Law of Attraction Visualization Techniques

Law of Attraction Visualization Techniques for REAL Change

You’ve read all the positive thinking books and practiced Law of Attraction visualization techniques but no matter how hard you try, you just cannot manifest your desires; what are you doing wrong?

Positive thinking is a tool that successful people have used for many years but along with positive thinking, you have to check that little voice within. If there are fears, insecurities or doubts lurking in the subconscious mind, any positive work will be canceled out and bad memories will return. You can push them away but they will always resurface.

With the visualization exercises below, you can gently embrace positive change. If life is draining you of energy, tap into these uplifting frequencies and make positive changes using creative visualization.

Visualization is not daydreaming. When used properly, it can empower real change in your life and makes a lot of the more commonly accepted manifestation techniques even more effective.

How Do You Manifest Using Visualization?

The visualization process requires a clearly defined set goal or desire. Perhaps you see yourself as a deep-sea diver of a trepid explorer unveiling beauty and charm on beautiful beaches or maybe you just want to attract more money into your life.

You need to see yourself as a human magnet permanently releasing positive energy into the universe. The more you attain a heightened state of positivity, joy, love and gratitude the faster you can attract those things you wish to manifest.

Powerful Visualization Technique

The fastest way to switch a negative thought to a positive one is to create an attitude of gratitude. When you display gratitude, you release negativity; so allow a visual image to unfold of all the everyday things you rely on but take for granted.

Think of drinkable water, the source of all life; the sun which makes food grow and trees which provide the oxygen for respiration. When we thank the universe for the rich blessings we already have we work with amazing visualization tools and tell the brain that we are in a comfortable position right now. When we feel abundant we instantly remove blocks to success and adopt a positive approach to life.

Manifestation Techniques Using Brain Science

Visualization Technique

The following visualization practice will activate the prefrontal cortex of the brain  (the part that sits behind the eyes and the forehead). When the pre-frontal cortex is activated it creates a rapid flow of positives neurons. The more we reinforce this core technique, the more we rewire complex brain circuitry. The popular saying “Neurons that fire together, stay wired together” shows that we can make permanent real-life changes by adding intense emotion to gratitude.

Remember…the brain can only focus on one thought at a time, so the more we visualize and express gratitude, the less we remain shackled to negativity and the same old lifestyle. This is a powerful tool so use it as often as possible to improve your chances of success.

How Can I Improve My Visualization?

To strengthen a visualization, you have to take control of your mind or it will take control of you. Emotions are only creative when they are positive. If you find yourself reliving old negative memories you have to let them go. If not, you will just go round and round in circles, day after day.

Bad memories are bullies, the more you allow them to get away with making you feel bad, the more they will. It’s time to discover a new form of visualization; one that faces up to the bad guys.

Successful Visualization Sample:

Kerry goes for an interview; it’s a dream job with a great salary and one which could give her an amazing life. The interview goes well and all the right noises are made. Then, a letter comes through the post to say that the job has been given to someone else. Disappointment creeps in along with a flood of self-sabotaging talk that tells her she was not good enough.

Although the Law of Attraction is all about focussing on the positive, we should never be afraid to face up to anything negative; if we don’t it will haunt us forever. It is how we deal with negativity that makes the biggest difference. Instead of using self-destructive talk and visualizing every bad memory over and over, we can face up to bad news using ‘love’. When we use love, we attract it.

Using the correct dialogue Kerry can diffuse this disappointment and turn it into something positive. Instead of bombarding herself with hurtful comments, she can talk to herself as if she were talking to someone else.

Law of Attraction Work: Visualization Skills

Imagine your best friend, sister or mum is stood in front of you right now and they have just received a rejection letter from a job they had set their heart on. Would you tell your mum that she had let herself down? Would you tell her that she had blown her chances, would you tell her that she shouldn’t have arrived late or worn that suit? Probably not; we respect those we love but we must respect ourselves too.

So how would you speak to your mum or best friend? You would probably say something along the lines of; “Oh, I’m so sorry, I really do feel for you, it is completely natural to feel sad. You were perfect for the job but you were not meant to have this one. The universe has something better waiting for you”. This dialogue is loaded with compassion, optimism, love and positive affirmations.

Create a Positive Visual Mental Image in Your Everyday Life

With this approach, you face up to negativity with a positive attitude and take action steps to load negative memories with positive energy. This positive energy is reflected into the universe to attract a role that resonates with your core being.

When you visualize a bad situation with a bright outcome, you stop living with regret and create a new positive mental picture. You also create some great daily affirmations. Visualize the outcome you seek and you will create more confidence, happiness and self-belief.

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