How to Write a Manifestation List

How to Write a Manifestation List (That Really Works)

The only list I have ever made is a shopping list and I usually end up forgetting that but when it comes to the Law of Attraction, I want to learn how to write a manifestation list that I will remember and use to my advantage. What are the benefits of a manifestation list?

In a nutshell, a manifestation list is an energized journal that is created by you. Working with keywords that resonate with your heart’s desire, goals and objects are drawn toward you naturally and effortlessly. The following article will provide a step-by-step guide to writing a manifestation journal. By using power words, positive statements, second and third person affirmations, gratitude and a mantra you can write the story of your life exactly as you want it to play out, so grab a pen and a piece of paper (or your laptop) and let’s go.

What Is a Manifestation List

A manifestation list helps you create the lifestyle you desire. The power comes from the focus involved with each generated power phrase or word.

We create high frequencies when we write from the heart. The more we spill out positive emotions, the more we resonate with frequencies that bring those desires into reality.

Writing is a wonderful way to shut the door on self-doubt and work with a laser-sharp focus toward the things that bring us gratification. The more we work with the power of the ‘word’, the more we nurture those seeds of creation. With that level of power, a chosen manifestation has no choice but to become a reality.

How Do I Make an Effective Manifestation List

To create a manifestation list, you should start by jotting down all your deepest desires, they do not have to be set in any particular order, just think of everything you would like to see appear in your life.

Now flesh out those desires. Go through each and every one, adding single words or phrases to create intensity and power. For example, if you are looking to reach a certain weight, what size would you like to be, how will being slimmer make you feel, what new clothes will you wear? Why do you want to lose weight? How will you see the new you when you look in the mirror?

Look back on everything that you have jotted down and highlight those words that jump out at you from the page. Look for those which raise your vibrational energy. These are the words that resonate with your desire. Don’t hold back, really let your feelings out. This may be difficult for some as we are conditioned to accept a very basic existence but this is your chance to unleash your dream life, to unveil the ‘true’ inner you and imagine the life you would live if nothing or no one stood in the way, you let yourself loose on your biggest goals.

Now re-write your list with affirmative language. Remember to write in the present or past tense and keep reciting these words or phrases over and over until they become engrained. When you do this, you trick the subconscious mind into believing you have already achieved your goal. What the mind believes, it will achieve, so you switch the brain into action mode.

You can energize your list further by writing down your goals in the second and third person but you must remember to use your name. For example:

Simon, you are a gifted musician.

Simon is a highly sought-after musician.

It is often easier to accept an affirmation from someone else. You can add even more power to your list by using gratitude. When we use gratitude we become aware of the many gifts we enjoy in our everyday lives but often take for granted; little things such as hot running water for a bath, a cool drink on a sweltering day, a smile from a passer-by when we feel low or an unexpected compliment. When we resonate with feelings of gratitude, we instantly dispel negative, dense energy. The more we show gratitude, the more we draw forward our dreams and desires.

Now, all you have to do is wait for your dream to come true. This is the difficult part and the point where some of us could lose patience and let doubt take over. When you start feeling disheartened you undo all the good you have done.

A Powerful Tool at Your Fingertips in Simple Steps

You need to eliminate any thoughts of negativity around the manifestation process; when you feel stuck, the universe will keep you stuck. So, with a big bright pen write the following statement in bold letters “As each day passes my goal is moving closer and closer toward me. The universe and I are working in unison which is exciting, exhilarating and rewarding. All I have to do is breathe, relax, and allow my manifestation to appear at the right time.” Say this over and over until you have no doubt left. You must believe each and every word with every fiber of your being; the key to manifesting is belief.

Manifestation List Example: A Simple Ritual

Manifestation List Example

Take a look at this simple manifestation list for weight loss. It includes all the points mentioned above. Whenever new feelings emerge, they are added to the list to increase and maintain a positive flow. A manifestation list should be updated as often as possible, adding or replacing new action verbs and phrases as needed.


To reach a size eight dress size

My Desires:

To become a size eight, to become slim, to look trendy, to experience natural weight loss, to lose weight easily, to look toned, to feel sexy, to become desirable, attractive, fit, joyful, healthy, young-looking, vibrant, confident.

Affirmations and Mantras:

I have reached my ideal weight, I am a size eight. Every time I look in the mirror I admire my new slim body and I love the new me, I ooze with confidence and have a trendy new wardrobe. I love and accept myself and I always eat mindfully. Maintaining my new weight is easy and effortless. I have instilled healthy eating habits into my life. Whenever I look at photographs of myself, I feel nothing but joy and elation. I love the way that I look, I am so proud of myself. I love being lighter, healthier and I feel amazing!

Second and Third Person Positive Statements:

Helen, you look amazing.

Helen glows with confidence since she lost weight.


  • Thank you for helping me to make small changes in my diet.
  • Thank you for giving me the willpower to say “No”  to unhealthy foods.
  • Thank you for helping me to believe in myself.
  • Thank you for all the healthy foods I now enjoy.
  • Thank you for helping me to reach my perfect weight.
  • Thank you for helping me to live a healthy life

Mantra for Staying Positive:

As each day passes my goal is moving closer and closer toward me. The universe and I are working in unison which is exciting, exhilarating and rewarding. All I have to do is breathe, relax, and allow my manifestation to appear at the right time“.

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