How to Manifest on Paper

How to Manifest on Paper (Change Your Life With Pen & Paper)

Most of us will willingly pick up a book or spend hours browsing the internet but when it comes to jotting ideas or thoughts onto a piece of paper, we will run a mile. Why? Because reading is input and writing is output. When we read, we are inspired by someone else but when we write, it becomes personal. Many feel that writing a dream or goal down on paper is tantamount to someone stepping inside their head and reading all of their personal thoughts and feelings but manifesting on paper creates actionable steps. It activates the same parts of the brain that are used when dreams turn into physical form.

We can actually manifest through the written word. When we practice the Law of Attraction we focus on things that we want in our life rather than things that we don’t. The entire process is centered around you. This is your time to write from the heart.

If you feel like making a dream come true, grab a coffee, grab a pen and learn how to manifest on paper.

How Do You Manifest Something on Paper?

Manifest on Paper

Writing may seem a little dated these days but a good old-fashioned pen and paper make two powerful tools. The moment the ink starts moving smoothly across the page, you send a positive vibrational frequency into the universe that attracts like for like. You actively draw towards situations and events that match your ambitious dreams. The manifestation you are writing about no longer remains a passive thought (one that drifts briefly in and out) and you no longer live in your current reality. You leave behind a world filled with worry and stress and step into your dream life.

The more you focus on things you want to manifest, the more they expand. You become the author of your own destiny simply by writing down positive thoughts, feelings and phrases that arise during this time.

Tip: Remember most people never see results and fall into the same traps over and over again. Before you start putting pen to paper make sure you at least cover the basics. If this is your first time (or you’ve tried before and are struggling to see it working for you) make sure you read the guide on setting an intention before doing anything else.

There are many manifestation techniques that involve writing down your goals. You might have heard of the 55×5 technique or scripting manifestation (my personal favorite). A lot of this is personal preference and following your intuition to find the technique that works for you.

How or what you write on the paper isn’t the important part. My handwriting is awful and I’ve used everything from dog-eared scraps to post-it notes to manifest. It doesn’t make a very Instagram-worthy photo but that hasn’t stopped it from working for me.

If you really don’t know where to start, take a look at my list of manifestation techniques and pick one from there. Assuming you now have a technique in mind (if you didn’t already) there are some things you can do to help make your paper manifestation even more potent.

Spare Time Provides a Bit of Time For You

Make your writing space a cozy and inviting one without distractions from a dripping tap or ticking clock (unless you find them relaxing).

If you find it difficult to get that pen zooming across the page, take a walk in your favorite park, woods or trail and let Mother Nature gently lower the blood pressure, bring the heart to a stable rate, relax the muscles and soothe away any stress. Alternatively, you could focus the mind on a picture, something that resonates with calm and stillness for a peaceful mind is a determined one. Some people sit next to a window or play binaural beats. Now, take a few deep breaths and step into your manifestation.

Manifest on Paper

The Power of Feelings

What are you doing? What amazing things have happened to you? How do you feel? Who are you with? Answer these questions as if they have just happened. For example: “Today, the gardener arrived. He started sculpting the land outside my beautiful new home”. Turn your desires into reality, you are not limited, this is freedom of speech, you can have, see and do whatever you want in this private space. Focus on your goal or intention and keep those positive affirmations coming whenever you write.

Paper Manifests

With each stroke of the pen, you hold your entire future between your thumb and your finger so carve out each letter with the deepest outpouring of love and start changing your life. When you write, you create your own virtual wall of protection because the mind can only focus on one thought at a time so make every thought a positive one. When you do this you stop all negative talk from gate crashing your wildest dreams. This is why the written word is often described as magical, divine and super-normal.

Create a Concrete Reality

Feel the power in each word you write. Allow it to stimulate the mind until it runs into overdrive with the sheer possibilities you have before you. This is how the well-known actor Jim Carrey shaped his career. Before achieving the success he used the power of the written word to pen himself a large amount of money. Jim created a $10,000,000 make-believe cheque. A short while afterward, he had a manifestation breakthrough and was offered a $10,000,000 contract courtesy of the film Dumb and Dumber!

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

If long sentences aren’t your thing, make writing fun, it should never be a chore. Create something that stimulates a desire to write. For example, fill a page with a giant red heart and fill it with positive words linked to your heart’s desire.  There is no set way of doing this, just do whatever it takes to get that pen moving! In no time at all, you will see that writing has a power of its own!


Do you have to do manifestation on paper?

Traditionally, people achieve far better results with the pen to paper technique but the Law of Attraction is all about working with the universe in a way that you find inspiring and motivating. So, if you love tapping away on the keyboard or working on your mobile phone you can switch to electronic manifesting and follow the same simple steps.

Just as long as you’re not getting distracted by anything else on your phone at the time. Manifestation requires being mindful.

How do you write what you want to manifest?

Just focus on the feeling…if you find it hard to write long sentences or tap into your emotions just pick one word that links to your desires. If for example, you seek abundance simply write the word ‘abundance’ for a set number of times. You could write it twenty-five times a day for the first week, then fifty times a day the next week and so on to complement your manifestation journey. See it as your password to love, prosperity, abundance, and happiness and make it a part of your daily routine.

Powerful Affirmations

The more you focus on a power word, the more it is can align with abundance and bring it to you. Pick a word that makes your heart overflow with joy and work with high voltage. The right power word is like working with nuclear energy!

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