Manifesting Multiple Things at Once

Manifesting Multiple Things at Once: The Failure Trap

I am not a fan of manifesting multiple things at once. I think it’s probably one of the more common mistakes people make early on and causes a lot of people to never see real results with manifesting.

You shouldn’t try manifesting multiple things at once, because that will only scatter your energy and you will end up with – nothing.

I’m a big believer in trying to help people get real results from the manifestation process. I know how powerful it can be and how much change and positive energy it can attract into your life.

What I also know is how many pitfalls there are and how easily people quit when they fall into these traps and don’t see results.

Note: I’m well aware some people disagree with me on this. There’s people on social media telling us we can use their special manifestation method to get 100 things at once. I’m also aware that most people won’t ever see a single thing from manifestation.

And I want to change that.

Can You Manifest More Than One Thing At A Time?

Yes, you can. Should you try? Probably not.

Let’s start from the root.

The root of all manifestation is ENERGY and FEELING. The more energy we have accumulated + the more we can feel, the more our ability to manifest increases.

Let’s use an example of healing from childhood wounds.

What do you think is best, healing one traumatic situation that happened to you, or healing your whole childhood at once?

The answer is, of course, healing one traumatic situation at a time.

The person who tries to heal everything at once scatters his energy and is actually leading himself directly into Overwhelm Land. And, in Overwhelm Land, there’s not much that you can resolve.

The same goes for the person who tries to manifest multiple things at once.

He will get overwhelmed and unsatisfied because his manifestation techniques are not working. Why won’t they work? Because they are all over the place with his wishes and desires. They’re wandering. When we focus on one thing at a time, our energy becomes potent, directive, and along the way, we can actually allow ourselves one additional luxury. That luxury is having the feeling that while working and focusing on the manifestation of one thing we can also receive anything else that we need without having to work for it or think about it.

In this way, we unconsciously attract everything else that we need in our life.

We attract it, because our energy is within us, it is with us.

It is in our body, and not somewhere in Wonderland.

How to Manifest Two Things at Once (If You Really Have To)

really don’t think you should focus on more than one thing at a time unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing and that you can hold your focus properly.

I would avoid swapping between techniques like the two-cup method or the pillow method for your different goals. Instead, I would stick to one method and (if possible) incorporate both goals into the same affirmation.

manifest meditate

Two in One Method

I will use the example of manifesting a better job as the first desire and manifesting a better apartment to live in as the second desire. You should, of course, use your own examples.

  1. Decide what it is that you want to manifest in your reality.
    Just remember, when your heart deeply desires this thing, the energy towards it will be much greater than if you let your ego run the show and listen to its crazy self-centered desires such as a villa or a million dollars(there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that your heart won’t be fully invested in the process).
  2. Visualize your desire being fulfilled.
    •First and foremost, doing this process should not feel like WORK.•Find a good chair, close your eyes and relax your body as much as you can.•See in your mind that your desire has already happened in your physical reality. Visualize as many details as you can. See your colleagues at this job, see your new paycheck. See your office, smell the smells, feel the feels. Let your imagination flow. Do this as a gift for yourself. Do this as a play, and as a form of self-love.
  3. Transmutation and Alchemy
    •As you see your new job manifested, you will notice some thoughts and emotions coming up.•If the emotions are negative, and your mind is telling you that this is not possible, accept this chatter and negativity as a part of the process. Do not fear the resistance of the mind and body. You are a human, and this negativity is part of the human experience. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and don’t torture yourself into needing to feel good all the time.•Now, see your new job again, and try to feel some positive emotions towards it. If your desire was pure and from the heart, this shouldn’t feel like work. No matter how much or how little positive emotion you are feeling, accept this as well. We are not trying hard, we are just letting things unfold.•Next, come back to the part of yourself that feels like manifesting this new job is just not possible. Accept this part of yourself as much as you can. With all it’s negativity, accept it and give it a voice. Don’t get lost in it, just see it for what it is. It’s thoughts in your mind + emotions and sensations in your body. There’s nothing to fear.

    •Now, come back again to see your new job and try to feel as many positive emotions as you can towards this desire.

  4. Repetition is the way into the Subconscious MindRepeat the process of going back and forth between your resistance/negativity AND your positivity/excitement for your new job.•After 4-5 alterations, you will come to a place of stillness and balance in your body, mind and emotions. This equilibrium comes from accepting both sides of the coin, both sides of life.
    When we do this, our system comes to a place of peace and we feel our wanted desire as a part of ourselves and not something that is separated from us. When our desire is a part of ourselves, it is only a matter of time until it comes in our physical world.
  5. Transitioning the good feelings towards your second desire

    •The last part of the process is to transition these good feelings of balance and receptivity into that better apartment that you are envisioning for yourself.•See this new apartment that you will live in. See this image in your mind, and bring that image into your heart and body. Feel that new apartment melt inside of your system and allow it to spread all over your body. The process should end on a nice a peaceful note.

We Live in a Physical Reality

Please remember that we live in a physical world, and the language of this physical world is ACTION. Don’t count only on God and the Universe to bring you all of these desires into your life, rather, try to take baby steps towards bringing them even closer in your reality. And for that, you can ask yourself one simple question:

What is one or two things that I can do today, that will bring me closer to manifesting these desires?

When you get your answers, jump into action.

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