instantly turn a negative thought into a positive one simply by being mindful.

When I talk about setting an intention to manifest one of the biggest mistakes I see beginners make is trying to run before they can walk. Rushing straight to winning the lottery or becoming a huge movie star without really understanding just how powerful manifestation can be if you let it.

Patience is a Form of Positive Action

Impatience and over-obsessing will also delay results. When you generate anxiety you actually block all the good vibrations you have built up so, manifestations really do take as long as you allow them.

How Do You Know When a Manifestation is coming?

When you are on the verge of creating your heart’s desire, you will become mentally switched on. Your mind will become acutely sensitive to your environment. You will notice signs and symbols that resonate with the energy work you have carried out and instantly feel a connection with them. Take this as clarification that the universe is working on your behalf.

Speed Up Manifestation

Happy Memories Live on Forever

We all have great memories stored away in the memory bank…a recollection of things that made us smile or feel alive. Look out for subtle ‘blasts from the past’ which instantly take you to that happy place. It could be a beloved pet, a holiday, a birthday, a wedding (add yours here).

When those happy memories start flowing in, take it as a sign that the universe is preparing you for joyful new memories.

Whispers of Love

Your spirit guides, angels or deceased loved ones are constantly with you working in the background to help you stay positive and focussed. After all, they are in a much better position to see your future than you are so take note of their gentle hints.

Look out for spiritual symbols or triggers linked to the angels such as candles, a feather, a halo, wings, a dove, trumpets; anything that catches your eye. Angels are light beings so you may find yourself drawn to the sun, a certain star or perhaps unexplained flashes of light…all positive soulful signs that the universe has amplified your energy and is on the verge of manifestation.

Divine Timing: Align with the Flow of the Universe

You will notice bizarre coincidences popping up out of the blue which is linked to your desires. This is a positive sign that your energy is in complete alignment with your goal. You may hear someone talking about the exact same thing you are asking from the universe or you may notice a link between your desires in a song, tv program or something you read.

Hold onto these powerful messages, soak them into every cell of your body and bask in their light for they emit good vibrations and will lift your energy even higher to accelerate the attraction process.

Intuitive Knowledge

You will start leaning toward that guiding voice within…those hunches that tell you to do something at a certain time and you will not question that voice, you will not allow your rational mind to talk you out of a good idea. Einstein once said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

How to Manifest Faster in your Daily Life

One of the most effective ways to turbo-charge a manifestation is to visualize at a level where every cell in the body vibrates with positive energy, so much so that you actually become the manifestation itself. These feelings will seep into your DNA, changing who you are at a core level. You will become a magnet for success, pulling in positive energy faster than the speed of light.

Tip: You can also include passive techniques like a manifestation box or manifestation vision board. These are different from most ‘active’ techniques because once they’re set up they act as an anchor for your attention and focus. I’m a big fan of using this kind of technique to speed up your destiny.

Step into your Dream Life

Spend some time looking for images that stir the senses…pictures that align with your chosen goal. Now look deeply into that image and imagine stepping into the picture. What do you see? What are you wearing? How do you feel? What can you touch, smell, taste? What can you hear? Focus on every aspect within that picture and absorb every microscopic detail, allowing it to stimulate the senses.

Manifestation Technique: Overcome Negativity with Your Dreams

Focus on one microscopic aspect of your chosen image each day. For example;

Day One: If you are looking to find the ideal relationship. Imagine that moment when your eyes meet for the very first time.

Day Two: How will you spend your first date together?

Day Three: How will it feel when you touch hands for the very first time.

Day Four.: Andwhat about that first kiss? Imagine the anticipation of his/her lips pressing softly onto yours. How long will those sweet moments linger? Feel the build-up of desire as the space between your lips and his/hers becomes smaller…feel the butterflies in your tummy…Allow yourself to bask in those pleasurable endorphins as you linger in your happy place. Hold onto these feelings as long as possible… lose yourself for a while and escape from the world.

This is how strongly you should visualize…you need to soak in every nuance. The more you step into your subconscious mind and live out your manifestation in a dream-like trance the sooner it could become your reality. Start practicing these techniques now or a year or two down the timeline you may wish that you had started today!

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