Best Crystals for Manifesting

Best Crystals for Manifesting ANYTHING Quickly

I’ve called crystals the cheat code for manifesting before but in order to make your manifestation practice as potent as possible, it’s important to match the right stone to the right job. These are the best crystals for manifesting ANYTHING no matter what part of your life you’re trying to focus on.

The best crystals for manifestation will depend on your needs but common ones include clear quartz, hematite, rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine. You’ll need to choose a crystal that aligns with your manifestation intention to really see it in action.

If you’re not familiar with the process, we do have a guide on how to manifest with crystals and I do suggest reading this before you start. The stark truth is most people fail with manifestation and fall into the same common traps. Considering just how powerful this is and how much it could change your life, it really is worth taking the time to make sure you get the most out of your practice. Crystals can certainly help but they’re only one part of the work that goes into effective manifestation.

What Crystal is Best for Manifestation?

I don’t know if there’s any single best crystal (although everyone has their own preferences) but there’s certainly a couple of popular picks I’m happy to suggest.

You should also be sure you’ve set an intention for manifestation long before you reach for a stone. Manifestation needs us to be mindful and act with purpose. Our intentions can’t just be something we would kind of like to see, it needs to be something you have a real connection to. Something you have an emotional attachment to. This also applies to picking the crystal to work with.

If you have a particular attachment towards a certain crystal then use it. Even if the crystal’s nature doesn’t match your intention it’s still going to be useful.

These are in no particular order as it really depends on what your manifestation intention is at the moment. If you don’t see any that speak clearly to what you’re trying to achieve then try to find something as close as possible and include the stone into your practice. You can always try a different stone later on however give each stone enough time and don’t swap between them too quickly.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Clear quartz is known for its reputation as a favorite crystal, and has even been granted the title of “Master Healer”. They have been present and considered universally magical throughout cultures and eras.

Why are clear quartz so highly revered? Their clear color is the first clue. As they are clear, so too can be your manifestations. The clear quartz supports clarity of the mind, so you are more easily able to focus on your goals, dreams, and desires.

When your mind is clear, you can manifest what you truly desire in abundance. This intentionality is particularly powerful with the clear quartz, as it can be programmed to hold your intention. The crystal will then, because of its clear nature, continue to send your intention and manifestation into the universe, allowing the time and spiritual growth necessary for your manifestation to come true. Plus, clear quartz works well and is enhanced by the presence of both the human body and other crystals, allowing it to serve as a sort of magnifying glass for intentions.

To place with other popular crystals, you will need to create what is known as a crystal grid. This may vary, depending on your intentions, but partnering the clear quartz with other manifestation crystals will enhance the energies of all crystals involved.

Clear quartz and the human body both contain silicon dioxide, which fuels communication and attracts energy. This connection between you and the crystal will allow it to not only support your growth, but facilitate clarity of communication, boost your personal energy levels, and improve your overall well-being.



While not as widely popular as clear quartz, hematite is another highly desired crystal due to its broad applications. This crystal, or rock, is shiny and solid black in color. The hematite crystal can help you re-align your root chakra to bring you back into balance, stop overanalyzing, and provide “roots” back into what you want to manifest.

Hematite is largely recognized as healing, grounding, and protecting stone. It serves to help integrate the mind and body, while also drawing energy toward the Law of Attraction, making it an excellent fit for manifestation.

This crystal enhances willpower and minimizes the impact of negative energies. Because of this, it can help you to recognize mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning, furthering its ability to facilitate your manifestations into reality.

Crystals for Manifesting Love

  • Rose Quartz
  • Lapis lazuli

Crystals for Manifesting

Each of these crystals has its own powerful uses for manifesting love.

Rose quartz is a crystal that emits strong love vibrations. It is a crystal that has a soft pink color. This crystal balances your heart chakra, allowing you to welcome balance, support, and nourishing relationships into your life. It minimizes negative energy.

Lapis lazuli is used to help support your communication when developing loving relationships and can be used to help manifest clarity in communication and enlightenment. It is a vibrant blue stone. This stone activates your third-eye chakra, facilitating the manifestation of clear insight. It also harmonizes the energies of the throat chakra, allowing you to speak clearly as well as receive clear energy.

Crystals for Manifesting Money

  • Citrine
  • Pyrite

Citrine is a powerful crystal with the ability to help you see the manifestation of money, security, and financial success as a positive energy source, rather than negative.

The overall vibration of citrine is one that welcomes abundance in all forms, particularly financial wealth. This bright, golden-yellow crystal evokes sunshine and gold and helps to unblock the solar plexus chakra, allowing you to feel more confident and capable of manifesting your professional or financial goals.

There seems to be a bit of irony in using pyrite to manifest money, as its colloquial name is “Fool’s Gold”.

However, this golden flecked stone helps to clear your mind and rid yourself of any feelings of being impoverished or foolish. Using pyrite to manifest success works well, as it replaces any previous doubts and negative energies, and substitutes a clear path to success.  It is a stone of abundance and personal power, and particularly powerful if you are a business owner or entrepreneur.

Crystals for Manifesting Health

  • Amethyst
  • Blood Stone

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that protects both the third eye and the crown chakras, helping to support physical and mental health. It is a soft purple color and somewhat translucent.

This crystal has been known for its healing properties in many areas – mental, physical, and spiritual health. Primarily, amethyst is used to help manifest calm and manage irritability, stress reduction, and reduce stress in the endocrine system.  As a result, the bodily systems (circulatory, immune) are strengthened and able to function at optimum capability, supporting overall health.

The bloodstone is a rock that conjures bizarre imagery in its name but is a powerful agent of healing the body. It is dark green with flecks of red/clay colors throughout it.  The bloodstone does help facilitate the cleansing of the blood and the circulatory system, as its name implies. A fresh, oxygenated blood flow enhances creativity, provides clarity of mind, and revitalizes both the physical and the energetic body. This consistent cycle flushes out negative energy from the body, allowing you to clearly manifest your best health.

As with any type of manifestation, it is best to clearly set your intentions and ensure the healing crystal or stone you have selected is in line with your goal.

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