How to Manifest With Crystals

How to Manifest With Crystals and Shift Your Reality

Using the right crystals (and technique) is like a cheat code for manifestation. Crystals naturally magnify, receive and expel energy and we can use that to attract even more abundance into our lives. Either by themselves or as part of another manifestation technique, crystals definitely have their place here.

From crystal healing and energy work to helping to calm our minds for meditation, crystals are like this Swiss Army Knife of spiritual work. For manifestation, we can use them to carefully focus our intent making them a great tool to jump-start your manifestation journal no matter what stage you’re currently at.

Manifesting with crystals can be done in multiple different ways, ranging from wearing them or keeping them in important areas of your house, all the way to using them for rituals. As long as you have clarity of intention, the crystals will be able to help you in your manifestation journey.

Why Crystals Help Manifestation

The Law of Attraction

To understand how crystals can aid in manifestation, you must first be familiar with the Law of Attraction.

The capacity to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on is known as the Law of Attraction.

When you are manifesting thoughts into realities, with or without crystals, you are using the Law of Attraction. A powerful crystal can do wonders for manifesting, but there is no perfect crystal that will do all the work for you. 

The Law of Attraction also refers to the vibrations of the universe. Everything, including our thoughts, needs, and desires, vibrates with its own unique frequency. Aligning your vibrations with the things you are trying to manifest in your life makes your manifestation more likely to come to be.

Since everything, including ourselves, carry vibrational energy, it can be hard to align our frequencies with that which we are trying to manifest. That’s where crystals come in.  A crystal can help you keep your intention in mind, and project said intention to the universe.

Different Crystals for Manifesting

There are dozens of different types of crystals, like healing crystals, money stones, and protective stones, but one thing is true for all of the different varieties.

All crystals will amplify the manifesting process if used correctly.

While you can manifest without crystals, using your favorite citrine crystal or tiger eye will make your manifestation stronger. Crystals come from the Earth directly, so their energy is tied to the world, helping to ground the person using them.

Most crystals are as old as the world itself. They are beautiful gifts created by Mother Earth that have, for thousands of years, been absorbing and amplifying the energies of the Earth. They can be a strong, balanced focal point to help the chaotic mind focus.

With their solid, earth-attuned vibrational energy, crystals can help bridge the gap between the frequencies of our mind and spirit and the frequencies of what we are trying to manifest. Crystals strengthen and clarify manifestation, making them a powerful tool.

How to Use Crystals in a Manifestation Ritual

How to Use Crystals in a Manifestation RitualCrystals can be worn or placed around the house in appropriate areas for a more grounded energy field, but what if you want a more powerful manifestation using your crystals? If so, consider performing a manifestation ritual.

Performing a targeted crystal meditation or manifestation ritual can help to clarify your manifestation intentions.

Remember: it’s not just just about having a powerful stone or the right ritual. You need to have mental clarity and set a clear intention to one specific goal before you do anything with your crystal. Act with mindfulness, this kind of ritual should always be practiced with clear intent.

Cleansing Your Crystal

To use a crystal in a manifestation ritual, it must first be cleansed. There are a number of different ways to cleanse your crystal to rid it of negative energy and start with a clean slate. Think of it as a factory reset for your crystal.

You will want to project positive energy through your crystals, and for that a good cleansing is necessary.

A few ways to cleanse your crystals are:

  • Sage smoke
  • Soaking in saltwater (Only if the crystal is not water-soluble)
  • Burying it in clean Earth
  • Laying out the crystal under the light of the moon

Allowing your crystals to absorb moonlight is especially helpful for rituals involving strong feminine energy.

crystal manifestation

Crystal Manifestation Ritual

If you’re already using a manifestation technique like the pillow method or the 55×5 method then you can skip this step and just keep the charged crystal in your space as you follow that technique. This is if you want to work just with the crystal.

Once you have a cleansed and recharged crystal, it’s time to prepare yourself for the ritual. There is no long, drawn-out process for a crystal manifestation ritual. Instead, all the preparation will be mental.

Having a clear intention for your manifestation ritual is imperative. Your spirit, mind, and body must be aligned towards what you wish to manifest.

In an area free of distraction or negative energy, hold your chosen crystal in your palms and warm it with the heat of your body, connecting the crystal’s vibrational energy with your own. You and your crystal are now ready to manifest.

A good thing to remember when manifesting with a crystal is that the crystal is not owned by anyone, it comes from the Earth directly.

On rare occasions, a crystal will not want to partake in a certain ritual and you may feel hesitation or unwillingness when you try to connect to it. In this case, don’t force the issue. Use a different crystal, or cleanse the previous stone again and try at another time.

How to use Crystals to Manifest Love

Now that you are a little more familiar with using crystals to help you manifest, let’s talk about using crystals to help bring one of the most sought-after emotions into your life: Love.

As we said before, any crystal can be used for manifestation, but some types of crystals do lend themselves to certain intentions better than others. When it comes to manifesting love, there is no other crystal better suited than rose quartz.

To manifest love with your rose quartz, try these few simple steps to get started:

  • Complete your personal cleansing or charging process for your quartz crystal
  • Hold the crystal in your left hand and cover it with your right
  • Project into the crystal and out into the universe your intention and desire to receive and provide love. Allow the pure energy of the crystal to fill your heart space and flow through you as you speak your truth into reality.

This process may seem overly simple, but using a crystal for manifestation doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as your intentions and heart are clear, using a stone for meditation or manifestation can be much easier than you may think.

Manifesting Change With Crystals

Whether you have one individual crystal or a whole collection of crystals, these beautiful stones can help you in your manifestation journey. They will make your intentions clearer and your manifestation stronger if used correctly.

You can perform a ritual, wear your crystal as gorgeous jewelry, or even sprinkle a few on your bedside table. No matter what you do, having a favorite crystal close at hand is a simple way to center yourself and make manifestation more accessible every day.

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