Miracle Morning Affirmations

70 Miracle Morning Affirmations: Fire Up Your Morning

Starting your day the right way with some strong visualization can fire up your morning and set you up for success for the rest of the day. Many of us don’t share the same exact daily morning routine (mine probably has more coffee than yours) but these empowering miracle morning affirmations will bring you a positive and forward-thinking mindset. Even before our eyelids have fully opened.

(Don’t worry – you don’t need to use all 70).

These are some examples of affirmations you can use for your miracle morning routine but I always suggest picking and choosing the affirmations that suit you best at this moment. I would select no more than 10 and, if you need some guidance, you can download the affirmation workbook and follow the 7-day blueprint for making your affirmations even more potent.

35 Miracle Morning Affirmations When You Wake Up

While saying a positive affirmation, set a precise goal for the day and outline a clean to-do list.

  1. I will make this a gorgeous day.
  2. I am happy, fulfilled, positive and optimistic.
  3. My subconscious mind projects an exciting day.
  4. I accept myself and I love my body.
  5. Miracles will happen.
  6. This is the best morning.
  7. This is my day, this is my time and this is my hour with all the Universe’s glory and power.
  8. My miracle morning will extend throughout the day and into the night.
  9. Today will be miraculous.
  10. I am the epitome of strength.
  11. Focus, inspiration, confidence are mine for the taking; I am a champion.
  12. I am open to receive all the good I seek to give.
  13. I am perfect just as I am.
  14. I am the picture of wealth, prosperity and abundance.
  15. I take specific actions to manifest my goals and dreams.
  16. This is going to be the most amazing day.
  17. Today is all about new beginnings and opportunities.
  18. I vibrate with joy and success.
  19. The future is in front of me and today I take the first step.
  20. Potential overflows today.
  21. Prosperity is the frequency of my vibrations.
  22. I welcome prosperity in all its many forms.
  23. I will have a perfect day.
  24. I have an amazing and beautiful life.
  25. I will do all my work with enthusiasm, focus and joy.
  26. I am confident, fortunate and fabulous.
  27. I will do what it takes to deliver top-notch work.
  28. Today will be the most wonderful day.
  29. I am in tune with my highest potential.
  30. I can manifest anything and everything I want.
  31. Motivation is effortless each and every day.
  32. It is within my power to have a great day.
  33. I accept everyone and everything with love.
  34. All circumstances that come into my life are opportunities for positive transformation.
  35. Unlimited power rests deep within my soul.

Affirmations for Miracle Morning

35 Miracle Morning Affirmations Before Bed

Many successful people often say a positive affirmation before hitting the hay. It allows for the harnessing of unlimited potential to lead an extraordinary life. Personal development is a work in progress and different things will work for various people.

  1. My life is full of miracles.
  2. I create beautiful experiences no matter if I’m sleeping or awake.
  3. As I shut my eyes and sleep, it fuels my strength of body, spirit and mind.
  4. I align with abundant energy and draw it in like a seed within the earth.
  5. When I wake up, my spirit will vibrate happiness like a sweet violin.
  6. My life is brimming with beauty, wonder and blessings.
  7. I am grateful and as I begin to drift for the night, I thank the Universe for my blessings.
  8. I offer immense value to the world and give it willingly.
  9. The gifts I have are unique to me and only I have the qualifications to project them.
  10. Tonight is my moment to take stock of all the abundance I have so there’s room for tomorrow.
  11. I see abundance in everything and everywhere I go, even in my dreams.
  12. My ingenuity and innovation perpetuate prosperity.
  13. I have the precise goal of love and joy; it will fill my heart as I rise with the sun.
  14. My life is precious.
  15. I am a magnet for what’s beautiful and good.
  16. Positive energy flows through me during the night so I may project it throughout the day.
  17. I am wise and successful.
  18. My life is replete with personal development opportunities.
  19. I master the art of transformation and manifestation.
  20. I am so thankful to be alive.
  21. I am worthy of good things.
  22. I am grateful for the amazing morning I will have tomorrow.
  23. I believe in myself and my abilities; I can conquer anything.
  24. I am constantly sculpting myself into the best person I can be.
  25. I promise myself that I will look for the good in everything.
  26. Goodness and positivity encompass me.
  27. I am so blessed to have many wonderful relationships.
  28. With each passing day, my joy increases.
  29. My conscious mind teems with hope for the future.
  30. Optimism always flows to and through me.
  31. I am powerful, full of knowledge and perform all tasks with ease.
  32. I embrace all fear and challenges head-on.
  33. I have the power to bring about ultimate positive change.
  34. Tomorrow will abound with unimaginable miracles.
  35. When my eyes open in the morning, my life will burgeon with beauty.

How Affirmations Help the Miracle Morning Routine

Because what we think, say and do affects our physical realities, having a solid daily morning routine with beautiful affirmations allows for greater abundance. It gives us what we need to kick start the day while exuding an appreciation for what we already have in our lives. It puts us in a predetermined state of prosperity that will be continually fruitful.

We Perpetuate Our Own Vicious Cycles

Far too often, we are our own worst enemies because of our negative perspectives and feelings towards our goals and successes. The biggest mistake people make is holding onto limiting beliefs. Unless we change our bad habits, behavior, anxious mind and attitude, nothing else will change. We will continually see more of the same failures, disappointments and struggles.

When we put our subconscious mind in tune with the conscious mind, we become an active participant in our own lives. We can take better control and are able to define our own destinies. If we choose to go through the motions and only observe our lives, all we’re welcoming is a chaotic time. Using daily affirmations can help us to free ourselves.

Bonus: Miracle Morning Affirmation Cards


Miracle Morning Affirmation 1Miracle Morning Affirmation 2Miracle Morning Affirmation 3

If you find an affirmation that speaks to you, save the image and use it as a background or, better yet, print it out and use it as part of a manifestation practice. You might also wish to share the card with someone who might need to hear the message.

I’m a huge believer in the power of affirmations. Even taking a few minutes out of your day could empower you endlessly, however you wish to use them.

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