The Pillow Method

Shifting Your Reality Quickly With the Pillow Method

The pillow method is probably one of the quickest ways to start shifting your reality. As long as you avoid the common pitfalls (we’ll cover them, don’t worry).

We talk about a lot of different manifestation techniques but some take some experience or require a lot of time or specific items. The beauty of the pillow method is in its simplicity.

All you need is a scrap of paper and (you guessed it) a pillow.

But I’m going to take things one step further. I want you to actually see results from your manifestation practice.

To actually be able to make changes in any aspect of your life. So we’re going to cover the biggest mistake I see people making.

The thing which causes most people to not see results with their manifestation practice and eventually quit.

But let’s start with the basics. What is it, why does it work and how can you do it to shift your reality?

What Is The Pillow Method?

The pillow method was developed as the popularity of manifestation techniques started to take off. It’s a method designed to make manifestation easy and accessible, even to complete beginners.

No complicated rituals or years of experience are required.

Simply reprogramming our mind to make it clear to ourselves (and the universe) what our goals are and making sure we damn well make it happen.

If you really drill it down: The pillow method is putting your goal (a scripted affirmation) onto a piece of paper and placing it under your pillow.

I did tell you it was simple, right?

The method is simple to do but please bear with me. Most people fail at manifestating real results and I don’t want you falling into the same trap.

Before you run off for a nap, I want you to understand why we do this and give you a couple of guidelines for your own practice.

How Does the Pillow Method Work?

pillow manifestation technique

Without manifestation, two things stand against us.

  1. Our own mindset is dictated by our life up until now.
  2. The universe doesn’t know what we want. It only knows how we behave until now.

To manifest something, we need to change our own mindset and make it clear to the universe what we want. But we all wish for better things.

There’s a big difference between manifestation and wishful thinking.

The difference comes in both how we phrase our desires and how we allow that desire to change our behavior.

Techniques like the pillow method just help us do this properly.

It trains our subconscious mind to break free from whatever has held us back in the past. It makes it clear to the universe what we want so things start to align for us.

Best of all? It is the only manifestation technique that works while we sleep.

So how do you do it (and actually get results)?

How to Do The Pillow Method (Properly)

Most of the time I see it explained by just writing down what you want and putting it under your pillow. If it was that easy, we’d probably all be lottery winners by now.

My goal is to get you actually seeing life-changing results so I’m going to break down the pillow method steps in a little more detail.

Bear with me, I promise it’ll be worth it.

Step 1: Set Your Intention (Starting Small)

Any manifestation exercise starts with the important part. Deciding what one thing you’re going to focus on.

I know (first hand) how tempting it is to start with the big goals but if you’re just starting with manifestation (or you haven’t been seeing many results so far) I always suggest starting with something small.

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it isn’t reality shifting.

Ideally something you have strong emotions towards. Make it specific.

I use positive affirmations in every aspect of my life but I always keep it specific. For example, rather than trying to attract a good relationship into my life, I would try to manifest a specific person.

This shouldn’t something you kind of want or something that would be nice to have. It needs to be something you can see in your mind’s eye. Something you can focus on.

Step 2: Scripting Your Intention

Once you know what your intention is, you need to script it.

Scripting is the process of writing (specifically) about the reality you want to manifest. There are a lot of different techniques and methods that rely on scripting but, for the pillow method, I choose between one of two ways:

  1. Writing in the present tense as if it had already happened.
  2. Writing it multiple times as a positive affirmation with emotional attachment.

For example, let’s take this guide as an example. If I wanted it to be popular with my readers I would try scripting in the present tense before I even published it:

My guide on the pillow method was very popular. It helped a lot of people shift their reality.

Or I could write it out as a positive affirmation several times with an emotional attachment:

I will be so excited when my pillow method guide helps people.

I know some people have rituals when they write their intentions down. Some will burn incence or use smudge sticks and if you find this helps focus you then by all means go for it. Simply the process of writing a well scripted intention down is enough though.

Once you have your paper in hand, here comes the easy part.

Step 3: Count Some Sheep

Shifting Your Reality With the Pillow MethodPlace your scripted intention under your pillow.

Each night, before going to sleep, take some time away from any other distraction (that means put your phone away) and carefully focus on your intention.

Visualize your goal.

I don’t mean dream about out or simply wish for it to happen.

I want you to get into detail. Picture it in your mind’s eye as if it has happened already. Our goal is to shift your reality by making it clear to your subconscious and the universe that this is where you’re heading.

This is where the real magic of the pillow manifestation method is. Combining intention with energy and reframing your reality right before you sleep so your subconsciousness takes over the hard work from there.

 Step 4: Avoiding the Common Mistake

And now we come to step 4. The one most people forget to mention and the reason 99% won’t see results from their manifestation techniques and eventually quit.

You need to match your actions to your intentions.

The pillow method (like any manifestation) will align your subconscious with the universe and put opportunities in front of you.

But you need to take real, actionable steps to make it happen.

For example, if your intention was to score your dream job then you also need to be looking for job opportunities, going to interviews or making connections.

Using my example of this guide to help people, it’s not enough that I just use the pillow method. I need to make sure you understand how important it is to be actively taking action.

Manifestation is incredibly powerful. The pillow method could shift your reality for the better.

But you need to help the universe to help you. It can put the opportunity in front of you, you need to take advantage of it.

Pillow Method Manifestation Affirmation Examples

We have an entire section of affirmations here on Get Spiritual but this is not the place you want to skimp. Use the affirmations and examples as a guideline.

The best affirmation for your pillow manifestation is going to be personal to you. The more of an emotional connection you have to your scripted statement the more effective it will be.

Use these as examples but I really would twist them to fit you. Remember: the tense is important here. When scripting an intention, we’re writing as if it already happened.

  1. I am so happy my job search is going well.
  2. I’m so excited the date went well.
  3. I’m so relieved to have that extra money.
  4. I feel strong and healthy.


If I missed anything above or you’re struggling to get results with your manifestation practice, send me a message and I’ll try to clear things up. I’ll add the frequent questions below for future reference.

How Long Do You Do the Pilow Method?

Continue doing the pillow method for as many nights as it takes.

The timeframe of any manifestation technique depends on a lot of factors (like how close you already were, how big your goal is and how well you align your actions to your intention.

always suggest picking one method and one intention and then sticking to it at least for a few weeks. Don’t hop around every other night to different techniques or affirmations. Keep it simple and focused.

Is the Pillow Method Easy?

At its core, the pillow method is easy. I try to get into the detail on all of this stuff to help you see success but really you could explain the method in a sentence or two if you needed.

That said…

The majority of people who try this method won’t see real results. That’s because while the actual activity of performing the method is easy – it can take practice to actually get results.

If you compare it to a technique like the 55×5 manifestation method, the pillow method will take less time and effort but the 55×5 might get you better results depending on how capable you are of managing your mindset.

Remember, the physical process of a manifestation method is just the start. Your mindset is what really gets results and that might take some practice.

What is the Best Shifting Method?

Any manifestation technique has the ability to shift your reality but the best one is the one that focuses your mind. Everyone is unique here and some techniques work better for some than others so a little experimentation might be needed.

The pillow method is very beginner-friendly making it the best shifting method if you’re just getting started. You can always switch to something else but give it a couple of weeks of proper effort following the tips above before trying something else.

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