Two Cup Method

Two Cup Method (Weird but Effective Manifestation)

I’ve covered a lot of different manifestation techniques and the two cup method is probably one of the weirder ones. That certainly doesn’t stop it from being effective though.

The two-cup method works with the idea of quantum jumping. Gently nudging you into a different dimension where everything is the same… except the thing you are trying to manifest.

This can be downright life-changing. So what is it and (more importantly) how can you start using it?

What Is the Two Cup Method of Manifestation?

Based on the idea that every decision we take spirals us down an endless list of realities where every single decision is played out in every different scenario. You may have heard it called the multiverse or the many-worlds theory.

Most manifestation techniques focus on changing the current reality and bringing you closer to your goals where you currently are in relation to this universe. The two-cup manifestation method actively works to shift you into the reality you desire.

Two Cup Manifestation

For example, if you’re using the two-cup method for money you’ll be in the same place at the same time with the same clothes you put on this morning. The only difference is you’re on a path towards a financial windfall that you weren’t in the dimension you started in.

It forces you into an alternate scenario of your life.

There’s a version of your life where you’re not stuck in your current situation. Where you have your perfect life, perfect job, the perfect relationship and you’re not worried about weight loss or paying bills on time.

Our goal is to get you to that dimension.

I often say manifestation has the huge potential to change your life. In this case, it’s more about changing the life you’re currently in (though the end result is the same).

Does the Two Cup Method Work?


But that comes with a warning.

Just like any manifestation technique whether it’s an active practice like scripting or passive like using a manifestation vision board there is the potential for it to drastically change your life. If you’ve seen my story, you’ll know how big of an impact it had on my life (and I’m certainly not the only one).

However, most people fail to see results with manifestation (no matter what technique they use).

Usually, they have unrealistic goals like expecting to become a billionaire overnight (don’t get me wrong it can make a huge impact on your financial wellbeing but it’s unlikely to work that well that fast).

The reason we put together the step-by-step manifestation workbook is to help people avoid these common issues and actually get results. Because the two-cup method can work if you get out of your own way and let it.

How to Do the Two Cup Method

The two cup method process has a few more steps than some simple affirmational writing or mantras but it is still fairly easy and doesn’t take anything you won’t have sitting around the house.

Step 1: Preparation

You’ll need to gather a couple of things.

  • A cup full of water.
  • An empty cup (the same size).
  • Something to write with.
  • Some paper, card or labels.

Before starting any manifestation technique you should properly ground yourself and make sure you have properly set an intention to manifest.

This should be one thing at a time. You can work on various aspects of your life but you’ll see much better results focusing on one thing at a time. This shouldn’t just be something you kind of want but something you have an emotional attachment to. Something you can really visualize happening.

two cup manifest method

Step 2: Label the Cups

Each cup is going to represent different dimensions.

The cup with water should be labeled as your current situation and the empty cup your desired situation. Your labels need to be specific and honest.

For example, if you wanted to change your current money situation you might write broke and struggling for the cup with water and secure with financial abundance on the empty cup.

You can use the two cup method for any area of your life I simply use this as an example.

Step 3: Do Not Skip This

This is where I see a lot of people go wrong with the method. It is just not enough to simply write on the cup you really need the universe to understand what each cup represents. The idea of dimension shifting means we need to tap into something much deeper than pen and paper.

First, focus on the cup with water. Your current situation. The dimension you currently are and focus clearly on the current issue. Be honest, brutally honest and go into detail about what is wrong. Do not wish for it to be better. We need to draw a clear line between the realities.

Once (and only once) you have a clear picture of the problem of the current dimension we’re going to draw your attention to the desired outcome.

Focus on the second cup, the one without water, and focus your mind specifically on your desired outcome. You need to be able to visualize it so clearly you can almost taste it. Focus just on the desired outcome without worrying about how unlikely it is or the obstacles that might be in your path.

Step 4: Pouring the Water

While holding onto this positive visual image from step 3, pour the water from the current situation cup into the desired cup.

Do this slowly.

Act mindfully and focus on the water as it moves from the restraints of your previous situation and into the endless possibilities of your future. Continue until the first cup is out of water.

Step 5: Meditate

This is not a Hollywood movie.

You need to truly understand the idea of dimension jumping. There’s not going to be any immediate visual change as you shift dimension and looking for something that is going to distract you from truly shifting.

You need to hold your mind still. Calm. Focus on the second cup. Focus on the desired reality and hold that image in your mind as clear as possible.

Step 6: Drink the Water

To align yourself and your vibrations with this new reality you need to drink the water in one sitting. Slowly and steadily drink the water out of the second cup and dispose of the labels.

Step 7: Align Your Actions

The final step is always one of the most important when manifesting a desired change.

Aligning yourself with the desired outcome means acting like it is coming. You can’t just try and manifest a huge change in your life and then sit around waiting or completely forget about it.

Help the universe to help you. Put yourself in situations to reach your goal and take advantage of the opportunities put in front of you.

Is the Two Cup Method Dangerous?


No more dangerous than any kind of affirmation or manifestation work. At worst, you’ll make one of the common mistakes and nothing will happen.

The only time you can cause real damage (to yourself) is if you try and manifest a negative change in your life. If you actively try to make things worse for yourself you’ll bring yourself into that negative reality.

This is true for any type of self-improvement. Negative affirmations can bring you down just as much as positive ones can lift you up.

Other than that, you’re not going to shift into some dangerous dimension where there’s a new threat to you. The only change is that slight push towards your new desired outcome and a step closer to your dream life.

Two Cup Method Success Stories

The internet is littered with success stories from manifestation techniques (including the two cup method) making huge changes to people’s lives.

I stumbled upon this method when I was doing some research on manifestation apps. I had been doing some quick manifestation exercises with myself but nothing seemed to work. I was about to give it up but something about the two cup method just seemed to ‘click’ for me. My life has changed for the better and continues to improve.

Katrina (Get Spiritual Member)

I was skeptical at first, but two cup method was nothing short of life-changing. I came into it with low expectations and ended up feeling like a whole new person just after a few days. Definitely recommend! This is the first time manifestation actually worked for me.

Zelda (Get Spiritual Member)

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